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Free download Toby's Room æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ ❮Read❯ ➵ Toby's Room ➸ Author Pat Barker – From Booker Prize winner Pat Barker a masterful novel that portrays the staggering human cost of the Great War Admirers of her Regeneration Trilogy as well as fans Linor and Toby are close some might say too close But when World War I begins Toby is posted to the front as a medical officer while Elinor stays in London to continue her fine art studies at the Slade under the tutelage of Professor Henry Tonks There in a startling development based in actual fact Elinor finds that her drafting skills are deployed to aid in the literal reconstruction of those maimed in combatOne day in Elinor has a sudden premonition that Toby will not return from France Three weeks later the family receives a telegram informing them that T. The bitter irony of war is that it defines life at the same time as it destroys For those in uniform following orders is the one raison d’etre when all reason has been lost in the bloodied muck of the battlefield For those left behind doing for the war effort becomes the channel through which fear and pride flow into the morass of uncertainty How does war change us Does it redefine character Does it halt the trajectory of our lives and set us on a different path Does it show in stark relief who we really are stripped bare of our defenses and pretenses And who are we if we have been stripped of that most central piece of our identity our literal flesh and bone faceWith Toby’s Room her follow up to 2007’s Life Class Pat Barker returns to England in the years just prior to World War I The first part of Toby’s Room set in 1912 at the country home of Toby’s and his sister Elinor’s upper middle class family serves as a preuel to Life Class Its second half set in 1917 – tells us what became of the characters and their relationships that were the central focus of Life Class Toby’s Room can be read independently of its precursor but it is a strong testament to the writer’s skill how seamlessly she weaves together these two books so that they seem not like preuel or seuel but parts of a greater whole Barker explores many of the same themes in Toby’s Room – the intersection of art and war the brutality of the WWI battlefields and trenches the emotional defenses people create to survive the worst of times But Toby’s Room is darker richer and crueler than Life Class It shows us that not even the greatest heroism and courage can change the face of shame There is an element of mystery in Toby’s Room as Elinor obsesses over the “Missing Believed Killed” telegram her family receives in 1917 Her search for the truth of her brother’s disappearance in France defines the narrative’s plot Elinor manages this intrigue while turning her back on any involvement in the war willfully denying the effect it has had on her life her love affairs and her family She tries to lose herself in her art but eventually it is her art that draws her directly into the war effort Pat Barker brings to life the fascinating intersection of war art and science during World War I intermingling historical characters and institutions with her fictional narrative to show how artists aided in surgical reconstruction of soldiers’ faces disfigured by bullets bombs and shrapnel I spent some time looking through the Tonks’ portraits at The Gillies Archives the creation and use of which is also a central theme of Toby’s Room The portraits of faces destroyed by war and reconstructed with the medical technology available at the time are devastating Barker gives these forgotten men voices faces and souls Her writing style is restrained distant almost cold at times The tone fits the characters and their social class and mirrors the walls they have erected around their hearts And it makes the brutality of the story all the shocking

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From Booker Prize winner Pat Barker a masterful novel that portrays the staggering human cost of the Great War Admirers of her Regeneration Trilogy as well as fans of Downton Abbey and War Horse will be enthralled With Toby’s Room a seuel to her widely praised previous novel Life Class the incomparable Pat Barker confirms her place in the pantheon of Britain’s finest novelists This indelible portrait of a family torn apart by war focuses on Toby Brooke a medical student and his younger sister Elinor Enmeshed in a web of complicated family relationships E. This is another typical Pat Barker book By that I mean it's a really excellent read Like The Regeneration trilogy this book is set in the years during and just after the First World War and the awful conseuences thereofI have to say that the part of the book that is set in a military hospital dealing with soldiers with facial injuries was pretty hard to take Some of the descriptions of these injuries were really horrificThis is a book mainly about a brother and sister with other memorable characters as well of course It is also a book about secrets two really big ones in particular One of these is revealed very early on in the book while the other doesn't get revealed until the very end So you have to wait for it but let me tell you it was a very pleasurable experience getting thereAlso I only consider a book to be historical fiction if there are characters from real life in the book There are at least two of those in this book which is why it ualifies as far as I'm concerned This is only my system of course

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Toby's RoomOby is “Missing Believed Killed” in Ypres However there is no body and Elinor refuses to accept the official explanation Then she finds a letter hidden in the lining of Toby’s uniform Toby knew he wasn’t coming back and he implies that fellow soldier Kit Neville will know why Toby’s Room is an elouent literary narrative of hardship and resilience love and betrayal and anguish and redemption In unflinching yet elegant prose Pat Barker captures the enormity of the war’s impact not only on soldiers at the front but on the loved ones they leave behin. I can't believe that I've left this book unread for so many years I loved this so much