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Free download Believe Like a Child æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò [EPUB] ✷ Believe Like a Child ✺ Paige Dearth – Home isn't safe for young Alessa because her uncle lives thereunfortunately neither are the streetsAlessa's uncle is a child predator and she's one of his vS she does nevertheless find fleeting moments of joy Then as she settles down a ghost from the past comes to haunt her threatening to destroy the very foundation of her small world and plunging her back into an abyss of despair until she makes her final bid for escapeWARNING Readers Only Graphic content and subject matter This is a standalone nove. This is a completely unsolicited review independent of any obligation real or imagined by anyone Let me say first that I am an editor and as such I read a lot Now I will set aside my day job and talk about this story It drew me in from the beginning with a story so honest so terrible that you knew the author had been there done that The story is an impressive tale that covers a topic most people shy from Most people would never even in fiction be as honest in what really happens in life I sincerely wish there was a higher rating than five stars for I believe Paige Dearth to be one of the very few authors I know of that I would give a higher rating to WARNING there is graphic honesty about the sex trade and the sexual abuse of children For me this very honesty made the story better It showed the horror children live through and what is possible to over comeStepping back into my job as an editor yes there are a few small 'boo boos' in the story I would be less than honest if I didn't mention them However whomever did edit this did a good job None of the tiny mistakes will detract from the story nor would 'fixing' them have enhanced the story I will be reading of the work by this author Count on it May I also say that as Ms Dearth herself was a victim of childhood abuse she gives the look from the 'inside' in a way no other could Well done

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Elphia she encounters people who hurt her About to hit rock bottom Alessa breaks free from her new tormentors and finds refuge in a shelter for homeless and abused womenWherever she goes however trouble keeps seeking her out until she meets three people who change the course of her life Though Alessa's bittersweet journey is fraught with challenge. I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsThough I applaud the effort no part of me enjoyed this read I fought hard not to DNF it and the only reason I didn’t was because it was a giveaway and I figured the least I could do was finish and review it My track record with giveaway books so far is one DNF and it is something I swore to myself I wouldn’t do againThis book is about a sexually abused child that as she grows up struggles to find a safe passage through life The story is told from her point of view and she shares every detail of what happens to her throughout the story I want to be clear the descriptions are extremely graphic I'm sure they were written this way to highlight what kind of hell children as well as adults face in these situationsThe introduction was brutal and stomach turning and the rest of the story meandered down a fantastical path into the absurd I could excuse the beginning when I thought there was a message to be had but once it worked its way into everything bad happening all of the time regardless of believability I was over it I could get past the childlike writing style because I assumed like the graphic details it was written that way to send a message I could not get past the mediocre characters and the beyond belief storyline Two stars changed to one after I tried for hours to find even one positive thing I could say in this review

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Believe Like a ChildHome isn't safe for young Alessa because her uncle lives thereunfortunately neither are the streetsAlessa's uncle is a child predator and she's one of his victimsAt sixteen after the death of her only friend Alessa finds herself isolated Believe Like Epubat home with her uncle Unable to live there she runs awayAlone on the streets of North Philad. A GR friend Jade Violet has brought this book on view and I was instantly attracted to it by it's cover I had to know what's in the book Jade has given me a little preview of the background of this author honestly I don't know much about the authors besides their full name It's a bad habit I know I'm rectifying Thank you Jade for thisThe subject of this book is delicate a matter of cruelty that is a chameleon among people Few encourage it and few are indifferent The victims can't express their emotions and their sanity is beyond any turmoil we people feel This book describes different torture a torture to body and soul You may be intimidated I've read a lot of reviews after reading this book I ended up in a situation where I've a lot to say and nothing to write A reviewer with a two star rating had an honest thought of this book She figured out a lot of obvious actions from the book which most of the reviewers never mentioned I didn't too But she was a little hard on the authors story Paige has shared a part of her life that is so heartbreaking Alessa was a victim to pedophile kidnapping and prostitution She has been a mere age of seven when her world turned dark realising that there are no monsters under her bed but on her bed The story starts right at the first page of abuse on Alessa Alessa is the youngest among 4 siblings She is mostly ignored She is shy and uiet Her father has a disability from war and her mother won't work claiming she needed to stay home with the kids As the story proceeds we know how selfish and cruel she is Having financial problems enters Uncle Danny who came to 'rescue' them Alessa couldn't compare the cruelties she faced then and now The first time Alessa’s uncle raped her she felt isolated and helpless The abuse became freuent thereafter It did occur to the child that she should tell her mother about her uncle’s behavior but Danny enjoyed a certain standing both in her family and in the neighborhood where they lived and she was not confident about being taken seriously By abusing her he had stripped her of all confidence and she felt entirely defenseless unable to resist his assaults and at times she felt like it was her who had caused the abuseAlone and helpless she bears all kinds of horrible situations forced on her My heart felt burdened when she calls herself a slut without wholly knowing it's meaning This little soul is neglected by her parents and partly by her siblings Knowing this book is partly real I was emotional and struggling to complete it I actually missed the numbers of abuses done on her The author went with detail that is so beyond imaginary After managing to run away from her house hell she tackles lots of challenges finding little joys here and there Among this was three people Remo Lucy and Ebby a man who loved her truly she mothered a girl who wasn't her daughter and found a friend once again Alessa went to therapy sessions to college and most of all she was away from horridness and was independent But when everything seemed fine the past visits trying to destroy her perfect world The title of the book is strongly named Trusting ownself with the innocence of a child There are monsters among us with abominal actions and thoughts Anyone can fall prey to this child or adult Alessa had a tragic ending The book has mistakes here and there background description was vivid and there was no time period I can overlook this because dispite this the author has managed to pull me deep in this story has done a fine work in showing me a victims perspectiveThis book has many triggers The author is very raw in specifying the abuses It can be horrifying and depressing There are rapes of all stages child abuse molestation and prostitution