Epub ☆ The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2 õ 122 pages Download  Lynda chance

Book ó The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2 Ë Lynda Chance

Warning Alpha Males are of the PDFEPUB #228 everywhereLynda Chance is happy to present to you her style of erotic romance with a happily ever after Monogamous heterosexual and hot Three roommates Three for readers BRIEF SUMMARYAshley Julie and Monica are roommates and best friends Each roommate meets a guy that is strongly attracted to them and is in hot pursuit of them Each story details each characters pursuit and the super Alpha males who catch them THOUGHTSJuvenile aggressive obsessive and controlling is what came to mind reading this book but I can’t help it I loved it Lynda Chance’s books with overly aggressive and obsessive Alpha males are a guilty pleasure I can proudly admit to loving as well as a fantasy to look forward to with each bookRyan and Ashley’s story was a good way to start the book Ryan has been constantly pursing Ashley; however with her resisting his pursuit it has been driving him crazy as she is holding back As Ryan is unable to resist her he takes matters into his own handsJulie and Gibson’s story was interesting Julie was younger and Gibson was older and he has a very hard time staying away because she is Ashley’s cousin However the moment Gibson got his chance to pursue Julie he took it regardless of what anyone thoughtMonica and Kyle’s story was sexy With a hot firefighter an old childhood crush and sexy text messages this was another fun story to read I think the epilogue was cute and I enjoyed it The story definitely lived up to the titleTo the Lynda Chance fans Obsessive level 10Storyline GOODIntimacy GOODEnjoyment GOODRomance Novel JunkiesWebsite FB wwwfacebookcomRomanceNovelJunkies

Epub The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2

The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2S friend Gibson Jones is uietly stalking Ashley’s younger cousin JulieThrow in a hot firefighter protective girlfriend some sexting and a Corvette or two and you have Temptation in Texas Houston Styl Ryan Ashley Gibson Julie and Kyle MonicaKyle and Monica were definitely my favorites there was nothing but mutual attraction and no bullshitI got whiplash when it came to Gibson and Julie The “I want you but can’t have you” was old fast and that is saying something because it was an extremely short readFor some reason I loved when Ryan told Ashley off before she slammed the door in his face lol I just liked a hero that got pissed enough to say I’m not waiting around for you even if he did


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Epub ☆ The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2 õ 122 pages Download  Lynda chance â [PDF] ❤ The Thrill of the Chase Temptation In Texas #2 Author Lynda Chance – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Warning Alpha Males are everywhereLynda Chance is happy to presMen Three impossible situations Ashley Weldon runs scared when Ryan McKay puts moves on her that are too hot to handle The Thrill ePUB #8608 The he pushes the she pulls backWhile Ryan chases Ashley hi 3 starsthis is a guilty pleasure because there really isn't much of a story development since the length of each individual stories are pretty short anyway mindless fun with alpha possessive men