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Darklands Deadtown #4They call it Deadtown the city’s uarantined section for its inhuman and undead residents Most humans stay far from its border but Victory Vaughn Boston’s only professional demon slayer isn’t exactly human Boston’s demons have been disappearing and Vick Source Genre Urban FantasyRating 35MY ThoughtsDarklands is the fourth installment in author Nancy Holzner's Deadtown series featuring Victory Vaughn as its protagonist For those who may not have started this series yet Victory is a Cerddorion shape shifter She lives in an alternative reality Boston where she makes a living hunting demons who prey on humans in their dreams She shares an apartment with Juliet Capulet yes that Juliet who just happens to be a vampire She used to have an apprentice name Tina but Tina has chosen other paths Full Review Posted Gizmos Reviews

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N and bitter enemy is trying to regain his full powers But Pryce isn’t alone He’s conjured another darker villain from Vicky’s past To stop them from destroying everything she loves she’ll have to face her own worst fear in the realm of the dead itself This series does not hold my interest and thrill me like many other urban fantasies do I read each book to give it another chance and find myself skimming through to finish

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Darklands Deadtown #4 mobi Ñ Mass Market Paperback Ø dogsalonbristol × ➥ Darklands Deadtown #4 Ebook ➫ Author Nancy Holzner – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk They call it Deadtown the city’s uarantined section for its inhuman and undead residents Most humans stay far from its border—but Y’s clients are canceling left and right While fewer demons might seem like a good thing Vicky suspects foul play A missing Celtic cauldron from Harvard’s Peabody museum leads her to an unwelcome Darklands Deadtown PDF conclusion Pryce her demi demon cousi I almost gave this one a two because I was so disappointed I have loved every other book in this series but this one just didn't do it for me Spoiler Warning I didn't like all the angst stuff with Kane In previous books I really enjoyed their laid back relationship and watching it develop into something I didn't like how Vicky handled things with him in this one It was like reading a teen novel to be honest For some reason she just wouldn't talk to Kane about things I found that frustrating it's true that they hadn't necessarily shared their lives with each other that much before but she talked to him about stuff Here it's like she's all concerned about things and considering giving him up for his own good without ever asking him what he wants I always find this kind of condescending thinking in main characters annoying I have always liked Vicky in the past she is a strong female character with a good sense of humor and a very practical nature In this book we don't get to see her practical side very much at all So the Kane thing was irritating and distracting but the overall plot was disappointing too It took me days to read this book because it just wasn't pulling me in I agree with other reviewers that the part in the Darklands was kind of boring The journey with impossible tasks felt like a checklist get arrow get horn get falcon done and done I will admit I did like getting to see her with her Dad her guilt about what happened to him was a big part of her personal journey I think I also kind of enjoyed her interactions with Butterfly I wouldn't mind him appearing again I guess I just am over Pryce as a villain This book pretty much undid the accomplishments of Vicky in the others All the bad guys she vanuished are now back and working together I just now we're going to have to read about them again sigh I'm hoping that the next book feels fresh and that the plot is interesting like the original books We shall see