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101 Bible Adventures ePub æ Paperback ô Carolyn Larsen ô [PDF / Epub] ★ 101 Bible Adventures By Carolyn Larsen – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk 101 Bible Adventures offers kids a high energy adventure filled approach to reading interacting with and learning life lessons from the Scriptures It takes 101 favorite T a bird's eye view of the story a key verse that sums up its meaning and a Read and Learn application section that challenges kids to make their faith activ This book is full of Bible stories such as when God caused the flood the miracle of feeding five thousand people and the Last Supper You are actually reading from the Bible although it doesn't seem like it There are no verse numbers I think this is good for kids it makes it flow like a story The pages of this book look like a cartoony old journal The translation used for the Bible is the New Living TranslationEach story has the followingWhat's Up this is a summary of what Bible story is being readAction Adventure the Bible story it has the chapter reference at the beginning so you know where it's fromKey Verse a Bible verse that relates to the storyCartoon a visual of what the story is aboutNow What? this explains how the story relates to us and what we can do with itI think any kid would like this book They will learn the truth of the Bible as it is told in story form It's not just reading black and white pages which can be hard for children to enjoy The pages have varying shades of brown and blue This makes it interesting for the eye to read I would recommend this book for any parent to buy for their child It is a fun way to learn about the BibleComing from a kidAfter I wrote my review I asked my 10 year old daughter to read one story and gave me her thoughts She said the cartoon is scary the people look freaky The blue print in What's up? is hard to read She said she liked how What's Up? tells you about the story before you read the full story She liked that there are no small numbers the verse numbers in the story they are annoying She said it's a good size print to read She thinks she could read this book everydayI received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review

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101 Bible Adventures offers kids a high energy adventure filled approach to reading interacting with and learning life lessons from the Scriptures It takes 1 101 Bible Adventures is a bit different than what I expected but I don't guess that's a bad thing I thought there to be adventures with the devotionalschallenges of some sort There's not challenges but they are still great devotionals for childrenEach story starts out with a What's Up section which gives you a peek at what or who the story is about There's a Key Verse section which isn't necessarily from that story's reading but in some way connects to it Then there's the story It tells you where it came frombook chapters verses and then gives you a summary of what happened There's a small black and white picturekind of comic book style but only one picture that goes along with each story Finally there's a Now What section It tells you what you should have gotten out of the reading and has some uestionsOverall I like it It's a simple uick straight forward kind of devotional It's on it's way to one of my nephews and I think he will enjoy it I was provided a review copy from Tyndale in exchange for my honest opinion

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101 Bible Adventures01 favorite adventure filled stories from the New Living Translation and puts them into one amazing book Each Bible story has a brief overview so kids can ge This is not only a great teaching tool but an interesting book for ages 8 12 years It has well known Bible stories presented in a way that will be easily understandable for children It uses the New Living Translation Each chapter has an overview the verses and something to think about after the verses The illustrations are adorable It could be used as a great introduction tool to get children in the habit of reading the Bible daily or nightly