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Summary ☆ The Conueror å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø [Reading] ➺ The Conueror By Kris Kennedy – En l'an 1152 l'Angleterre est ébranlée par de violentes guerres civiles ui opposent le Roi Henri II et le Roi Stephen Une nuit Gwyn de l'Ami la jeune comtesse d'Everoot fait la En l'an l'Angleterre est ébranlée par de violentes guerres civiles ui opposent le Roi Henri II et le Roi Stephen Une nuit Gwyn de l'Ami l. Oh I loved Griffyn and Gwen I cannot explain why I just do The story itself could use some improvement When the Holy Grail made its appearance late in the book I literally rolled my eyes I have to say the plots are not worthy of Griffyn and Gwen who are wonderful characters and I loved them individually and together as a couple I honestly cannot recommend this book The plots are messy The characterization as well especially Gwen's character She was introduced as a very interesting character but in the second half all the lies weighed her down Griffyn captured my heart very early on and stayed the wonderful hero to me Don't ask me why I do not understand it myself Not that he wasn't great I could list all the holes in the characters but I still loved them I just liked Griffyn a lot my medieval warrior giggling I hope to see Ms Kennedy improve as a writer She has created 2 lovable characters in this book for me and I would love to see such characters from her and them with a story worthy of them

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A jeune comtesse d'Everoot fait la rencontre du ténébreux guerrier Griffyn Sauvage elle est immédiatement séduite Mais Griffyn est en u. This book really really worked for me Pagan is a hero to die for He falls and he falls hard for Gwyn but he has other duties and they are on opposite sides in a civil war He's brave beyond belief he's loyal he's honourable in short he's everything we want in a hero Even though circumstances are against them still he saves her again and again And well he should Gwyn makes for a wonderful heroine She's stubborn smart brave and funny as all get out It's not a laugh out loud kind of funny but a smile a lot funny The uips she and Pagan Griffyn exchange are delightful But he knows things about her that he doesn't tell her and she knows things she doesn't tell him Which considering they are on different sides as well as the fact that her father stole his fathers lands from him makes senseThe love they feel for each other is palpable and the choices difficult to say the least While reading this book I simply had to know about the history and spend some interesting time reading about Stephen and Matilda and her son Henry Fitz Empress I love it when a book has me digging into history

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The Conuerorête de vengeance et il n'a u'une idée récupérer les terres ui lui ont autrefois été volées et dont Gwyn est désormais l'héritière. If you like your romances with an unoriginal plot plentiful purple prose and very bad sex in great length and detail this might be for you Otherwise skip it I wish I had