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eBook Ò Seasons in the Sun Þ Hardcover ✓ [Reading] ➸ Seasons in the Sun By Dominic Sandbrook – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Dominic Sandbrook's magnificent account of the late 1970s in Britain the book behind the major BB2 series The Seventies The late 1970s were Britain's years of strife and the good life They saw inflatiTter even if you didn't don't miss this book' Mail on Sunday 'Sandbrook has created a specific style of narrative history blending high politics social change and popular culture always readable and assured A splendid book' Stephen Robinson Sunday Times 'Sandbrook has a remarkable ability to turn a sow's ear into a sulk purse His subject is depressing but the book itself is a joy Sandbrook is without doubt superb Seasons in the Sun is a familiar story yet seldom has it been told with such verve' Gerard DeGroot Seven 'A brilliant historian I had never fully appreciated what a truly horrible period it was until reading Sandbrook' A N Wilson Spectator 'Nuanced Sandbrook has rummaged deep into the cultural life o And so Dominic Sandbrook’s history of the sixties and seventies as well as a little bit of the fifties comes to an end Well I say that as it does seem to be his intention to end it now and the arrival of Mrs Thatcher as Prime Minister is a logical end point However given these books have been building virtually since the first volume to the arrival of the Iron Lady it is – in a way – peculiar to end this series now If you want an imperfect analogy – it would be like ending ‘The Third Man’ the moment Harry Lime appears Mrs T has been growing clearer on the horizon the whole way through now she’s finally here it feels a peculiar move to close the sceneCompared to the earlier volumes this is a lot focussed on the politics of the day But for those of us who have a slightly geeky interest in political history it’s a fertile period – there’s the paranoia of Wilson the duplicity of Benn and James Callaghan trying to steady the ship Sandbrook really does make a great case for Callaghan being truly underrated as Prime Minister Further there’s The Winter of Discontent and trade unions behaving in a way that seems unimaginable in Britain today As such I found this all rip roaring and entertaining stuff although those who have been entertained in the previous volumes by the material about culture or society may feel slightly disappointed As a whole this series has been an excellent slice of populist history Sandbrook is an accessible and intelligent writer who really does bring the likes to Reginald Maulding Tony Crossland and Hugh Scanlon hitherto to me dull looking men in suits who appeared in black and white photos to life I also liked the way that Doctor Who is used as a cultural reference point throughout most of these volumes Of course you’d have to have an interest in modern British history to really persevere with these books but if you do then these are an incredibly entertaining read The Britain I was born in truly does look like a completely different world

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Dominic Sandbrook's magnificent account of the late s in Britain the book behind the major BB series The Seventies The late s were Britain's years of strife and the good life They saw inflation riots the peak of trade union power and also the birth of home computers the rise of the ready meal and the triumph of a Grantham grocer's daughter who would change everything Dominic Sandbrook recreates this extraordinary period in all its chaos and contradiction revealing it Seasons in PDF or as a turning point in our recent history where in everything from families and schools to punk and Doctor Who the future of the nation was being decided Reviews 'Magnificent if you lived through the late Seventies or for that ma I found this a slight disappointment after the truly excellent State of Emergency but I suppose that was to be expected partly because so much recapping was needed but also because I actually clearly remember the events covered so there were fewer surprises The other slighly irritating aspect of the book was the rather small number of sources used to add colour to the account Some added something such as Peter Hall's gradual disillusionment with Socialism as his theatre was crippled by continuous wildcat strikes while others were either the same as in the previous volume or not obviously relevant to the themes of the bookAll in all though an excellent account of a turbulent period in British history which I recommend highly


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Seasons in the SunF the era to remind us how rich it was from Bowie to Dennis Potter Martin Amis to William Golding' Damian Whitworth The Times 'Sharply and fluently written entertaining By making you uite nostalgic for the present Sandbrook has done a public service' Evening Standard About the author Born in Shropshire ten days before the October election Dominic Sandbrook was educated at Oxford St Andrews and Cambridge He is the author of three hugely acclaimed books on post war Britain Never Had It So Good White Heat and State of Emergency and two books on modern American history Eugene McCarthy and Mad as Hell A prolific reviewer and columnist he writes regularly for the Sunday Times Daily Mail New Statesman and BBC Histor This is a fascinating book for anyone that lived through the 1970's in Britain or anyone that wishes to see how badly the people of Britain have been served by their political masters Sandbrook does an excellent job of deconstructing both the Labour Government of the day and the role of the trade unions in both a humorous and sardonic fashion However the implication that political incompetence and left wing socialism led to a perfect storm that could only be resolved through Thatcherism is rather simple minded Sandbrook tends to consider the 1970's in isolation cherry picking a particular decade This is history as sound bite interesting but lacking depth and context A compelling read but not great history