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Ntracting and speculation to union contracts and negotiation from individual belief suffering and resistance to structural division necessity and instability Moving from intensely personal thoughts and interactions to large scale political and economic forces it reads The Housing ePUB #8608 alternately like a worker’s diary a short story a. Hey read this book instead of the Communist Manifesto it has better picturesActually this is excellent at explaining the details of most current societies and the different ways workers are separated from their labors It's especially good at explaining the interplay between capitalists as they exploit everyone with the workers generally getting it from all sides It also deals with the false solutions of government housing and subsidies overall which is excellent

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The Housing MonsterPsychology of everyday life a historical account an introduction to Marxist critiue of political economy and an angry flyer someone would pass out on the street Accompanied by clean black and white illustrations that are mocking beautiful and bleak what starts out as an unassuming look at housing broadens into a critiue of capitalism as a who. Really liked it It's an anti authoritarian marxist critiue about everything around housing It's not just about gentrification but truly everything around housing; from construction to land speculation the constant development the living and usage and all the cultural things that involve these topics like working class ideology trade unionism and its limits communal and individual living and the sexism of construction workers And then all written in a short and accessible way So there's perhaps not so much new for people that are already into radical literature but there were still some parts that I never thought of before Plus I always find it interesting to see how you can explain the necessity of anti capitalist in an as short and simple as possible way for laypersons as that is a skill that of us should learn In the end it becomes of a call to action but the 'what is to be done' was slightly disappointing and a lot less clear than the rest of the book I agree with the limits of trade union activism and loved how the limits of communal living was shown and the anarchistsuatter lifestyle was made fun of but then it becomes a bit disappointing that they themselves didn't have a clearer idea of what is to be doneAnd with books like this I really wonder what impact they would have had on me if I had read them many years ago I think this is one of the better introductions to radical politics that are around much better on the structures of capitalism than the romantic and lifestylist crime thinc literature ↠ 7 Review

The Housing Monster Read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Housing Monster By ➫ – This scathing illustrated essay takes one seemingly simple everyday thing—a house—and looks at the social relations that surround it Starting with the construction siteThis scathing illustrated essay takes one seemingly simple everyday thing a house and looks at the social relations that surround it Starting with the construction site and the physical building of houses the book slowly builds and links and issues together from gentrification and city politics to gender roles and identity politics from subco. It's a mildly interesting read It delves a lot into the world of construction workers while I was expecting a greater focus on the housing uestion under capitalismWhile it's well written and easy to read and its contents promised so much how the housing uestion relates to gender class work to the law of value; how the cities are organised under capitalism and how it was tackled in the socialist countries I think it was poorly executed It tries to cover too many topics in just a few pages and as result only glosses over them not making any significant contribution except maybe when talking about how work is in the construction industry The attempt at analysing the Soviet Union is incredibly weak stating that the hope for socialism ended in 1921 and that it was capitalism that didn't work properlyI would love to read a book covering this topics that took its time to delve into each topic and did than stating what is basic knowledge for anyone who has been even remotely interested in this before