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read doc · Generation Stables ¸ ebook ✓ dogsalonbristol ↠ [Read] ➪ Generation Stables Author Carolyn Faulkner – Amanda is captured by the mysterious stablemaster to be turned into a ponygirl a sexual slave whose life is one of being trained to bit and harness who lReeding barn is just as extreme and her grooms are just as strict with her as ever Contains nonconsensual spanking and caning anal and breast punishment fantasy rape fantasy slavery and bondage scenes anal punishment and bondag What the hell did I just read? I'd been uite curious about reading a pony play book since I'll admit Tristan's time as a pony with that tail shove up his arse from Beauty's Punishment sparked a certain interest But what I got with this book was clearly not what I had in mindThe writing style was a mess There were made up words like clitty and cunny and a y' added to a few other words throughout the story The plot was pretty non existant view spoilerTwo girls are captured Why the author makes sure to tell us about Debbie and tell Amanda they'll be seeing uite a bit makes no sense really since we only see Debbie one timeThe whole reason why these girls are captured tied down had teeth removed and their vocal cords damaged and then are countlessly sexual assaultedraped is to turn them into breeding stock The entire book leads up to getting pregnant yet there is not an explanation for why or what happens to the poor children born into this lifeI guess Aaron and Ted were supposed to be sexy but I uickly forgot their descriptions and kept picturing two dumb cowboys It didn't help when they would use words like cunny or how they kept calling breasts utters and obsessed about milking the girls Apparently pony girl milk is so good that people buy it Excuse me while I gag There was nothing sexy about how the breasts were treatedAlso our main girl Mandy seems to possess the incredible skill of experiencing nonstop orgasms all day Because of this main guy Aaron seems to possess the not so impressive skill of premature ejaculation Sooo sexy hide spoiler

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R life needs severe training through constant spankings and canings but eventually she learns to love the life of a ponygirl Mandy's life at the extreme edge of BDSM as she becomes a successfully bred ponygirl But life in the b Oh I enjoyed this one It is pretty hot and the captive pony girls are generally treated uite well I think it helped that she doesn't dwell on the body modification because when I think about it too much I don't like it The other part Ms Faulkner doesn't address are thoughts of what happens when the ponygirls are too old for breeding? Where and how do they 'retire'? I fear they get sent to pasture as a 'kindness' to the beasts And what about the foals? I guess the men aren't too concerned that the foals are their offspring Best not to think about it too much The read really is uite a turn on

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Generation StablesAmanda is captured by the mysterious stablemaster to be turned into a ponygirl a sexual slave whose life is one of being trained to bit and harness who lives only to serve her groomsmen Mandy a feisty businesswoman in her forme I don't understand why the author decided to add children into an erotica And the abuse of children in most horrific way I am sorry but that cannot be a fantasy You know there are real life events about this Not in pony play way but a woman can tolerate terrible things done to her maybe even like it in the end but no matter how far they have gone I cannot accept that she readily accepts the same thing being done to her children The author probably consiously does not cover the subject of the treatment of children But they call the babies colt so obviously it is not like they are going to grow up normally and atteng high school or stuff While reading the book entire time I thought about the children I was worried but dear Mandy did not even blink She will keep breeding for them she knows this she will present them and children every year to abuse indoctrinate rape and sell Her mind should have been broken I know she had no power but at least she coul have been a little worried couldn't she? The book was poorly written in other angles too The ending was too abrupt there were errors like hero's name changing in the middle there were logical errors tooThe author kept telling us about the spa treatment Mandy was gettin all the orgasms soft blankets bla bla bla all the while selling us a child abuse story I don't have a problem with non con as long as I am aware that that is what I am reading But non con or any other type does not even compare with child abuse