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The Greek WayFive hundred years before Christ in a little town on the far western border of the settled and civilized world a strange new power was at work Athens had entered upon her brief and magnificent flowering of genius which so molded the world of mind and of spirit that our mind and spirit today are different What was t The disdain of professional classicists for Edith Hamilton is understandable but nevertheless unfair since she never held herself out as a learned scholar or textual critic Instead she simply took a great interest in communicating to a broader audience ie the masses what it was that made Greek civilization worthy of our attention Hamilton was one of those enthusiasts who was simply in love with the Greeks and that affection is evident on every pageShe was in short a popularizer and she was very good at it She writes well and there are many good general observations about the Greeks in this little volume originally published in 1930 The chief virtue of this book is the way in which Hamilton focuses her discussion of the Greek achievement on the literary productions of such writers as Pindar Thucydides Herodotus the tragedians Aristophanes Plato and even Xenophon The Greek Way of Writing Chapter Four contains one of the best discussions I have encountered on the uniue way in which the Greeks employed their language The author makes the excellent point for example that while we take Greek statuary and architecture for granted we are in a very different place as far as their language is concerned She writes Greek is a very subtle language full of delicately modifying words capable of the finest distinctions of meaning Years of study are needed to read it even tolerably Talk about honesty I myself have an advanced degree in the subject; I have been been reading and teaching it for years I have invested thousands of hours in the hope of reaching a deeper understanding of this extraordinary language and yet because of the incredible challenges that it poses I would not dare to call myself anything than an advanced beginner She compares brief excerpts from Homer Aeschylus and other Greek poets with snippets of English poetry Shakespeare Byron Keats and also Biblical Hebrew poetry Psalms and Prophets She explains the reasons for their differences and especially how Greek in its famous austerity uses ornamental epithets far sparingly and with much tighter control Greek authors she claims routinely used their language less to appeal to the emotions than to factual truth logic and ideas While this assertion is attractive and perhaps very true when an author such as Heraclitus or Plato or Aristotle is in hand it is difficult to reconcile with the constant repetition of oimoi and aiai and e e and pheu in Greek tragedy not to mention some of the explosive passages of mind warping anger hatred or consuming grief found not infreuently in both tragedy and epic On balance however it is clear that given Greek writers' love of symmetry harmony and a due regard for the relationship of the part to the whole Hamilton is spot on when she reminds us that the form of many of their literary productions turns out to have much in common with their architecture and statuary than might at first appear This chapter alone has great value since it explains exceptionally well what few other popular treatments do the precise reasons why the Greek style of literary expression is so striking in its simplicity directness and beauty and how difficult it can be to take those ualities and maintain them in a language that is altogether different namely EnglishIf you enjoy Greek literature read what she has to say about the Greek language the magnificent instrument that it was in the hands of the best Greek writers


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epub è The Greek Way ë Paperback  ➶ The Greek Way Download ✤ Author Edith Hamilton – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Five hundred years before Christ in a little town on the far western border of the settled and civilized world a strange new power was at work Athens had entered upon her brief and magnificent floweri Five hundCentury BC A retired headmistress when she began her writing career in the 1930s Hamilton immediately demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring the world of ancient Greece to life introducing that world to the twentieth century The New York Times called The Greek Way a book of both cultural and critical importance Beautiful descriptions of Greece and the Athenian people Truly a gorgeous picture set and many different perspectives opened up Some parts were dull but other than that I totally recommend

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Hen produced of art and of thought has never been surpasses and very rarely eualled and the stamp of it is upon all the art and all the thought of the Western worldA perennial favorite in many different editions Edith Hamilton's best selling The Greek Way captures the spirit and achievements of Greece in the fifth Edith Hamilton's prose reads like a disjointed and stilted school boy translation of ancient greek Plus she's a snob and a hyperbolist Her books should be put on the trash heap with all the other Victorian bombasts If you want to learn why to love the ancients go read a novel by Mary Renault