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READER ☆ DOC Fuzzy First Impressions #2 FREE ´ JOSEPHINE MYLES ☆ [Reading] ➶ Fuzzy First Impressions #2 By Josephine Myles – When sofas attackWhen Jez gets home early and discovers his incapacitated lover hiding something under the sofa cushions he expects it to be pornWhen sofas attackWhen Jez gets home early and discovers his incapacitated lover hidin This is a great snippet from Jez and Steve’s life after the event in First Impressions I was very relieved to see that Jez’s sense of humor is alive and well and that they’re enjoying their relationship as much as they did their getting to know each other And best of all Steve still manages to surprise Jez with a new talentIf you prefer your stories to make you smile like little observations and details about the characters strewn generously throughout the text and want to find out a rather – inventive – use of a ball of wool I am pretty sure you’ll like this one

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Ut what Steve’s really hiding is something both embarrassing and strangely sensuous This is a cute little follow up to First Impressions which the author is offering for free on Smashwords This is just a short taste of Steve and Jez five months after they finally get together Steve has moved into Jez’s apartment and life was good until Steve broke his leg trying to rescue a kitten stuck on the roof Jez is rather enjoying taking care of him but is mystified by what Steve is hiding when he comes home a bit early I shan’t give away what it is or what he’s doing although the cover gives you some clues What I enjoyed was the guys are still the guys but you can see how Steve has had an effect on Jez He’s still a bit surly and snarly or he tries to be He hates it that Steve calls him poppet well mostly he hates it when he’s not rather fond of the fact Steve is still as confident and dominant as ever but Jez is still so smitten he’s than happy to go along with thingsIt’s hard to do a long review of such a short story but fans of the first story will definitely want to pick this one up and visit with Jez and Steve as they have a little fun even while Steve’s leg is in a cast They are just such a likable couple that you come away with a smile on your face

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Fuzzy First Impressions #2G something under the Fuzzy First PDFEPUB or sofa cushions he expects it to be porn b Another little snippet from the lives of Jez and Steve where we discover Steve's darkest secrethe's a knitter and Jez finds a novel use for some of the yarn that Steve is using 4 stars