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summary Visions of Gerard ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ❮EPUB❯ ✾ Visions of Gerard ✹ Author Jack Kerouac – His lifeended when he was nine and the nuns of St Louis de France Parochial School were at his bedside to take down his dying words because they'd heard his astoniCk as they were revealed in the short tragic happy life of his saintly brother Gerard Set in Kerouac's hometown of Lowell Massachusetts it is an unsettling beautiful and sad exploration of the meaning and precariousness of existenc. This is Jack Kerouac's most personal work and my favorite book of him with On The Road and The Dharma Bums I love the way he describes his big brother Gerard who passed away too soon He seemed full of life and energy and reading this book made me understand why Kerouac turned to writingBless my soul death is the only decent subject since it marks the end of illusion and delusion Death is the other side of the same coin we call now Life The appearance of sweet Gerard's flower face followed by its disappearance alas only a contour maker and shadow selector could prove it that in all the perfect snow any such person or thing ever did arrive say Yea and go away The whole world has no reality it's only imaginary and what are we to do Nothing nothing nothing Pray to be kind wait to be patient try to be fine No use screamin The Devil was a charming fool

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His lifeended when he was nine and the nuns of St Louis de France Parochial School were at his bedside to take down his dying words because they'd heard his astonishing revelations of heaven delivered in catechism on no encourageme. This beginning novel in the ongoing Duluoz Legend gives a decent glimpse into the brilliance Kerouac would later achieve but the glimpse arrives unfashionably lateThere’s a style to the prose of Jack Kerouac 1922 1969 where he’s some sort of middle passage some sort of vessel that is constantly taking and giving His state of reverie is always emphasizing the prettiness of things though they may be nothing than pretty destroyed This constant observation and absorption doesn’t leave much time to spend in a single place a trait that serves Kerouac’s work wellHowever Visions of Gerard Penguin Non Classics ISBN 0140144528 suffers from the same traits that make some of Keroauc’s other work a successCapote’s Famous uoteMost fans of Kerouac or anyone who has taken even the tiniest look into beat culture have heard American author Truman Capote’s 1924 1984 uote about Kerouac’s work That’s not writing that’s typingMaybe Capote just read Visions of Gerard To think that his comment about Kerouac merely typing instead of actually writing is directed towards the nomadic uest for beauty in On the Road or the pros and cons of indulgence as found in Big Sur is almost preposterous Despite the triumph of Kerouac’s style in his other work Visions of Gerard is flaccid and plodding going nowhere and moving uicklyA Strong Finish Comes Too LateIn Visions of Gerard only need the last twenty or thirty to get in a scene or two with a living Gerard pages are necessary to see what Kerouac was trying to accomplish in kicking off the Duluoz legend the loss of maybe not a saint but the idea of sainthood and how it would effect Jack DuluozSal ParadiseJack Kerouac in the years to comeAside from a few good lines here and there the pages that precede the end are nearly worthless Kerouac spends too much time in one place spinning his faux poetic prose into nothing much at all The word web of beauty that wasn’tOl’ Jack tends to get boring and annoying in his struggle to type through the thoughts in his head For the diehards go ahead and read Visions of Gerard It goes fast and the last 20 30 pages are made of the sad wonder that only Kerouac can deliverWhen he starts writing through his thoughts instead of typing through them he finally gives the reader an opportunity to see Gerard as the fallen angel he may have always been Unfortunately by the time Kerouac falls into his groove the reader is already lost and uninterested moving away from the same commonplace things that Kerouac rallies against in his other works

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Visions of GerardNt than it was his turn to speakUniue among Jack Kerouac's novels Visions of Gerard focuses on the scenes and sensations of childhood the wisdom anguish Visions of Kindle intensity innocence evil insight suffering delight and sho. Read in Kerouac Visions of Cody Visions of Gerard Big Sur This is a story about childhood and brothers Jack Kerouac wrote this book about his older brother Gerard who died at the young age of nine Jack clearly adored his brother with Gerard pictured as a happy older brother who was wise beyond his years It's a heartbreaking story of grief and coping with death and existence I enjoyed this work by Kerouac than some of his other writings Though the subject matter was different than other books he wrote the writing style is clearly Kerouac From Visions of Gerard And I wonder what Gerard would have done had he lived sickly artistic But by my good Jesus with that holy face they'd have stumbled over one another to come and give him bread and breath He left me his heart but not his tender countenance and sorrowful patience and kindly lights Me when I'm big I'm gonna be a painter of beautiful pictures and I'm gonna build beautiful bridges He never lived to come and face the humble problem but he would have done it with the noblesse tendresse I never in my bones and dead man heart could ever show