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Ns been so stirred by any man Sarah knows in her heart and soul her destiny lies with this seductive barbarianBut an unrelenting evil has followed Brogan from ancient times and he must battle it to the death to save the breathtaking beauty who is becoming precious to him than the magic he crossed centuries to clai The beginning of this book confused the hell out of me and I had for force myself to read the first half The last half was much enjoyable until I reached then end and poof The conflict was resolved so unlikely and we never found out what really happened to the hero and heroine I am searching for a seuel or preuel that will help me understand the story better

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A Warrior's TakingA love that can transcend timeAD Brogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of a magical stone that bestows great powers Now the slaying of his father the chieftain has placed the clan's protection in Brogan's hands and he will brave any danger to possess the stone But only the strongest sorcery will carry the fearless Scotti The heroine has no had an easy life but she is resilient and determined to provide a loving home for her 2 young charges who have recently lost their own father Never will they endure the horrors she had when she was left penniless and put into a girls school that didn't feed her of keep her warm in the winter So now that all of their futures are once again in uestion she works hard to earn as much money as she can in hopes of caring for the 2 young girls who need her so much One day while collecting shells from the beach to sell in the market she stumbles upon an unconscious man who has washed up from the ocean When the man comes to she in stunned by his beauty but so by his arrogance and dismissive personality She'd had to deal with such people all her life and one will not break her no matter how hansom this one may be The hero is on a mission and nothing will prevent him from succeeding He's been sent forward in time to collect a precious stone which will destroy the enemy that murdered his father He's not expecting to remain in this world for very long and he's determined to not interact with the locals as much as he can It's not hard to do because he is uite arrogant As a prince he's had everything given to him He is rich he is hansom and he's had his choice of willing females He is also magically gifted and while he's prevented from using his magic now in case it attracts the enemy's attention he is still dismissive of those less magically inclined But when his uest for the stone turns up empty he is forced to stay with the improvised woman who frustrates him to no end It's slowly and without his complete awareness that he begins to soften towards the woman and 2 girls who depend in her He is disgusted by how she is openly mocked and bullied by the towns folk and whenever possible he stands up for because she never defends herself He is also stunned that the local men don't see how beautiful she is despite her shabby clothing Still he's not permitted to feel this way towards a woman whom he can never be with however that doesn't stop him from falling deep under her spell The heroine feels like she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders what with the threat of being evicted from the house and having the girls taken away from her She afraid to trust this foreign man to help her but whenever she is suffocating under the pressure and hopelessness of her situation she finds herself in his arms and he's telling her he will sort everything Dare she hope for a bit of good luck after a lifetime of bad What a marvelous book and such a strong but tortured heroine I loved her character than I can say because she was so damn admirable and relatable She's had to make due all her life and never has anything seemed to work out for her but despite the constant misfortune she has fought her way through But she's up against a mountain now The new owner of the estate has come home and he is determined to put the girls in that horrid school and kick the heroine out into the streets But she doesn't fear for herself she fears for those 2 girls She had no self esteem and couldn't fathom any man paying any attention to her She never fought back against any rude comments said openly to her face and she was under so much pressure to find a solution to her problems that as the reader you could feel that waves crashing against her But she had a kind soul and a selflessness that made her the perfect woman for the hero though he fought it at first He too was a great character who certainly evolved as the story progressed He paid attention to those around him and after seeing the heroine's struggles vowed to see every single one of them repaired before he leaves Together they had great chemistry and they didn't immediately fall into bed together which I also admired Instead it was a steady progression as they became less and less able to deny the growing attraction between them The plot was interesting but perhaps a bit simple The enemy didn't appear until the end but there was always this looming cloud of evil throughout the story as the suspense hung over the little English village This author is truly gifted and I can't wait to read


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Download Ebook é A Warrior's Taking 384 pages ↠ Margo maguire Ô [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Warrior's Taking By Margo Maguire – A love that can transcend time 981 AD Brogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of a magical stone that bestows great powers Now the slaying of his father the chieftaiSh warrior to the talisman for it is hidden in Ravenfield an English estate years in the future Sarah Granger is wary yet shamelessly intrigued by the A Warrior's MOBI #8608 near naked stranger she discovers washed upon the beach His tale is one the beautiful governess can scarcely fathom yet never have her passio This is the book that made me a permanent fan of Margo Macuire This book as an original and fascinating story line that goes full throttle from the first chapter on What I love about this author is that she does not take time to explain the circumstances to a reader she goes straight for the plot and expects the reader to be intelligent enough to get what is going on At the same time she develops the main characters well enough that you feel the emotions of their individual dilemmasWith Sarah the heroine can be described as a strong willed woman who had to endure the cruelity of her community due to the fact that she was orphaned and had to accept charity as a child for her survival She knows her stationed in life is limited and her future is uncertain She has struggle to create a future for herself and the children that is in her care New circumstances will change her fate for the ultimate worst unless she recieves the help that she is not willing to admit she needsBrogan the warrior hero from an area not known to most people on Earth and who is on an emergency uest of salvation Who talents are many yet limited given the conditions of his uests He can best be describe as strenght and honor personified with few vulnerabilies or so he thought until he met SarahHis uest is distracted due to Sarah circumstances and through helping her a trust is established and then a growning love that both try to initally denyThe beauty of the story is the soul stirring intimacy created between Sarah and Brogan that will send them both on an adventure that is beyond the imagination This book is well worth the read