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Under the MountainEy are endowed with special powers to oppose mysterious giant creatures that are det The first Maurice Gee book I've read because it was a dollar I like kids books I liked the one short story I read from himplus he's uite famous in NZI found it pretty hard to put down and finished it in two sittings He's got a ton of imagination his descriptions are great and gross his pacing is generally pretty exciting I liked that he didn't make things pretty or easy for example he has an uncle drown and a volcano erupt on some of the people at the end I always admire when authors do unnecessary but fairly natural things like when EB White kills off Charlotte In this book it's not jarring because there's a really intense buildup and you're just glad the twins are alive no spoiler it's a kids book of course they're aliveI think kids who have never been to Auckland will be thrilled with all the talk of volcanoes and whatnot And of course those who've been there will have a lot to recognize

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While vacationing with relatives in Auckland twins Theo and Rachel discover that th Thrilling and evocative Under the Mountain can sometimes be slowly paced but overall it's a truly great novel

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Download Under the Mountain Reader Ø 159 pages Õ ➥ Under the Mountain Ebook ➫ Author Maurice Gee – While vacationing with relatives in Auckland twins Theo and Rachel discover that they are endowed with special powers to oppose mysterious giant creatures that are determined to destroy the worErmined to destroy the worldLibrarian Note This is an alternate cover edition of ISB Yeah I chose this book to read because I needed to read a book by a New Zealand author and heard not so bad praises for it But when I read the book I didn't awfully like it The plot wasn't exiting at all The cliche of evil monsters which need killing by a brother and sister who have special powers The Mathesons are a alien force whose other people were at war with another race of aliens which turn planets into mud and stone If the twins don't stop them earth is nextThere was nothing to be thrilled of except points where they find they have super powers and are aliens Mr Jones is always sticking onto his decisions Killing the Wilberforces is the only option their kind must be ripped out from the cosmos for others to survive No other tactic will work – certainly not negotiationThese are the only main highlights The writing style and suspense making is mediocre I must say I have read better My favourite character is Theo Matheson because he likes adventures just like his sister Rachel We see the evidence for this when the both when they are small go out for a stroll when their father is busy working and give their parents a scare He is also interested in finding and learning new things unlike his sister Her sister is a dreamer whereas Theo is a scientist always thinking My favourite uote is Make for Rangitoto Make for light Here I found it heart warming that Maurice gives his country and surroundings respect and wants to us to love them too It is also good to keep in mind that light is not always the literal light but the good there is When we meet a crisis we have to go where there is light hope goodness to cleanse our body and mind What I learnt is not to procrastinate and do what has to be done right here right now Don't let your guard down and relax till the deed is done and never regret If you give up like Rachel was about to the conseuences might be severeI would put this on The Bingo Board 'A book by a New Zealand Author'