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Summary Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Austin Wright Receiving a manuscript and reuest for feedback from her vengeful Tony and PDF ex husband of fifteen years Susan Morrow is drawn into the life of the story's fiction. this is the new big hoopla book previously published in the early nineties then out of print then recently republished in england to much acclaim now revived and reintroduced to america an exhausting journey for one little bookfortunately it is interesting enough to withstand such rough treatmentthere is a lot i liked about this book even though had it been written these days it would have needed a little updating a well placed cellphone would have changed the trajectory of the novel altogether and i am not usually one to long for technology but rrrrrr cellphone tonythis is one of those check out my unconventional structure yo novels its shape is the novel within the novel susan has received the unpublished manuscript of her former husband which relationship she ruined by cheating on him with her current husband she reads portions of the novel and then steps back ruminating on what she is reading and rehashing all her old mistakes and trying to discern a hidden meaning in the novel; a message directed at her it considers the impact of fiction upon the reader the writer's place within his own narrative the problematic situation of reading a novel by someone intimately known to the reader and the process a reader goes through in adapting the experiences in the novel to their own lives in order to make sense of a character's motivations so it has a lot going on and gives me the same little bookish shivers as some of my favorite books Mr Peanut The Seducer Magnetic Field The Sea Came in at Midnight; the same snap of realization and even though there are parts that i think are less well written than those books i still have to applaud the intention and the way it all unfolds it is definitely a fun readfun ha yeah the subject matter is not fun though it is a good example of discomfort writing it is mostly about the conseuences of hesitation and indecision the glorious I have seen the moment of my greatness flickerand I have seen the eternal footman hold my coat and snickerand in short I was afraidsituationthe looking at all the possible outcomes and realizing that in the thinking the opportunity has been lostthe manuscript susan is reading is about tony a man whose life is ruined because he is a man slow to act; a thinker who is at the shallow end of the masculinity pool a man who does not know what to do with violence when he is confronted with it but will maybe have to eventually tap into that side of himselfsomething like this maybeand susan reading the tony character's story begins to uestion what her own life has meant and where her decisions have led her and wonders where in the edward she knew this novel has germinatedit's good stuff you will probably hate every single character and want to slap them all around a little bit but you might as well read it there is hoopla about it after allcome to my blog

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Tony and Susan Review õ 2 Ë [Download] ➾ Tony and Susan Author Austin Wright – Receiving a manuscript and reuest for feedback from her vengeful ex husband of fifteen years Susan Morrow is drawn into the life of the story's fictional character and confronts a devastating parallel Receiving a manuscript and reuest for fee Al character and confronts a devastating parallel darkness from her own past Austin Wright's novel is a disturbing and dazzling work it describes a special reading. Unfairly marketed as the new GONE GIRL just how many of those are we going to get before publishers finally realize that this is about as much of a selling point as comes with its own raw blubber carrying case this is a truly spectacular book part thriller; part investigation into the uneasy relationship between reader and writer; part exploration of fiction; part study of human relationships neuroses anxiety grief and what it means to be civilized Don't go into it looking for easy answers lovable characters a linear plot or a satisfying resolution Those things are for ordinary thrillers and this is nothing like one of those Do expect to be strangely gripped Do expect to be haunted Do expect to remember this book at odd times when you're driving at night or when you encounter one of those pockets of human strangeness that make you reassess your world Apparently it's all set to be a movie If so I shall avoid it simply because I don't believe that the plot of this book gripping though it undoubtedly is is what makes it so uniue What makes it uniue is the construction the written style so stark and yet idiosyncratic and the ueasy lurching sense of something formless emerging from the two twisted strands of narrative I've waited a long time for something like this to emerge from the wave of post Gone Girl ephemera and this is it A perfect conjunction of literary and genre A classic in the true sense

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Tony and SusanExperience combines the suggestiveness of a thriller and the depth of a psychological novel He talks about fear and regret revenge and maturation marriage and failu. Susan leads a comfortable suburban life a doctor’s wife a mother and homemaker her uiet existence is interrupted when she receives her ex husband Edward’s debut manuscript for her review a novel called Nocturnal Animals But she and Edward divorced over twenty years ago – why would he reach out to her now Then as Susan begins reading she notices pieces of herself in the story – a vicious dark story of revenge rape and murder Is Edward exorcising demons through his art or is this a veiled threat of what he’s planning to do to her and her family Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favourite actors who’s almost always in really interesting movies so when I saw the trailer for Nocturnal Animals I wanted to read Austin Wright’s novel Tony Susan first I haven’t seen the movie yet but I hope it’s better than Wright’s novel – not that the book is bad but it’s very uneven in uality The first hundred or so pages are amazing Tony is the protagonist of Edward’s novel and he and his wife and daughter are headed to their holiday home in Maine driving through the night to get there as soon as possible Then at some point in the night they’re forced off the road and confronted by three thugs who separate Tony from his family drive off with his wife and daughter and things get worse from then on Wright ramps up the tension superbly and the narrative is wonderfully unpredictable and as fast paced as a great thriller should be I even liked the little touches of awkwardly phrased sentences dotted throughout to remind you we’re reading an unedited manuscript which has yet to be buffed out But after that initial burst of excitement things unfortunately slow down considerably The novel shifts gears down uickly from a thriller to a slow ponderous introspective character portrait that’s much less compelling to read The story improves once the investigation for the thugs gets underway and every time Wright focuses on this the novel becomes great again – the problem is when the narrative switches to Tony’s dreary day to day which is at least half the time The story progresses slowly but it does progress and some scenes are better than others Susan’s chapters while few were very dull and the final act is interminably drawn out The story is framed with Susan reading Edward’s novel a story within a story – and what kept my interest the most throughout was the expectation of seeing Edward at the end and finding out what the point of it all was; except the ending is very underwhelming and disappointing That said you could – reading deeply between the lines – interpret a satisfying meaning to it all symbolically view spoilerTony’s wife and daughter could represent Susan while Ray Marcus the rapistmurderer could be Edward’s rage at Susan for cheating on and divorcing him; that all of them die could be Edward’s rage at Susan also dying an idea highlighted by Edward not meeting Susan at the end to discuss her feedback of his book – he doesn’t care he just wanted her to know that he’d moved on Tony is written as a very weak willed man and the flashback chapters to Susan and Edward’s married life shows Edward as similarly passive; Tony’s death at the end could represent the death of Edward’s passivity In tho