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Half a WifeFor most families it remains the ultimate dilemma how to balance a happy healthy family life with the demands and rewards of work When Gaby Hinsliff realised that she couldn't continue to work 60 hour weeks spend time with her child and expect to stay happily married there was only one solution She uit and decided to start again from scratch Half a Wife tells the story of that leap into the dark and proposes positive practical solutions for piecing together what at times can seem like an Would recommend to anyone who has young children or plans to have them some day Realistic honest about the challenges faced by families combining work family responsibilities Very good on including challenges solutions for men as well as women; also good on combining suggestions for individual families as well as employers and the state Inspiring in the range of examples she find of families using inventive ways to meet the competing needs of family work which vary across the decades of one's career child raising

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Eetering on the edge but it is also a wake up call to opinion leaders It is essential and uplifting reading for anyone who feels the visceral pull of home but also the lure of meaningful work'A wonderfully sane and helpful book Better than Calpol I only wish it had been around when I became a mother Gaby Hinsliff has written an invaluable guide for any parent struggling to reconcile their twinpassions for their children and their work' Allison Pearson author of I Don't Know How She Does Hallelujah here is a book not joining the interminable argument about if and how women should work and how you must feel guilty if you've made a different decision to the arguer Rather its premise is that of course parents note parents want to spend time with their kids and of course parents want meaningful work outside their kids not necessarily outside the home and what are ways of making that happen outside the current 80 hour work week norm

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Half a Wife kindle Ï eBook 9780701185985 ☆ dogsalonbristol à ❴Epub❵ ➟ Half a Wife Author Gaby Hinsliff – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk For most families it remains the ultimate dilemma how to balance a happy healthy family life with the demands and rewards of work When Gaby Hinsliff realiseImpossible jigsaw It encourages working parents to rethink traditional set ups at home at work in relationships to the mutual benefit of the whole family The result? A much egalitarian family life where both partners can work if they want to both share the care and both get back a little bit of a life as a resultBased on personal experience but also drawing on new thinking from politics psychology anthropology and even architecture Half a Wife is a guide for guilt torn parents who are t Interesting readpart manifesto with cited references facts and figures part anecdote with varioous first name only short inserts reinforcing the core points but often a little shortsome apparent selective data reporting and confirmation bias that is distracting at timesmain tenet is that parents families employers and government should support an ideal of part time or compressed time working for parents mothers and fathers appealing and well presentedcould have done with of the first person experience and narrative for me