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read Consent of the Networked doc ò Hardcover Ä rebecca mackinnon Ú ✼ Consent of the Networked Epub ✿ Author Rebecca MacKinnon – The Internet was going to liberate us but in truth it has not For every story about the web’s empowering role in events such as the Sovereigns of cyberspace make decisions that affect our physical freedom but without our consent Yet the traditional solution to unaccountable corporate behavior government regulation cannot stop the abuse of digital power on its own and sometimes even contributes to itA clarion call to action Consent of the Networked shows that it is time to stop arguing over whether the Internet empowers people and address the urgent uestion of how technology should be governed to support the rights and liberties of users around the wor This was a great primer on some of the issues surrounding digital rights and freedom and I enjoyed reading it I feel a bit mean giving it three stars hence a review that I would not normally write My reasoning is that there have been so many technological social and political changes since the book was written that a lot of the details are no longer accuratereliable The book helped to frame my thinking around the subject matter especially from non western perspectives but I was kind of aware throughout that I was not getting a good sense of the current status of these issues I’m glad to have read it anyway

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The Internet was going to liberate us but in truth it has not For every story about the web’s empowering role in events such as the Arab Spring there are many about the uiet corrosion of civil liberties by companies and governments using the same digital technologies we have come to depend upon Sudden changes in Facebook’s features and privacy settings have exposed identities of protestors to police in Egypt and Iran Apple removes politically controversial apps at the behest of governments as well as for its own commercial Close to an ideal introduction to issues of Internet regulation Balanced discussion of the dangers to an open Internet may they come from cooperations and governments democratic or non democratic and possible remedies Highly readable with illustrating anecdotes and helpful examples Should be mandatory reading for politicians tasked with Internet policy

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Consent of the NetworkedReasons Dozens of Western companies sell surveillance technology to dictatorships around the world Google struggles with censorship demands from governments in a range of countries many of them democracies as well as mounting public concern over the vast uantities of information it collects about its usersIn  Consent of the Networked journalist and Internet policy specialist Rebecca MacKinnon argues that it is time to fight for our rights before they are sold legislated programmed and engineered away Every day the corporate Consent of the NetworkedThe Worldwide Struggle for Internet FreedomRebecca MacKinnonNetizen A citizen of the internetHacktivist When the Egyptian government shut down the Internet on January 27 2011 a worldwide community of activist programmers and engineers hacktivists sprang into action Internet and mobile service providers in Egypt were down but as long as there were phone and fax machines capable of making and receiving international calls there were still ways for Egyptians to connect to the InternetSo this book is a great read It looks and discusses the global level of internet freedoms and securities as well as the rights of US citizens as they are sold legislated programmed and engineered away The complex relationship with mostly American born internet service providers operating in foreign countries under their laws China blocks many popular American sites like Facebook Twitter and Wordpress Blog It is easier for the Chinese Government to control user posts with Chinese sites and increase users by population alone This in turn appeals to foreign stock investors who know Chinese Sites will be worth moneyWhile recent laws in the US have compromised privacy and security of citizens such as hastily passed Patriot Act there are other security risks brought on by company devises and consumer naïveté While passwords are protected they are not user specific The new IPhone 5 has a fingerprint option that is specific to users and can NEVER be replaced If leaked and things get leaked that information could have irreversible damage to regular Joe data userWhere does this leave CTEP members? We teach on internet security to students especially in the Northstar e mail and internet use We use popular programs to promote CTEP and interact with our cohorts The internet freedom advocacy group Access Now published a summary of the Charter's ten core principals1 University and Euality 2Rights and Social Justice 3 Accessibility 4 Expression and Association 5 Privacy and Data Protection 6 Life Liberty and Security 7 Diversity 8 Network Euality 8 Standards and Regulation 10 GovernanceThis code reminds me a lot of the AmeriCorps Pledge