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Living Thinking LookingThe internationally acclaimed novelist Siri Hustvedt has also produced a growing body of nonfiction She has published a book of essays on painting Mysteries of the Rectangle as well as an interdisciplinary investigation Living Thinking PDF or of a neurological disorder The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves She has given lectures on artists and theories of art at the Prado the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Academy. Siri Hustvedt is one of the most interesting writers of the moment I read almost all her novels and was always pretty impressed She is a very erudite intellectualist writer but not at all 'blasé' on the contrary her message is usually how few certainties we have in life and how little we know about what really matters even armed with the latest scientific insights Her focus initially was on aesthetics and on the complex relationships between people but over the years she has explicitly incorporated recent insights into neuropsychology and biology in her novels always correcting the reductionist view on man This is also reflected in this essay collection In general Hustvedt manages to keep both academic and very personal aspects in balance and to deliver very readable pieces constantly jumping back and forth between various disciplines But I have to say that the fairly distant tone started to work a bit estranging in the long run Many of her essays were already covered in her earlier prose work in one way or another and there in an ongoing story they much came to life Conclusion for those who did not yet know the work of Hustvedt this might be a useful albeit somewhat dry introduction for the Hustvedt fans this work does not add much rating 25 stars

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Review Ú Living Thinking Looking · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î [Reading] ➸ Living Thinking Looking Author Siri Hustvedt – The internationally acclaimed novelist Siri Hustvedt has also produced a growing body of nonfiction She has published a book of essays on painting Mysteries of tCes in Looking are about visual art And yet the same uestions recur throughout the collection How do we see remember and feel How do we interact with other people What does it mean to sleep dream and speak What is the self Hustvedt's uniue synthesis of knowledge from many fields reinvigorates the much needed dialogue between the humanities and the sciences as it deepens our understanding of an age old riddle What does it mean to be hum. Is there nothing this woman cannot do well Sir Hustvedt's essays are intelligent interesting inspiring Her key passions art neuroscience psychoanalysis narrative fiction are not so different from my own key interests I found this essay collection fascinating Well researched thoughtful beautifully written

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Of Fine Arts in Munich In she delivered the thirty ninth annual Freud Lecture in Vienna Living Thinking Looking brings together thirty two essays written between and in which the author culls insights from philosophy neuroscience psychology psychoanalysis and literatureThe book is divided into three sections the essays in Living draw directly from Hustvedt's life those in Thinking explore memory emotion and the imagination and the pie. Collection of essays I especially liked the first two parts Living and Thinking very interesting stuff on migraines reality neuroscience psychology perception Enjoyed her observations in Excursions to the Islands of the Happy Few in which she talks about how experts in their fields inhabit disciplinary islands of the like educated and the like minded Another good one is Freud's Playground imaginary friends come up as well as a missing limb and fiction writing The last part Looking about art I couldn't really follow I think that part might be good to read on an electronic reading format that is wired so you could look up images of the art she reviews