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Kiss of the Christmas WindRn frontier Deadly winter weather New bride Carrie Sue Jamison wonders if she will be widowed before spending even one Chr I'm not one for reading Westerns or historical fiction but this is a short story with the Christmas theme and it was a free read so I thought I'd give it whirl Overall this novella is okay The story is set in 1876 and is about the love of newly married couple Carrie Sue and Thad TJ Jamison as they prepare for their first Christmas together in their new home a Ranch in the western frontierThad is a US Marshall for the town and Carrie Sue is an ex outlaw who was brought in by Thad when he was a Texas Ranger and then pardoned by the President Thad is sent to hunt down two robbers who shot an 8 year old girl Lucy and whilst he is away Carrie Sue is left to look after their Ranch and countdown the days to Christmas and seeing her beloved husband again This is told in Carrie Sue's perspective and sees her struggles to keep herself busy and warm in the harsh winter conditions trying her best not to worry about her husbandThis is a tale of love and strength that meanders along whilst we are all waiting to see if Thad returns safely As a free read it was okay there was a touch of Christmas spirit especially as Carrie Sue prepared her home for the special day but this isn't a stand out Christmas novella for me that I would want to read again next year

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A classic Christmas story by a beloved the Christmas PDF #201 bestselling author now in ebook for the first time The weste When I was a kid I spent one summer working my way through every Zane Grey western novel our parish library had on the shelves The books were far better than western television shows and captured the adventure and romance of the old west that made it so beloved by generations of readers worldwideKISS OF THE CHRISTMAS WIND has that same flavor It's a western flavored with romance that harks back to a forgotten era in our historyWhat I liked most of all was reading how Carrie Sue Jamison the heroine lived her daily life I don't know if I found this so fascinating because as background for OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER the book I just published I had recently finished another reading of Luchetti's HOME ON THE RANGE about how women helped win the west one meal at a timeWhen I opened KISS OF THE CHRISTMAS WIND I was back there on the frontier with Carrie Sue I thought Ms Taylor perfectly rendered Carrie Sue's way of life as a ranch wifeCertainly that life was nothing we modern women would aspire to but it may make you stop and think the next time you complain that there's no fresh zucchini at the supermarket in December This short story will probably give you increased respect for all the women like Carrie Sue who kept the home fires burning while their husbands tamed the wild west often with their helpThe sweet romance between Carrie Sue and Thad her Texas Ranger husband showed that there were compensations for those pioneer women not the least of which was a loving husband to keep a woman warm beneath a pile of uilts on a cold winter nightWestern fans if you've bemoaned that there aren't enough good westerns published any rejoice Janelle Taylor continues to spin heartwarming tales of the Old West

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Kiss of the Christmas Wind eBook ✓ Kindle Edition Read È Janelle Taylor Î [Download] ➽ Kiss of the Christmas Wind By Janelle Taylor – A classic Christmas story by a beloved bestselling author now in ebook for the first time The western frontier Deadly winterIstmas with her husband Thad a Texas Ranger He's left home to track a gang of murderous bank robbers through the wildernes Novella that was free for KindleThis was a nice little story about two people who found each other Carrie Sue an outlaw and her Texas Ranger husband Thad They married after Carrie Sue was pardoned by President Grant on condition that Thad take the job of marshall in Grant ColoradoThis story is an episode in their lives about when Thad leaves to hunt outlaws It's told through Carrie Sue