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doc Ó The Sovereignty Solution Hardcover read ´ dogsalonbristol ✓ [Read] ➳ The Sovereignty Solution Author Anna Simons – The Sovereignty Solution is not an Establishment national security strategy Instead it describes what the US could actually do to restore order to thThe Sovereignty Solution is not an Establishment national security strategy Instead it describes what the US could actually do to restore order to the world without having to engage in either global policing or nation building Right now The Sovereignty PDFEPUB or there is no coherent plan that addresses uestions like If terrorists were to strike Chicago tomorrow what would we do When Chicago is burning whom would we target How would we respond There The authors' arguments were interesting and compelling in places It's hard to disagree that the United States is excessively entangled and in a haphazard manner in all manner of conflicts that neither serve our strategic interests nor enhance our safety and security But their proposed solution leaves holes you could drive a truck through Essentially they argue that the United States should boil down its foreign policy to one in which we a respect the sovereignty of other states whether or not we agree with their politics b demand that our own be respected and c back up our demands with the credible threat of overwhelming conventional military force itself backed up with very specific Congressional declarations of war or pre emptive authorizations of force The specifics are spelled out in various chapters and are thought provoking to say the least the chapter on clarifying culpability for civilian deaths in wartime is well stated and ought to be reuired reading for every journalist in AmericaWhat leaves me dry about this book is its similarity to ideas already tried and in many cases found wanting While the authors make a convincing case that their ideas are not simply isolationism re packaged I in fact think that what they have re packaged and sold to us is neutrality Switzerland style Essentially we would completely re think all of our alliances and only engage in them when they served our immediate strategic security interests Further we would only act militarily anywhere in the world in order to right a situation in which our sovereignty loosely defined by the authors as our territorial integrity and the safety of our citizens within our borders was violated We would not act to play countries off each other nor enforce weapons or technology related embargoes or sanctionsThe problem with this is that it would allow potential adversaries to operate without fear of retribution from us until such time as they had delivered an unacceptably costly blow to us Would we respect Iran's sovereignty until they delivered a nuclear warhead or dirty bomb to an American city The authors would argue that the credible threat of force would deter such action by state actors and would compel them to clamp down on non state actors but there is simply no telling what the Iranian mullahs or the Korean Kim dynasty's endgame might be in the face of imminent regime collapse At that point the credible threat of force would mean less than nothingI also couldn't help but think of how World War II might have played out had the erstwhile American neutrality taken this shape at its outbreak in 1939 So long as American territory and citizens were unharmed there would have been no oil embargo on the Japanese They would have been able to position their air and naval forces such that any eventual conflict between Japan and the United States would have been unwinnable from our position Further without the Anglo American alliance and Lend Lease the UK would almost surely have fallen before America became involved in the conflict depriving the Allies of the only staging area of any strategic valueWhat rational person could argue that America's adventurism since Vietnam has on the whole been fruitful From Ira to Libya from our tepid response to Russian aggression in Georgia and Ukraine to our incomprehensible waffling in Syria America's mostly politically motivated interventions or lack thereof make it clear to both our allies and our adversaries that our foreign policy lacks both coherence and willpower For this reason 80% or of what the authors argue is spot on It's the last 20% or so that fails to go the distance as I see it The neutrality that works for Switzerland Sweden or whomever works precisely because of the same geography that makes it necessary in the first place These countries surrounded by potential aggressor nations chose neutrality because the risks to sovereignty and territorial integrity far outweighed the dubious gains to be had from alliances with their mercurial neighbors But these same neighbors in maintaining a balance of power provided an umbrella of security For the United States no country exists to provide this umbrella As George Friedman notes in The Next Decade America is in the unenviable position of having to defend an empire it neither wanted nor can get rid of As such we have too big a target on our back to entirely retreat within our borders only striking out like a snake when threatenedNevertheless it's a worthwhile if not easy read that ought to stimulate some soul searching and deep conversations at the highest echelons of American power But I'm not holding my breath

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Is nothing in place and no strategy on the horizon to either reassure the American public or warn the world attack us and this is what you can expect We've also never had a plan that says respect our sovereignty and we'll respect yours There are two tracks to the strategy presented in this book strengthening state responsibility abroad and strengthening the social fabric here at home Because no one considers the state of our social fabric in light of Essentially a pragmatically libertarian approach to foreign and domestic policy Dry but compelling and logically sound; because it's so rational it's unlikely to ever be implementedSome very interesting explorations of how America has essentially lost its identity and devolved into various ethnicities I hadn't ever thought of this breakdown as a threat to national security but it rings true and certainly explains a lot the controversy over illegal immigration is their chief exampleOverall a good read but might as well have been fiction for all its likelihood of ever becoming reality


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The Sovereignty SolutionOur foreign policy or our foreign policy in light of what we might all agree America should stand for this book is uniue Our goal To provoke a serious national security debate that addresses and then redresses the gaps and disconnects between what the US says what the US does how the US wants to be perceived and how the US actually is perceived We offer a radically commonsensical way to recalibrate global security by getting countries to self police The first three chapters were a pretty good summary of international politics and the last two chapters were a decent look at future international politics idealized but the entire middle section was fairly consistently bomb those who disagree Also the last 80 or so pages were appendices; so the 229 page uotation was an over estimationBlog | Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus