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Entasy by Brynn Myers Free read ☆ 108 ✓ [Reading] ➶ Entasy By Brynn Myers – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Kylah Keenen’s life is finally back on track It’s been five long years since her parents’ death and she’s doing well––finally She’s a costume designer for a Broadway show in New York and Kylah Keenen’s life is finKylah Keenen’s life is finally back on track It’s been five long years since her parents’ death and she’s doing well––finally She’s a costume designer for a Broadway show in New York and part owner in Keenen’s Irish Pub with her brothers and sister in law E. I had the pleasure of reading this as a beta reader and I can honestly say I'm so intrigued by this story and all its characters that it's put a delay in my own writing I've gotten so wrapped up in Brynn's world and the potential for the next book in the series I seriously can't focus LOLThis novella is the preuel to the series that will feature the warriors of The Nine and if you guys have visited Brynn's website then you'll know that these warriors are indeed badass I can't wait to meet them allEntasy is focused around Kylah and who she thinks she iswho she really isand the journey to get back to the life she was forced to forget I LOVE Kylah She's funny full of life and once she faces her past and embraces her destiny I think she's going to be a force to be reckoned with Aerric is just downright yummy and while I love him and can't wait to see their story take shape the character that I'm completely drawn to is Obsydian aka Syd He is delicious and in ways than just the physical I love his personality He's fierce yet gentle and I cannot wait to see the role he plays in Kylah's past and futureI gave Entasy five stars because of the great world building that Brynn achieved with her detailed writing style I could literally see the images as though I was watching a movie The characters emotions are real and I was uickly drawn into their worldTo say I'm excited to see this series unfold is an understatement I can't wait to be further drawn into a world of Celtic myth and magic through these amazing characters

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Verything is perfect or so she thinks It’s only a matter of time before odd things start happening around her forcing Kylah to confront her past in order to save her future Destined to become a warrior of The Nine–a uniue band of Celtic fighters chosen for their individ. I was fortunate enough to receive Entasy to review for part of the Blog Tour And just want to say Thank you to Brynn Myers for allowing me to have this opportunity to review this book Okay lets dive right into the review A bit about Entasy by Brynn Myers Entasy is a preuel to the upcoming books in the “Prophecies of The Nine” series Entasy focuses on Kylah's story and her coming to realize that the person she thought she was isn’t who she truly is at all and as her memories return and who she is underneath begins to surface the Nine come together to help and protect herI love Kylah's character she is very independent and strong and I can see her growing even stronger I found her attitude and personality very easy to connect to and I cant wait to see what potential lies beneath the surface And Aerric just wow may I say I am soooo jealous Talk about devotion after so many years he is still devoted to his only one true love his attitude and overall personality is just yummy yes I said yummy but then again so is Obsydian aka Syd I have to say I am in love with these two men I absolutely adore no wait Love yes I love Obsydian personality and just the way he talks SWOON Now to say that I am looking forward to the series would not be enough I am not only looking forward to it but this series has been added to my special TBR list where all the books that are coming out in my favorite series are listed this list also includes the books that I cant break away fromYes I am truly ecstatic about this series I have always been interested in different mythologies about Gods and Goddess's and it is because of how Entasy intertwines the Celtic mythology that I found this instantly intriguing I cannot wait to see how the series unfolds and if you haven’t read or heard about this series I suggest you look into it right away and be sure to add this book to your “To Be Read” lists as soon as possibleThis is a book that will have you hooked and unable to put down I can honestly say that I am going to be so sad when the series ends but thankfully that won’t be any time soon This is a series to truly enjoy you know those books you just can’t put down but you don’t want it to finish so soon yes this is one of them I would recommend this to those who find themselves interested in books about magic Celtic mythology action suspense and of course love Be ready to dive into the world of The Nine and their stories 55 CrescentsMarie Disclaimer This review was posted on Paranormal Reads as well as I am the same Marie that was apart of that blog at the time but I still maintain all rights to my written work

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Entasy by Brynn MyeUal talents and supernatural skills Kylah has to reconcile her lost memories when the brave band is put to the test by the leader of the Sluagh War wages and both sides will stop at nothing to exact their vengeance especially when they realize Kylah is at the center of it a. What I would first suggest to all of my lovely readers would be to venture on over to Brynn Myer’s website  and check out the upcoming Prophecies of the Nine Series to understand a little bit of Kylah’s world The following uote is taken directly from the website speaking about this upcoming series “The Prophecies of The Nine is a breathtaking urban fantasy series featuring the warriors of The Nine a uniue band of fighters all chosen for their individual talents Their job is to protect the innocent souls and punish those who wish to enslave the human world as well as the supernatural The leader of the Sluagh has waged a war with the goddesses and now both sides will stop at nothing to exact their vengeance Get ready to fall into a story of love fire and passion as these warriors fight to save everything and everyone they love” Entasy is the preuel novella Brynn Myers writes a story about a girl who has a past deeper than the Grand Canyon and a future that is as bright as the rising sun Kylah the main character is the granddaughter of not one but two Celtic Goddesses I mean seriously how awesome is that Her world is partly “human” and largely mythical but the sad part is that all she can remember is the human side Brynn’s world building skills are out of this world; with so many characters and relationships among them this book is phenomenal for its intertwining realms characters and themesKylah as stated before has a powerful destiny ahead of her and there are many people supernatural ones of course who would like nothing than to stop her I believe that she is going to develop into an incredible heroine as the series progresses and Brynn shares with us about her fated path Kylah proved to be a stand up character in this preuel novel however she can definitely take charge and stand up for herself and she often proved that with her two domineering brothers I loved their family bond and the brother’s unfailing need to protect Kylah from all harm They of course know Kylah’s destiny and what it holds so they stop at nothing to keep her safe My favorite aspect of this story was the intertwined Celtic mythology and the way that Kylah’s world would spin from human to supernatural in the blink of an eye I am hoping that we see and hear from both of her grandmothers Morrigan and Brighid which are Goddesses in later books I am very intrigued by their story Kylah is going to prove to be a very powerful Goddess too I feel Her grandmothers of spoken of as very powerful deities and it gives me chills as to what the future holds for Kylah If you have not heard of Entasy then I strongly urge you to check out this fast exciting read A copy of this book was provided to me by the author Brynn Myers in exchange for my honest review