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A Chance to Die The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael review ë 109 Ä [Download] ➵ A Chance to Die The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael Author Elisabeth Elliot – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk A Chance to Die is a biography of Amy Carmichael an Irish missionary and writer who spent fifty three years in south InA Chance to Die is to Die PDF #10003 a biography of Amy Carmichael an Irish missionary and wri. Sooo I got this book from my pastor's wife She saw my love for kids and wanted me to read this book THE BOOK 314 stars KELLYN 😂So the book itself isn't bad at all It's long and had a lot of details and other stuff and yeah It's really descriptive of Amma or Amy's life and I do highly recommend it if you're like studying her life for school or just for personal reasons However this is not an entertainment and took me about 3 months to finish It was hard to get through than a chapter at a time because it was almost dry and it was hard to read Amma or Amy herself ok so she was ok I did like her a lot when I first read Amy of Dohnavur by Frank L Houghton which honestly I preferred a lot than this book It's just as informative but shorter and not as hard to read but some of the detailed points of her life and the way that the Dohnavur was run under her command as well as her position some of her beliefs and just her It wasn't as awesome I admire her heart for children for sure and her absolute dedication to God and continual denial of anything that could possibly be fleshly I learned a lot about just Christian living in general and I really enjoyed her poetry which actually rhymes However life I mentioned before the way she ran the Dohnavur and it's people and the struck ignorant way that she raised her kids came off wrong for me Also the way that the people in the Donahue community saw her as a Prophet from God and no matter what she said still lived asking Is this what Amma would do Sort of placing her as perfect in fact some of the people interviewed did say she seemed perfect in that they knew she was human but didn't believe she ever did anything wrong The way people spoke of her and acted around her almost seemed like they were brain washed Anyway I am glad that I read this book because it gave me a complete view of Amy where I don't love her the way I did before I knew her this way and it's also super fat and to add it to my bookshelf and say I read it is also awesome Thank you for reading

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Ter who spent fifty three years in south India without furlough There she became known as ''Am. Absolutely a must read I was challenged convicted inspired and encouraged by this book Not everyone is called to be an Amy Carmichael but I think every Christian can find something in her story to encourage and strengthen his or her own walk with ChristPs I do have some disagreements with some of Amy’s practices and beliefs but I’m not going to go into them here in the review I’m not sure all her standards or views can be supported Biblically Just wanted to mention that 3

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A Chance to Die The Life and Legacy of Amy CarmichaelMa'' or ''mother'' as she founded the Dohnavur Fellowship a refuge for underprivileged childre. SummaryThe life story of missionary Amy Carmichael From her childhood to her missionary work in Japan and India Elisabeth Elliot's reference material was from previously published books written by Amy Carmichael and the Dohnavur FamilyMy ThoughtsAlthough I enjoyed reading the story of Amy Carmichael's life The book is not warm with intimacy in regards to the character of Carmichael At first sight it seems Elisabeth Elliot didn't capture or flesh out the person of Amy Carmichael However I believe Carmichael was captured just as she was She was a private no nonsense serious devoted moral dedicated persevering steadfast faithful and intelligent person And these ualities come through in her biography The entire focus of Carmichael's life was in the mission work entrusted to her by God in IndiaI've read remarks that she was against marriage She was against marriage as far as her own life was concerned She did think it best to not marry if a person was going to dedicate themselves as she had done But she was not against marriage God had called her to something different Her face was set like flint in her mission See Isaiah 507 Luke 951A Chance to Die is written chronologically from birth 1867 and childhood in Ireland to her calling to the first missionary journey to Japan and her lengthy mission work in India until death in 1951uotes are often mentioned from Carmichael's booksCarmichael was a devoted reader of the devotional Daily Light This book is also uoted from in the book I'm familiar with this book as I have read from it daily since 1999One of the most interesting and sad aspects of the book for me was Carmichael's work with the children in India The little girls that were given by their parents to the Hindu temple as babies later grew in to the horrific role of the sex trade Carmichael worked to find girls of all ages willing to leave this life and live in her mission home In modern times we hear about the sex trade business affecting children but this is not something new