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Earthly Delights review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ [BOOKS] ⚦ Earthly Delights By Kerry Greenwood – Corinna Chapman was once a high profile accountant and banker Then she walked out on the money market and her dismissive and unpleasant husband James threw aside her briefcase and doffed her kitten he S her that she is beautiful and she starts receiving threatening letters accusing her of being a scarlet woman Then it is Goths lost girls fraud late nights nerds and beautiful slaves Life for Corinna has suddenly become exciting And she still needs to get her bread out in time for the morning rush Includes recipes Earthly Delights is the first book in this delicious new series by the award winning author who brought us the Phryne Fisher series. It has to be said Kerry Greenwood creates characters that are so two dimensional that you wonder if a computer composed them To me this book is a clear example of an author writing about characters that she has no understanding of When she writes about Taz the computer geek character it is so obvious that this is the viewpoint of someone who is so far removed from this type of person or culture that she is just using bland make that very bland stereotypes You could argue that the lead protagonist is removed from these types of people or culture but even that could not excuse how badly developed these characters are Another thing she doe to annoy the reader is to throw in big words which are usually only vaguely related to the plot and serve no real purpose other than for her to say Look at me I read science manuals Most of the words seem to come from a biology or science type background and show just how insecure the author is about her intellect hence the use of what she feels are impressive words That shit doesn't fly with me I see through that pathetic attempt at intelligentsia An example of a word she uses is lepidoptera I think Greenwood usually writes detective fiction though I am not really sure as I want to have as little to do with her fictive creations from now on If this is the case it just confirms to me that crime fiction is probably a disposable writing genre euivalent to mills and boon type romance These types of books are for people whose deepness of thought extends as far as wondering what it would feel like if George Clooney really loved them I am not saying that there isn't engaging detective fiction or romance fictions just that these genres are probably dominated by people who read for entertainment value only I read on the blurb that Greenwood has written other novels that are in some way part of a series It seems to me writers that have serialised their writings are the euivalent of soap opera tv shows By all means watch read this type of trash but remember if you do; you are than likely at the bottom of the gene pool – please don't have kidsThere are many other things that annoyed me about this book All the pointless sentences about anything and everything She will write a sentence about making bread and it literally serves no purpose It does not aid the plot help develop character or is informative in any way shape or form She does this consistently throughout out the book You read a sentence and you wonder why it is there The answer is that Greenwood is wasting your time with her lame attempt at fiction It serves no purpose other than as some sort of ego boast for this presumably low self esteem ridden author who thinks that we treasure any words she commits to paper I don'tAnd reading about those two young girls that are Corinna's neighbours Kylie and some other unmemorable name – made me feel like vomiting How far removed is Greenwood from the young Does she know nothing of how people under 30 converse Once again a pathetic attempt at character It makes me cringe to think of it Thank God this is fiction and not the real world otherwise I would crave another suicide attempt hoping for success I am probably being really mean in this review and maybe I shouldn't be so harsh It's just I recently went to a literary conference and heard many established literary and press people talking about how they refuse to condemn a work of art That is not real I want honesty especially in the press If a work of art is shit I want to warned so as to avoid it We don't need sycophantic slobs and outright liars to create a world any artificial than it already isSo I rehash my early points this book is crap in conclusion Definitely not worth the read I do like to end on a nice note though but I will not contradict what I have already said So my final words are that although Earthly Delights is a waste of paper I have not read anything else by Kerry Greenwood and I suppose it's possible her other books are readable

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Ot of strange and interesting people These include a retired professor of classics Dionysius Monk a Dutch gardener named Trudi Mr and Mrs Pemberthy and their rotten little doggie Traddles a pair of disgustingly thin would be soapie stars Goss and Kylie and a jobbing witch Meroe of The Sibyls Cave Corinna is uite content with her cat Horatio and her shop until a junkie falls half dead on her grate a gorgeous sabra stalks along her alley and tell. Earthly Delights Corinna Chapman #1 by Kerry GreenwoodCorinna Chapman after working for some years as an accountant and married miserably divorces her husband and uits her career then she opens a bakery in Melbourne Australia Corinna lives in an interesting old building filled with diverse and sometimes startling occupants This area is not safe after business hours Heroin addicts are usually found in the area Corinna meets a young heroin addict named Jason who grabs her attention then hires him as an apprentice baker When deadly things start happening the finger points at her young assistant Then there is Daniel a handsome ex soldier who is the heavy on the nighttime run providing food legal advice and medical treatment for the homeless

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Earthly DelightsCorinna Chapman was once a high profile accountant and banker Then she walked out on the money market and her dismissive and unpleasant husband James threw aside her briefcase and doffed her kitten heels forever Now she is a baker working in her own business Earthly Delights located in Flinders Lane Melbourne Australia Corinna is living in an eccentric building on the Roman model called Insula made up of eight stories sixteen apartments and a l. The writer of the delightful Phryne Fisher series jumps nine decades into Melbourne's future to bring us Corinna Chapman baker Corinna lives and bakes in Melbourne Australia in one of the truly great buildings of fiction the Insula eight stories covered in peacock blue tiles where each apartment is named for a Roman god or goddess and decorated accordingly Someone is terrorizing the women in the building with poison pen letters graffiti and vandalism and someone else is killing junkies on Corinna's very doorstep Of course she takes action however reluctantly and along the way we meet her friends and neighbors including Meroe the witch I believe in absolutely nothing except yeast and the inevitability of politicians so Meroe and I have agreed not to discuss it Thus we have stayed friendsthe Lone Gunmen whose tech shop Corinna describes thusly The walls were painted black just like every nerd's bedroom and were layered with posters for each new video game I would bet that somewhere right against the paint there would be an ad announcing Pac Man Someone was lurking behind the counter trying to stay out of direct sunlight and reading William Gibsonand her two employees Kylie and Gossamer It was no use trying to describe either of them by mundane things like hair or eye colour These could change overnight At the moment Gossamer had greenish hair and bright green contacts inKylie had had pink hair and her own eyes which are blue Or so I believeThe only way I could be sure about their identity was their navels which were always on display Kylie had a silver ring with a blue stone in it in hers which is round and flat Gossamer has a gold ring in hers and it tends to have a lip on the upper rimOtherwise they really could be twinsNot forgetting Daniel the hunky PI Jason the recovering heroin addict slash apprentice the Mouse Patrol aka Rodent Patrol Officers Heckle and Jeckle and her partner Horatio a gentlemanly cat who considers it impolite to hurry his food Besides he needs to remove every crumb from his whiskers before he steps down to the meet the Mouse Police a rough but pleasant pair far removed from him in elegance Horatio is an aristocrat I occasionally feel that I am unable to meet his stringent reuirements for suitable conduct in a LadyThe plot takes Corinna in some decidedly new directions not least of which is a private SM club and no matter what she says at the end Memo to the universe re Corinna Chapman as an investigator I uitwe know she lies Partly because there are three books in the series upon which I am soon to embark The icing on the cake or in this case muffins There are recipes Yummmmmmm