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In una remota fortezza di Budapest sei seducenti guerrieri immortali sono legati da un'antica maledizione che nessuno è mai riuscito a infrangere Un guerriero seducente e sospettoso Una donna immortale in fuga dal proprio lato oscuro Posseduto dal demone del Dubbio Sabin avrebbe tutte le Her gaze skittered away from him “It was okay I guess”He popped his jaw It was okay She guessed She fcking guessed By gods he’d give her another demonstration This is my favorite LOTU so far Great book with the first half of it being absolutely amazing 3The Lords have gone to Egypt searching for the third artifact that will help them find Pandora' Box but instead of the artifact they find a Hunter facility full of pregnant woman who are all immortal in some wayOne of the women isn't pregnant but is feared by all even HuntersShe is Gwendolyn and has been imprisoned for a year inside the pyramidFor some reason Sabin is the only one that she trusts and when he frees her he takes her into his careAfter finding out the huge power Gwen possesses Sabin plans to bring her into their was as a weapon but one he first must train to prevent a bloodbathAfter he starts having feelings for her he will have to make a choice between love or warGwendolyn the Timid is a harpy with great power but one she doesn't know how to control She was always the weak one in the family and is afraid what her sisters will do when they find out that she's been imprisoned for a yearShe wants to stay with Sabin in the fortress even though he treats her like a prisoner in his room ehehehehe and ultimately Gwen decides to help him with the war and train her powers I totally loved Gwen She wasn't suck a kick ass especially in the beginning but maybe it's because Sabin's uber protectiveness came out in full force so yes that is something I love DOh and I loved what she did in the end view spoilerwhen the big fight was on hide spoiler

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The Darkest WhisperUalità per essere implacabile nelle schermaglie d'a uanto lo è sul campo di battaglia Ma il suo demone rovina ualsiasi relazione insinuando dubbi sospetti e insicurezze nelle sue amanti tanto che Sabin ha giurato di tenersi alla larga dalle donne Dopo undici anni però l'incontro con la SabinDemon of DoubtButterfly on right rib cage and waistHis curse His demon creates insecurities to everyone including unfortunate Sabin His self doubts do not let him be happy and they make him constantly miserable Fighting and killing is his only pleasureGwen Skyhawk or Gwendolyn the TimidHarpy Supernatural ability She is an immortal although for the time being is only 27 years old and very strong although she does not particularly crave violence The great mystery is who Gwen’s father is She thinks that he is an angel view spoilerWe will learn that he is Galen the Lord of False Hope hide spoiler


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Read The Darkest Whisper doc È Paperback à [Ebook] ➡ The Darkest Whisper By Gena Showalter – In una remota fortezza di Budapest sei seducenti guerrieri immortali sono legati da un'antica maledizione che nessuno è mai riuscito a infrangere Un guerriero seducente e sospettoso Una donna immorta In una remTimida Gwen fa vacillare i suoi The Darkest Kindle propositi E uando la libera dalla prigione in cui è stata rinchiusa dai loro comuni nemici i Cacciatori una lotta dall'esito assai più imprevedibile si profila all'orizzonte uella contro le conseguenze di un travolgente colpo di fulmin 5 stars – Paranormal RomanceIt’s been a while since I’ve immersed into the adventures of those sexy angst laden bad boy demon Lords and I’d almost forgotten how much I love losing myself in their worldI wasn’t too sure how I’d feel about The Darkest Whisper because Sabin the keeper of the demon of Doubt has never been one of my favorite Lords but I was pleasantly surprised As one of the LOTU leaders he’s a total alpha who’s used to calling the shots and putting the war with the Hunters above everything else His demon Doubt has cost Sabin every woman he’s ever tried to have a connection with and after the painful loss of his last lover he’s sworn off female companionship and given up on ever being able to have a real relationship When Sabin and the other warriors rescue Gwen from a Hunter’s prison they get than they bargained for and maybe than Sabin can handle He feels an immediate intense connection and explosive attraction to the mysterious volatile Harpy which is all the troubling considering that Gwen seems to arouse his demon than any other woman has before while also bringing out his warrior’s protective instinctsWhat can I say about Gwendolyn the Timid and her fellow Harpy sisters Loved ‘em They’re violent unapologetic of their nastiness sexy and funny as hell And when they team up with Anya the goddess of anarchy it’s a total Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” kick ass good time Although Gwen’s character got on my nerves a few times I loved when she began to accept herself and finally went all Dirty Harpy on some Hunter assMy only complaint like several reviews that I’ve read is the total WTH ending that left me completely stunned and pissed It just didn’t make any sense and so didn’t match with Sabin’s character his previous actions or the Lords’ warrior code But I’m trying to have faith and trust that Showalter had reasons for it that will make sense as the series progresses I loved that this story featured all the beloved LOTU characters including uite a bit from Lucien and Anya she still cracks me up Aeron and his little demon girl petcompanion Legion Gideon and my boy Paris the tortured warrior needs a HEAfast It’s a great addition to the dark fun sexy steamy LOTU series and I can’t wait to see what Showalter has in store next 5 stars