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Read æ Abandon by Meg Cabot ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Abandon Author Meg Cabot – New from #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot a dark fantastical story about this world and the underworldThough she tries returning to the life she knew before Watching her Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you backBut now she's moved to a new town Maybe at her new school she can start fresh Maybe she can stop feeling so afraidOnly she can't Because even here he finds her That's how desperately he wants her back She kno. I stared at him “I didn’t understand a single thing you just said Who’s Homer” This book was such a mess There is no other way to phrase it it was a complete and utter mess Now here's the thing I LOVE Meg Cabot In fact I'm practically a swooning fangirl Even the books that most other people didn't like like Jinx and Pants on Fire I adored I've always found that her heroines have a very uniue voice — snarky sassy and fun Even when the world is going to hell in a handbasket you can count on a Cabot heroine to make you laugh Meg Cabot and Princess Mia were my introduction to the world of YA and they'll always have a special place on my bookshelf That being said Abandon is one of the biggest disappointments I've faced this year I'm not including CoFA here because it met my every expectation and I fear that Meg Cabot has fallen to the dark side my friends the YA PNR pod person has got her in its grasp swoonsAbandon lacks the magic that Cabot has spun so effortlessly in the past The writing is chaotic at best the heroine is lacklustre and well sort of stupid and the world building is all over the place The good thing first in case you were told like me that this is a re imagining of the Hades Persephone myth that is only marginally true In that there is a Lord of the Underworld who kidnaps and falls in love with a teen girl But the circumstances are entirely different and draw no inspiration from the original myth So there is no mythology failure as there was in Starcrossed or The Goddess Test Here's the synopsis Pierce Oliviera has just moved to Isla Huesos with her mother after a mysterious incident that caused her fancy all girls prep school to expel her She has a mysterious past involving her death by drowning two years ago at age fifteen which caused a complete change in her personality She keeps running into a mysterious stranger named John whom she first encountered at age seven in a cemetery and later runs into mysteriously on several occasions including the short period of her afterlife before she was resuscitated by paramedics She is in possession of a mysterious diamond pendant that reacts differently to different people Oh and she has a mysteriously adverse reaction to tassels Tassels — they iz eeevillllYeah so if you're wondering why I'm being so mysterious it's because this book was pretty much a foreshadowing of a warning of a portentThe book swings back and forth between Pierce's present and past This is of course a commonly used narrative style and when done correctly keeps the reader on the edge of her seat Unfortunately Cabot missed the bus on this one The narration always but always stops at the exact point where some important information is about to be revealed This means that actually piecing together a full picture of any particular incident is like pulling teeth By the time the narrator deigns to drop you a crumb about what actually happened you've lost interest and moved on to the next half finished story And when the entire book is composed of these bits and pieces the overall effect is one of chaos and annoyanceThe characters are lacklustre Pierce has an annoying fondness for the word engage as in she needs to 'engage' with the world around her She's also kind of stupid Allow me to present to you some facts you die Then you get sent to a place with all the other dead people where a hot teenage guy in black who appears to be the boss of everyone determines which boat you can get on He also has several supernatural powers including being able to shift you to different places in the blink of an eye He is also possessed of super strength and the ability to appear and disappear at will while physically assaulting anybody who threatens your safety He hangs out at a crypt in the cemetery All of this happens over a period of two years so it's not like you don't have time to process the information What would your conclusion beIf your answer was some variation of death deity you win the prize Unfortunately though the pieces don't click for our heroine until the last part of the book when someone actually puts it into words for her FailThe romance is colder than a cold day in hell Insta love thou hast made thy inevitable appearance So Pierce first meets John when she's seven and says about two sentences to him She meets him again when she's freaking out about being dead and throws hot tea in his face Her next several encounters involve him appearing suddenly causing physical harm to several people threatening Pierce and vanishing Then she runs into him when he's in a bad mood and kicks down a heavy iron gate to throw her out of the cemetery warning her never to come back However all of these obviously romantic gestures are enough to melt her heart and make her fall for him How heart warming The mythology too is confused view spoilerThe sexton of the cemetery explains to Pierce his theory that there are several different underworlds for people of different faiths He thinks that John is only one of several death deities governing the afterlife In fact he goes on to mention how the Buddhists and the Muslims and the Jews have different afterlives In this case why is Pierce's afterlife Greek Because in so far as I know Christian beliefs don't involve a the river Styx or boatmen or Furies Why would the Greek Underworld be present in modern day America Shouldn't it be in I don't know Greece hide spoiler

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New from New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot a dark fantastical story about this world and the underworldThough she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world and apart from it Yet she's never alone because someone is always. NO STARSI've heard a lot about Meg Cabot's books And it may surprise people to know that this was actually my first Meg Cabot novel I'm not completely unfamiliar with her works One of my favorite movies of all time was adapted from one of her novels The Princess Diaries All that being said I think I made a huge mistake in having Abandon pop my Cabot novel cherryInsta loveGuys this book has INSTA LOVEDeep breaths Stephanie Deep BreathsIt took me till page 300 to realize why I felt like I wanted to give up reading Abandon several times And really that's pathetic that I didn't see it I mean I really should have peeped that way earlier But it's not my fault because Abandon was so hard to even follow thanks to Pierce's convoluted ramblings about her pathetic life and her intermittently reminding herself to check yourself before you wreck yourself This book left me confused angry and HIGHLY disturbed Therefore this review will have major spoilers Deal with it and let's explore these emotionsWhat Just HappenedIt's probably not a good sign for a reader to finish your novel and not have a single clue what the point was Not even an inkling for what you were trying to accomplish And believe me I wanted so much to understand and like this book but the narration ran circles around my wee little mind The entire first half of the novel has Pierce alluding to several past scenes as if the reader knows what was going on Pierce would say something like Oh and I don't want anything to happen like it did that one time  And I'm sitting here thinking Oh yeah What What happened Tell me already I get what Cabot was trying to do but it didn't work for me And it definitely didn't need to go on for majority of the book That was just cruel and wrong It made me incredibly frustrated Now the parts that did manage to make some type of sense were cancelled out by Pierce's sheer stupidity Saw dust for brains I really don't want to say it b b but BELLA gasp And that my friends brings me to the angerWhat We Have Here is a Failure to CommunicateNo what we have here is just a failure Pierce is one of the worst heroines I've read this year Now keep in mind I read both Starcrossed and Fifty Shades of Grey so far so that's saying something And not a good something Moving on Pierce meets John a death deity when she is a just seven years old Later when she dies at age fifteen she sees him in the Underworld  and he recognizes her too They have a brief conversation which goes a little something like thisOmg it's so cold and wet hereHey you wanna get outta hereSure whatevespoof So what does her do He whisks her away to his bedroom dresses her in a white dress and gives her the biggest diamond he could steal find Shit you not that is exactly how it goes down Pierce realizing something is not right Though I'm not sure what gave it away maybe because he told her she could never leave Possibly throws hot tea in John's face and runs down a staircase that magically transports her back to the living world slow blinkCheck yourself before you wreck yourselfMeanwhile a year and a half laterThey meet again in a graveyard where this poor unfortunate soul seems to hang out Of course that doesn't stop our heroine from asking the all important universal uestion Why me Are you kidding me But I have to remember the problem with Pierce is that she's so stupid she doesn't realize how stupid she is Instead of running away from the crazed stalker she apologizes to him for throwing the tea in his face You know when she was busy escaping Pop uiz What do you get when you mix not so bright heroine with a gallon of selfless Mary SueSo yeah the graveyard Here they are in the rain having a lover's spat over well I'm not exactly sure why they were fighting but John ends up getting semi violent throwing her diamond and demolishing the cemetery gate Lovely guy Do you see why this book made me angry Here we have yet another YA heroine with a controlling violent male trying to not be involved with him and she's apologizing for getting away Unbelievable It was at that point where I really didn't think this novel could get any worse Until of course I got to the disturbing partThe Return of Pedobear I wish I were jokingSomehow the cemetery sexton gets involved and Pierce opens up and confides in him She goes on and on about how he randomly has shown up in her life how he scares her how he's a nightmare how bad things happen when he's around etc Do you know what he says to her after thatSo if I might make a suggestion for all our sakes why don't you try his brown eyes were pleading just being a little sweeter to that boyYes that's right girls When you are in an abusive relationship trying to escape it's not his fault It's totally your fault for not being sweet enough to him Because there is no such thing as personal accountability and it is your job to make sure he remains calm enough to not destroy you and everyone you love in a hurricane But don't worry He loves you Gag meCheck yourself before you wreck yourselfExcuse me while I rage across my living roomOhhhhh but it gets better I mentioned before how I didn't recognize the insta love until page 300 That might seem really strange And it is It's mostly because Pierce and John spent so much time trying to non avoid each other and argue that I completely didn't see it Well on page 300 John confesses his love to Pierce His LOVE peoplePauseLove What love In all of their encounters six by my count including when she was seven they probably spent no

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Abandon by Meg CabWs he's no guardian angel and his dark world isn't exactly heaven yet she can't stay away especially since he always appears when she least expects it but exactly when she needs him mostBut if she lets herself fall any further she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears the Underworl. I remember a long long time ago; I really enjoyed Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries so when I happened on the Abandon Series and saw it was a retelling of Persephone's tale I didn't hesitate to buy the entire trilogy YES i brought all treeGiven my initial excitement about staring these books I was sorely disappointedThe Heroin or should we call her the damsel in distress is the most annoying helpless uncertain little thing I've ever came across She wants to fix everything and as a spoiled little rich girl believes she's entitled to butt in and do just that But she constantly ends up in trouble than she in her perfecticness can handle Then she wines about itSo yes I didn't like her and since the story is told form her perspective I end up not enjoying it as muchBut I am intrigued by John I really want to know the why's and how's behind him So at a later stage most probably when I've forgotten how annoying Pierce is I will continue this series