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Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens #1 Read & download ¶ 2 Û ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens #1 By Edenmary Black ⚣ – Warning The following work contains descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between consenting male and female adults It is intended for aT Joe's courage astounds her Although she knows that falling in love with a human is a disaster she just can't ignore what she feelsJoe is a tough loner cool in the most dangerous situations but he's not ready for the scorching desire he feels for Priana He has a million logical reasons to Angels Shadow Havens PDFEPUB #189 walk away but his heart wants something else Priana's stepbrother Keirc warns that she'll find only misery with Joe yet he guards a perilous secret of his own His lover Iridea is the. Story OverviewPria is a half angel half vampire that has decided to run a bakery in the human world instead of living her life among her own kind in the Sanctum One day when she goes to the bank she is taken hostage by a robber During the events she meets Detective Joe Cafaris and falls in love with him soon after In the meantime her stepbrother Keirc has fallen in love with the daughter of a rival tribe’s leader the ruthless Sebastien Galaurus As the bank incident becomes better known Sebastien seeks out Pria to use her for his own devices Cover Page 1920The book has a strikingly complex and yet simple cover art which entices the reader in to delve into the book and read the story There is little to describe what is going on in the storyline yet the attractive cover fills your mind with the possibilities and the title gives you some clue of what you are in store forCharacters and their development 1820My first reaction to the characters was feeling a little overwhelmed There were so many of them that at the beginning of the book I struggled to keep up But as you get further into the book I found that the characters came into their own lights Which is the brilliance of the author’s writing every character even the secondary ones is uniue and cannot be described as characteristic Every character has their own agenda and reasons for their actions that it seems like a bunch of real peopleI have to admit that Vampires and Werewolves are becoming too typical in literature at the moment yet this author has put a completely uniue slant on them that makes them feel fresh and a joy to read aboutWhat I thought was a problem was Joe and Pria’s uick fixation on each other I sometimes uestioned very early on how easy their romance blossomed Their conversations can sometimes seem a little unrealistic but they do move on the story swiftly Plus characters didn’t seem to develop throughout the story but rather their character motivations and reasoning remained constantStoryline 1720Parts of the story line seem very reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet but to my relief turns out to be a happier ending I found the storyline to move along perfectly and the depth of the characters and their back stories and concurrent stories were brilliant composed so that while they started separately they all converged into one excellent endingEverything that the author writes was well thought out so that it could contribute to the ending but I did feel that some scenes were redundant as it had no part in the climax of the story But generally I thought that the storyline was well conceived and executed and I applaud the author for their creativity in the storyStyle 1520The style was the sticking point for me in the novel I give the author credit that it was rather easy to read and because of that the flow of the story could continue There were a couple of sticking points but nothing that detracts from the enjoyment of the story My main issue is with the changing perspective in the middle of a section Sometimes I felt that I was seeing two or three people’s thoughts in a couple of paragraphs with little to tell me that the viewpoint had changed Also a lot of the later book is heavy on the dialogue something which not the case in the beginning of the bookSpelling and Grammar 2020It is not often that I can say that I didn’t spot a mistake in the writing And this is one of those occasions So full marks hereConclusion 89100This is an enjoyable story and if you are a paranormal romance fan I would certainly recommend this However I warn that this is not a book for young readers it is certainly an adult orientated book The characters are uniue to each other and other works of literature and the supernatural elements are fresh The storyline is good which develops from a bunch of unconnected stories into a

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Daughter of Sebastien Galaurus a ruthless vampire who leads the Demesne a powerful supernatural haven uite unlike the Sanctum When a stunning crisis forces Priana into the heart of the Demesne a maelstrom explodes in the shadow of supernatural havens on the brink of war where fallen angels vampires weres and daemons call the shots and humans are viewed as critically frail a place where men and supernaturals can dieApproximately wordsThis ebook contains an excerpt from Sanctum WarriorsShadow Havens Book. Intriguing and touching the story revolves around two pairs of lovers whose relationship is taboo to their clan and species While Priana and Joe are the main characters of the story I find Kiercnan and Iridea’s story to be intriguing and touching Reminisce of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet angel born Kierc and vampire demon half breed Iridea are from different sides of hostile clans Their love is so soul consuming that they always find ways to be together This first novel of Shadow Havens series is filled with love gentleness passion and an undying hope that inspires the readers to fight and claim their own happy endings This book is a fair introduction to the succeeding novels of this seriesFlames 3I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for the purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review—all conclusions are my own responsibility

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Sanctum Angels Shadow Havens #1Warning The following work contains Shadow Havens Epub #224 descriptive material and scenes of explicit sexual encounters between consenting male and female adults It is intended for adult readers only When Priana Grey walks into a bank she isn't expecting to be taken hostage by a violent thief nor is she expecting Detective Joe Cafaris to offer his life for hers The stepdaughter of fallen angels of the Sanctum Sanctum Angels MOBI #8608 she has concealed her true nature to move among humans for years bu. For full review and an excerpt go to Line 'Priana Grey’s hands and feet were freezing Her arms felt like wood and a thin trail of blood was snaking its way down her palm from the fine wire binding her wrists She wiggled her fingertips but couldn't risk moving The man with his fist in her hair would only yank her backward again and the gun at the end of his other hand looked as long as a bowling alley' Sanctum Angels certainly gets off to a fast paced start We meet Pria when she's been taken hostage by a psychotic bank robber who has a personal grudge against one of the Detectives on the local Police Force Him taking Pria and 3 others hostage is the way he draws the Detective out into the open with the intent of shooting him Pria can't let that happen She can't let harm come to an innocent human so despite her hands being tied with wire and a gun to her head Pria kills the armed robber How you ask Well Pria isn't exactly humanshe is the daughter of a fallen angel and a pureblood vampire giving her certain gifts Gifts she uses to save Detective Joe Cafaris From the moment they lay eyes on each other both Pria and Joe feel an attraction Heck Joe even thinks Pria looks pretty in her hospital gown and I'm telling youyou have to work damn hard to make one of those ugly things look good From there their relationship progresses in a believable mannerthey have their hurdles but this couple seem set to overcome anything thrown their way I loved Joe as a character he's really sweet fumbling his words because he can't uite believe that Pria is talking to him Joe is one of those steady reliable guys who is loyal and honest to a fault A man who also puts his life on the line in Pria's defence She'd be blind to not notice what's right in front of her Pria is also a very well written characterat no point did I hate her and I found her independence by living among the humans added to her character She has the power of life and death in her hands but will only use it when she absolutely has to Don't get me wrong she can be toughand you don't want to be in her way if she's angry with youBut I don't think I could ever hate anyone who owns a bakery As we journey through the world of Sanctum Angels we also meet a pair of lovers who seem doomed from the very start Kierc and Iridea are one of the other couples in this novella and their relationship has a very Romeo and Juliet feel to it Kierc is Pria's stepbrother and son of the founders of Sanctum whereas Iridea is the daughter of the leader of Demesne and his Mate Sanctum and Demesne are two opposing supernatural havens and it is often referenced as to the undoubtedly negative reactions from their respective parents this relationship would receivesee what I mean You know how that story endedwell you'll just have to read Sanctum Angels if you want to know I enjoyed Sanctum Angels from start to finish Edenmary Black has created a new world full of angels vampires and daemons that thrilled me from start to finish Sanctum Angels is crammed full of goodies including a blossoming romance a political war and naturally a all out battle between the forces of good and evilall in only 178 pages I would recommend Sanctum Angels to all lovers of Paranormal Romance who are looking to get stuck into a new authors work