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Montana MatchTwo little matchmakers on the loose there's no telling what the future holds As her time on the ranch runs out can Brittany and Parker find the strength to face that future togeth. This is a beautiful story about forgiveness both giving and receiving and finding God again after pushing him away Parker Watson has become a recluse to all but family after being falsely accused of something than six years before When the town including members of the church didn’t believe Parker’s protestations of innocence he retreated to his ranch Now a prisoner of his own bitterness he also keeps his adoptive twin daughters on the ranch believing that they cannot be hurt emotionally if they never go to townBrittany Gorman has come to Parker’s ranch to be a combination nanny and teacher to the girls Her loving and friendly nature help to bring Parker out of his shell and want to be a better man They fall in love but his refusal to let go of the past and find forgiveness keep Brittany from committing to a future together When Parker finally finds his way back to town he is surprised by the reception he receives It seems that most of the town has realized that they were too uick to judge but didn’t know how to bridge the gap eitherThis is a clean romantic story that shows how the power of love and prayer can work in our lives

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The help he can get Soon Brittany is not only assisting with the girls but also helping Parker make peace with his past It seems Brittany's finally found a place to belong And with. This was cute but not particularly memorable It took me a while to work through this book just because it didn't really keep my attention and I kept getting distracted by other books I really liked the interactions with Parker's children they were super cute but Parker himself was too aloof for my liking and Brittany didn't seem to have an awful lot to overcome herself There was a little bit of conflict regarding whether she should move back to her home state and get a good job like her parents wanted but this was very minor and disappeared in the middle of the story Parker did have a lot to work through before his happy ending but in a way I kind of didn't like this as it didn't seem fair that he had to fix everything all on his own without Brittany's help Me and my husband started dating even got engaged when we still had plenty of issues to work through We helped each other overcome these issues together and supported each other even when we weren't at our best Life isn't as neat as books Anyway a sweet gentle read for when you just need something easy to curl up with but the hero and heroine didn't draw me in enough and the story wasn't terribly memorable 3

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Montana Match free read á 100 ✓ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Montana Match By Merrillee Whren ❅ – Nanny to six year old twin girls isn't exactly the position Brittany Gorman is looking for But she needs a job And the twins' struggling single dad rancher Parker Watson needs all the help he can get Nanny to six year oldNanny to six year old twin girls isn't exactly the position Brittany Gorman is looking for But she needs a job And the twins' struggling single dad rancher Parker Watson needs all. In my opinion Montana Match is about forgiveness and the power of prayer than the romance The romance is there as well and is well written and very sweet Brittany helps Parker realize different things and helps him become a better manI received this as a gift