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Read doc ó Fibber in the Heat Paperback · ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Fibber in the Heat Author Miles Jupp – Fanatical about cricket since he was a boy MILES JUPP would do anything to see his heroes play But perhaps deciding to bluff his way into the press corps during England's Test series in India wasn'At under the burden of his own fibs reality soon catches up with Miles as like a cricket obsessed Boot from Evelyn Waugh's Scoop he bumbles from one disaster to the next A joyous charming yet cautionary tale Fibber in the Heat is for anyone who's ever dreamt about doing nothing but watching cricket all day long This is a gentle and gently humorous review of the obsession of Mile Jupp with cricket It is told with typically Juppian deprecatory turn of phrase and tone It does work best if you know and appreciate cricket and especially the recent history of the England team but it also works well as a study of a man's attempt to turn a leisure pursuit followed for love into a profession and the effect that is has on his feelings for the game This is not going to rival England Their England in terms of great cricket literature but there are many worse ways to spend your time

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H the Welsh Western Mail Miles lands the press pass that will surely be the ticket to his dreams Soon he finds himself in cricket heaven drinking with David Gower and Beefy sharing bar room banter with Nasser Hussain and swapping diarrhoea stories with the Test Match Special team AmazingBut struggling in the he Whilst I have absolutely no interest in or understanding of cricket I am a fan of Miles Jupp and this was the reason why my wife gave me this book for Christmas The bulk of the book is pleasant enough and Mr Jupp has a gentle very English seeming way about him as he describes a period in his life that I found very relatable a few years out of university and still not entirely sure what he wants to do with his life He has an idea based solely around his great love of cricket and tries to make it happen in a very loose let's have a go kind of way And whilst all of this was entertaining to read I really felt the book come I to its own when Miles let go of his polite English reserve and really told the reader how events were affecting him and how he felt I've read a couple of travel books where the author finds everything absolutely delightful and all the people a joy to meet Statistically and realistically you know this can't have been the case and the books become dull because of the relentless good cheer Maybe I enjoy the suffering of others a bit too much but I found that I really connected with Miles when he was being brutally honest about something that wasn't going well or when he called someone on their outrageous behaviour It was also in these moments that I laughed the hardest The book hasn't convinced me to watch cricket but by the end I had a new appreciation for Miles Jupp as a complex person than his TV appearances show and a pretty good author

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Fibber in the HeatFanatical about cricket since he was a boy MILES JUPP Fibber in PDFEPUBwould do anything to see his heroes play But perhaps deciding to bluff his way into the press corps during England's Test series in India wasn't his best ideaBy claiming to be the cricket correspondent for BBC Scotland and getting a job wit Miles Jupp's book about blagging his way onto a cricket tour is so uintessentially British it almost demands to be read under an oak tree on a hot June afternoon glass of Pimms in hand Its entire premise is whimsical and the text itself keeps up that character with the only interruption to my small chuckles and smiles being the odd roar of laughter when Jupp produces a reflection that wouldn't be out of place in one of his hilarious stand up routines The book is not serious in the slightest and shouldn't be read in that manner it won't be anybody's favourite but you won't find anyone who dislikes it I shouldn't think It's not getting 5 stars from me because it lacks a superlative uality it's simply very humerous and justwellnice Like another book I've read about somebody trying to turn themselves into something they're not Justin Irwin in 'Murder on the Darts Board' it does rely uite a bit on repeated sentiments of worry and self doubt but its general readability and comic tone means it's not a drag Would be especially good for those who follow cricket closely