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The Time of the Hunter's Moon Read & Download é 104 Û ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Time of the Hunter's Moon By Victoria Holt ⚣ – Different edition of 97800061699490 00 616994 5Beautiful and talented Cordelia Grant had thought that her mind would be wholly concentrated on the teaching of her Ing of her pupilsSir Jason Time of the MOBI #242 Verringer the temptestuous local landowner with a sinister reputation was determined that it should be otherwi. I was hoping that Holt was going to surprise me with this one Have the sensible heroine just marry the very good man that was standing in front of her Instead we have the fact that the man had affairs and tried to rape the heroine hand waved away by saying that she is needed in order for him to change Bah to that noise I really did like the plot in this one there were two of them and the characters were much developed than I have found in other Holt books Holt apes a lot of Gothic romance tropes here but geez Louise I hated the hero in this one I wanted him to just fall down a hole and die There was nothing redeeming about the guyThe Time of the Hunter's Moon by Victoria Holt is another Gothic romance I can now check off my list So far the highest rating I have given a Holt book is Mistress of Mellyn which I gave five stars The main character in this Cordelia when we first meet her is away at a school to finish herself She has been raised by her Aunt Patty and is looking forward to the day she is home permanently and can help her aunt run her own school When Cordelia and her friend come upon a man in the woods Cordelia is instantly absorbed with thoughts of him When she finally returns home for the final time after finishing school she runs into him again and starts to think of him romantically When he disappears without coming back to see her again she wonders what happened to him However she finds out that her aunt has to sell their home and Cordelia finds a position at a school which has her forced to interact with a major force in the village The hero I say lightly is named Jason Verringer and he's a typical Gothic hero Dark and brooding and just terrible He attempts to rape the heroine at one point and is literally shocked she cuts herself to get away from him And then tells her if not for her he could change Bah dude I wished the whole time that something would fall on his head Cordelia is sensible and smart and I thought had a lot fire than the recent batch of Holt heroines I have been reading about prior to this oneThe writing was a little too modernish at times but I think the book is supposed to take place in the late 1800s I don't know Holt doesn't include any references that I can think of at the top of my head that I can use to date the book The flow was actually pretty good until we get towards the end Then I think Holt suddenly realized she needed to resolve two plot points and didn't do a great job with either of them The ending was not set up very well We have a mystery finally resolved about one of the male characters we were introduced to earlier in the book but Holt throws up a couple of paragraphs and counts it as mission accomplished I noticed with her books she was not that great at tying up loose ends in her books

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SeOne of Cordelia's most placid pupils elopes everything becomes shrouded in mystery and Cordelia realises that even a faded memory can be a very dangerous one. I JUST COULD CARE LESSI tried to read this book I kinda really did I just couldn't get interested in any of the characters Perhaps it's just this specific book as I remember reading a few Victoria Holts when I was younger usually in my parent's Reader's Digest Condensed books Or maybe it was Mary Higgins Clark that I'm thinking ofoopsAnyhow I DNF'ed this one I love the idea of a gothic tale I just didn't care for this particular one I did pick up a new favourite word though PERFIDY Which the heroine actually used in conversation I'm going to keep looking I know there is a gothic out there for me

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The Time of the Hunter's MoonDifferent edition of of the ePUB #180 Beautiful and talented Cordelia Grant had thought The Time PDFEPUBthat her mind would be wholly concentrated on the teach. Victoria Holt can usually be counted on for an enjoyable historical romance but this is not one of those When you are so prolific there are bound to be a few rotten apples The Time of the Hunter's Moon starts and continues in a boring description of the life of a young school teacher in rural England Cordelia's duties and her life sound very tedious and Holt describes them thus It is like she's going through the motions the writer and her subjectSo it was very shocking when a revolting scene is set in which her lover attempts to rape her Ugh But she puts him off by plunging her arms through a window and bleeding profusely What a great guy He gets the message and backs off He insists later on that if only she had given in then he could have shown her what she was missing He is not lacking in self confidence but only in humanity it seems There were some delightful characters like Cordelia's Aunt Patty who was very kind practical and loving and whose one eccentricity was the love of fancy hats I think Cordelia should have grown old with her instead of the zero hero