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kindle í Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Þ J.J. Murray Sometimes A Girl Likes To Enough Of ePUB #8608 Keep Her Options Open In her search for Mr Right Erlana Joy Cole has met lots of prospects but she's never been able to narrow it down to just one And why should she After all Can't Get PDFEPUB or you can't ask a woman to have only one pair of shoes right So why settle fo This man knows how to write and he does it so well The voices of his characters Erlana Joy Cole and her mother rang very very true I could actually hear the characters in the book talking in my head I swear I could hear and see her 3 friends with benefits Juan Carlos' accented English; her boo Karl's street talking slang; her white boy Roger's gentle spirit and that flaming red hair I could really envision that small cottage house in the middle of nowhere I loved Erlana's transformation it was done beautifullyThere is much to this rich story I've just given you a glimpse into it The characters had so much depth to them The storyline had many twists and turns that held together like glue The sexual encounters while not erotically explicit were well just plain hot whoooo Thank you Mr MurrayWhen I read this book it really FELT like I was actually watching a movie Now that's not a small feat by any means The descriptions were just that vivid the characters were just that interesting the sex was just that luscious In my opinion this book is top notch stuff This English teacher definitely gets an A from me He is on my auto buy list

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eBook ✓ Can't Get Enough Of Your Love â Paperback Ä ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Can't Get Enough Of Your Love By J.J. Murray ➯ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Sometimes A Girl Likes To Keep Her Options Open In her search for Mr Right Erlana Joy Cole has met lots of prospects but she's never been able to narrow it R just one manInstead she's got herself her own Earth Wind and Fire of men There's her Earth Roger a white soul brother with a sweet Get Enough Of Kindle #210 mind and a wicked touch There's Wind Karl a tattooed entrepreneur who's straight out of Erlana's roots And as for Juan well he's pure Fire fierce and passionate Are you serious This was a horrible book HORRIBLE JJ seriously what were you thinking writing this The story does not get even a little bit interesting until like 120 pages into it During this time I have only but one opinion concerning Lana she's a Slut Puppy And by the end of the book believe me that thought hasn't changed There was no real growth with her The way the whole story played out was just way too far fetched to even wish it were real The only touching moments of this story were with Bobby a young kid Lana was paid to assist and when Juan Carlos lost his mother These were the moments when I thought okay this one is gonna be a good surprising bittersweet one But I was wrong How all these guys ended up to continue to be friends after realizing she was screwing all of them the same time was just crazy to me Not really saying that this is not at all possible but just the way it played out made it seem impossible How her so called friend Izzie just played her and turned out to be no better than Lana herself Karl and Izzie I feel deserve each other and it could not have been a better pairing Juan Carlos I feel should have been with someone way better than Moniue or just by himself And Roger certainly should have moved on from Ms Lana He definitely deserves someone way better The ending the middle and the beginning all around was a disaster with this story It had a chance of being a good story but sadly was not executed properly No I take that back it was not executed at allWhat seems to be a signature style of Mr Murray's writing and one that I've come to hate now while reading my 5th novel from him is his long pointless drawn out process of the main character doing seemingly meaningless things to gain insight about themselves or reflecting on their choices Usually this is done in their chosen or forced upon solitude Which you do need this to a certain degree in these types of stories but JJ just drags this process out and it's really really irritating I do not see where some of the rave reviews came from concerning this book I really don't But to each his own I would not recommend this read

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Can't Get Enough Of Your LoveAnd hot as they come Put them all together and a sister's got everything she could ever want not that she would ever put them all together Huh uh no way That can NOT happenBut now Erlana's juggling act is getting too hot to handle And sooner or later a girl's gotta make a choice while she's still got a choice to make I didn't care for this book it was alright not good enough to keep my attention I had to keep putting it down and picking it back up Still glad I read this book