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The Mask of Destiny Billionaire #3The life of Australian teen of Destiny MOBI #241 Gerald Wilkins changed forever when he inherited twenty billion pounds and a mystery to solve In The Mask of Destiny Gerald believes his enemy Sir Mason Green will be put in prison for murder Instead Gerald. The Mask of DestinyBy Richard Newsome Like Flowers in SpringI would say when the author wrote this book he stood true in building characters that were euivalent to both their personalities and action Take Gerald for instance He was a normal teenager who was living a normal life until he found out his grandmother had died and left billions and a secret family legacy to protect He moved from worrying about his homework to worrying about his life Although he was forced to grow up uickly and was thrusted into large matters like being falsely charged for murder and trying to figure out what his family secret was he still held true to his boyish ways Such as being oblivious about Ruby’s feelings towards him and still finding ways to make light of a situation So when the book came to an end and he was sitting in his townhouse worrying about what school he was going to go to the author reminded us that he was still a teenager and he still had things to worry about like school grades and girl As old as TimeThis novel is a mysterious adventure thrill ride It is well written and amazinghowever the novel is uite predictable because of its familiarity to movies like National treasure and Indian Jones I say this because like most things in this genre it's is a race to beat the clock the characters are sent all over the world by clues that are meant to help them Finally they are always forced to discover or find an item that been good or impossible to find for many years Yet just as the book closes to an end they manage to find it just in the nick of time That is a formula found in many of these mysteries It can get to be uite repetitive but I do not think I should force this novel into such small a box Though it has those similarities it still stands to be uniue it is captivating and uite an amazing roller coaster So I will rephrase myself and not say it is predictable I will say it is familiar

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Is accused of murder himself He'll have to find the last of three emerald The Mask PDF or caskets to clear his name The search takes him Ruby Sam and Mr Fry to Paris Rome Athens and Delphi They discover Delphi once held the greatest treasure on earth It. I love this series I recommend it This one is my fave of all of them

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Download ã The Mask of Destiny Billionaire #3 ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â ❮Ebook❯ ➬ The Mask of Destiny Billionaire #3 ➭ Author Richard Newsome – The life of Australian teen Gerald Wilkins changed forever when he inherited twenty billion pouCould still be there waiting to be found by someone good Or evilAnthony Horowitz fans will love the extreme adventure exotic locals and illustrations in Mask of Destiny PDFEPUB #189 The Mask of Destiny the rollicking conclusion to the Archer Legacy trilog. This series started well and ended well Good job Richard Newsome