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占星術殺人事件 kindle À 252 pages Download Ë [Download] ➸ 占星術殺人事件 Author Sōji Shimada – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk “Intricately constructed and entertainingly exotic”— The Japan TimesAstrologer fortuneteller and self styled detective Kiyoshi Mitarai must in one week solve a mystery that has baf“Intricately constructed and entertainingly exotic” The Japan TimesAstrologer fortuneteller and self styled detective Kiyoshi Mitarai must in one week solve a mystery that has baffled Japan for 40 years Who murdered the artist Umezawa raped and killed his daughter a ”My name’s Kazumi Ishioka I’m a huge fan of mysteries; in fact they’re almost an addiction If a week goes by without reading a mystery I suffer withdrawal symptoms Then I wander around like I’m sleepwalking and wake up in a bookshop looking for a mystery novel I’ve read just about every mystery story ever writtenBut of all the mysteries I’ve read The Tokyo Zodiac Murders was without a doubt the most intriguing”Kazumi is not only obsessed with mystery novels but he is also obsessed with his brilliant friend Kiyoshi Mitarai who is not overly ambitious but does get motivated when there is a puzzle to be worked out When Kazumi challenges him to solve the 40 year old mystery of the Tokyo Zodiac Murders he is intrigued enough to devote his little gray cells to the task of solving it Kiyoshi Mitarai’s name means clean toilet which is humbling for even the most arrogant of men I think I’d flip a few letters around or change my name completely but then it would probably be fine if his friend Kazumi didn’t point it out to everyone they meet Kazumi is his Watson and as this investigation into the Tokyo Zodiac Murders continues he like Watson at many points in the Holmes stories begins to believe that he can find his own clues and make his own break in the case Which is simply adorable What he forgets is even when Kiyoshi doesn’t seem to be doing anything he is still pondering the case ”I had often complained about Kiyoshi’s oddity but I never doubted his talent his intelligence his knowledge and his powers of intuition Those were the good things about him But they lingered just on the other side of catastrophe”This is a locked room mystery which harkens back to the golden age of British detective novels The writer in these types of books has to release information to the reader in such a way to inspire conjecture but not enough information to let the reader solve the case too uickly Certainly Soji Shimada accomplishes this He even pops into the novel at one point to say that the reader has all of the information reuired to solve the case which is a bit of a nana nana boo boo moment for this reader I am uite content to be spoon fed the solution at this point because my head is spinning but for some of you brilliant deductionists out there I’m sure you would have the murders solved and the killer in mental handcuffs already An artist Heikichi Umezawa is murdered in his studio with no discernible way for the murderer to have left the room There are a few clues that only seem to make the crime baffling He is a painter of the astrology and working on a series of paintings of the zodiac upon his death What is fascinating is the discovery of his journal detailing his plans to create the perfect woman from the chopped up pieces of his female family members He has notes saying which woman has the best thighs the best breasts the best torso and so on He wants to create the most beautiful of Frankenstein’s monsters This is certainly disturbing but what is disturbing is that after his death seven of the women are killed and dismembered What? Wait? But he’s dead What madness is this The case isn’t any easier because it is forty years old Witnesses have died or moved away The investigation is beyond cold It is Arctic Little did the original investigators know but all the “pieces” were there for them to solve the case forty years ago Fortunately Japan’s version of Sherlock Holmes who is not addicted to cocaine or as showy with his deductions is on the case Speaking of Holmes there is this funny bit in the book where Kiyoshi is critical of Holmes and Kazumi takes exception We do find ourselves defending our fictional friends from time to time don’t we? If you like books to tease your brain then warm up some sake and stir up some miso soup You will need to be properly fortified to ponder away as Shimada unspools the clues If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Nd then chopped up the bodies of six others to create Azoth the supreme woman? With maps charts and other illustrations this story of magic and illusion pieced together like a great stage tragedy challenges the reader to unravel the mystery before the final curtain The T The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada was born under the Sun Sign Aries in 1981; its original name is Senseijutsu Satsujinjiken which can be roughly translated as Zodiac Murder Magic Those born Aries are Cardinal signs whose element is Fire; they are ruled by Mars The color of Aries is REDAries is the first sign of the zodiac and its Cardinal uality further signals a beginning the start of something innovative and new And such is Tokyo Zodiac Murders or at least it was in 1981 something new The first novel by its author and the first novel to reignite an interest in Golden Age style locked room mysteries that had fallen out of fashion with the Japanese public and Japanese writers of murder mysteries Its nature is that of a puzzle logical complicated yet precise and one that can be figured out by its readers It is tricky but does not cheat; it can indeed be figured out Although it was not figured out by this readerFire is an element with strong masculine energy and it easily neglects the feminine principles within At first this appears to be the case with Tokyo Zodiac Murders which details the murder and dismemberment of seven women all related all apparently murdered according to their nefarious father's demented plan A masculine plan that obliterates living women in order to create a puppet doll out of their various parts; a doll that will become his personal goddess But is this truly the case? As the reader reads on they may learn that the element Fire is perhaps not as influential as one might think at least with this particular ArianMars rules both Aries and Scorpio; it has charge over our first scream and our last breath Mars is symbolic of our unconscious animalistic nature one we often don’t give freedom to Restrictions in our primarily sexual expression of energy will lead to inhibitions of all sorts and accumulation of anger and frustration below our surface beyond the face we show to the world Perhaps the killer within Tokyo Zodiac Murders should have sought to create balance when engaging with its Mars natureThis reader was born under the Sun Sign Virgo Alas there is little compatibility between these signs Although the often obsessive compulsive Virgoan nature had some respect for the carefully ordered and intricately pieced together parts of this puzzle in the end it was simply that a complex little puzzle Lacking humanity and focused on its puzzle pieces than on human psychology it therefore also lacked a human anchor to capture and then hold this Virgo's interest It was obviously and rather strenuously uite pleased with itself which is an unseemly display to the modest Virgo It lacked the grounding in reality that an Earth Sign such as Virgo reuires as a base before climbing to imaginative heights or burrowing to the morbid lower depths Although the lack of affect gave the first chapter a certain appeal it is the creepily cheerful father's final note detailing his horrific plan eventually the novel's overall shallowness made this Virgo uite bored Aries is rarely a boring sign but clearly there are exceptions to that rule

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占星術殺人事件Okyo Zodiac Murders joins a new wave of Japanese murder mysteries being translated into EnglishSoji Shimada author of over 100 mystery novels is a designer musician and astrology writer From the publisher for mystery from Japan check out The Inugami Clan by Seishi Yokomi This novel is being released under the new ‘Pushkin Vertigo’ imprint – which aims to re release international crime classics written in the years between the 1920’s and 1970’s “The Tokyo Zodiac Murders” is the first of over two dozen novels featuring Kiyoshi Mitarai and is written in the popular Japanese Honkaku subgenre of mysteries; very much focused on plotting and clues and where the reader is drawn into participating in solving the crime before the detective In some ways this book reminded me of mysteries I have read from the 1920’s such as “The Cask” by Freeman Wills Croft where you are almost walked through the crime clue by clue As such “The Tokyo Zodiac Murders” appeared a little dry at first but I was soon thoroughly immersed in the novel and really fascinated by the plot and the characters The title of the books comes from a series of murders which took place in 1936 and remained unsolved when the narrator of the book Kazumi Ishioka tells his friend Kiyoshi Mitarai about them The murders involve an artist named Heikichi Umezawa who believed that he was possessed by the devil and who dreamt of creating the perfect woman – ‘Azoth’ – by killing six young women his daughters and nieces and combining their body parts However Umezawa is murdered in his studio and the murders took place after his deathThis is a classic locked door mystery and involves Ishioka and Mitarai discussing the murders in 1979 before setting out to solve them As I mentioned before the first part of the book involves Ishioka relating what happened in some detail and can come across as a little dry However this book does become very engaging There are delightful digressions into other subjects such as the novels of Sherlock Holmes and dashes across the country to follow up clues; as well as exhortations from the author himself to try to beat the fictional detectives and solve the crimeThis is a charming read and the Pushkin Vertigo series looks very promising indeed I look forward to reading – both from Pushkin Vertigo and from this author Soji Shimada Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review