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Download Drunk Text Epub ↠ 131 pages  Dogsalonbristol Î ❰Download❯ ➼ Drunk Text Author seventhswan – The Funniest Drunk Texts EVER | Words The Funniest Drunk Texts EVER By Abby Heugel Share on Facebook It goes without saying that drinking and several activities shThe Funniest Drunk Texts EVER | Words The Funniest Drunk Texts EVER By Abby Heugel Share on Facebook It goes without saying that drinking and several activities shouldn't be combined and one should always do it in a safe environment Don't drive don't try to cook something that reuires fire and no matter how much you have to drink don't do the Cupid Shuffle on top of the bar Oh and you should probably avoid texting Drunk Text | Definition of Drunk Text by Oxford A text message sent while drunk typically one that is embarrassing or foolish Paris Hilton Drunk Text Vido Dailymotion Aprs ans d’absence Paris Hilton promettait un retour fracassant dans la musiue grce notamment sa collaboration avec le groupe LMFAO Aprs avoir post son premier single Drunk Text la riche hritire a Drunk Texts | Funny Drunk Texts from Last Night The best drunk texts and funny drunk text messages are full of autocorrects typos interesting emoji choices and all around hilarity ranging from kittens to dance moves to Flo Rida There is also no shortage of people who tie one on and spill their guts Some I am not a fan of the overtly confident self assured college aged asshole in real life as well as literature Apparently I like my assholes with some experience and maturity Then I pick up a free online work of gay fiction and along comes Gunnar Gunnar is a hoot He embodies everything I can’t stand about his stereotype Obliviously arrogant Obnoxiously confident Drunk on the notion of how awesome he is But so frigging cool And as his inner monologue reveals his self image to the reader it does so in a most comedic fashion so that one cannot resist his goofy charismatic charm The kid is hysterical Gunnar has one of the most narcissistic inner monologues I have ever read But it is so amusing that he endears himself to me through it Gunnar bounces his legs and drums his fingertips on his knees He smiles charmingly at the only other person on the bus a mousy girl with clay under her nails who flushes and fiddles with her phone He thinks ‘Still got it I’ve definitely still got it’ He says “Do I look gay to you?” Because suddenly he is thinking that maybe he should That maybe he should have put on a pink button up and popped the collar or something And sandals He should definitely be wearing sandals She says “What?” But then he remembers he is hot no matter what he is wearing so he says “What what?” Which only makes the girl flush and turn to face the window From his brutally shallow perceptions to his repeated conjecture about how awesome he is and his propensity for list making Gunnar stole my heart and entertained me for 15 chapters like no frat boy ever has One of my favorite things about Gunnar he is so wrapped up in himself that he is very accepting of himself When he realizes he is gay he comes to the conclusion being gay must be awesome because he is certain he is awesome No “self identity wallowing” with this one He knows who he is he knows what he likes and he likes who he is Surprisingly refreshing And then Gunnar is jarred into getting real This should have been a fun and stupid “OMG I’m gay“ read with a uirky asshole of a hero But it wasn’t In the home stretch though Gunnar’s story started out amusing it dug deep What we experience with Gunnar that saves this work from being a cliche with some comic relief is a transformation in a series of moments Transformative moments to which many of us can relate The moments when one stops trying to be something and starts being someone The moments it hits Gunnar that the cut of his designer jeans cost of his raspberry white chocolate non fat latte with an extra shot and perfected swagger that radiates how awesome he is pales in comparison to how awesome for better or worse the experience of love life and loss can be And in one climatic moment the airbrushed shell that has been carefully constructed around him is peeled away to reveal a human as vulnerable as any other The moment shit gets real The moment Gunnar gets real In building this comically egocentric character of Gunnar and then in the last 25% stripping him of this false identity Seventhswan strikes the cord to set this free work apart Amusing edgy and surprisingly emotional Drunk Text puts a nice spin on self discovery for the MM genre And Seventhswan provides it for free

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Back to life Welcome to The Drunk Texts So There's an App That Lets You Text Like You're Let's face it Getting drunk is the absolute worst Know what's also the absolute worst? Drunk people who have to tell you everything via text when they're a dozen deep broWhat better way then How To Recover After Sending An Embarrassing Drunk texts happen and while it wasn’t your finest moment it couldn’t have been your worst So forgive your drunk ass for hitting send and forget your stupid mistake Have a drinking plan One stupid drunk texting experience can be enough to last a lifetime so if you never want to go through that hell again you need a plan for next time If you know you’re getting drunk that night Drunk Text Chapter a romance fiction | FictionPress FollowFav Drunk Text By seventhswan Gunnar wakes up in his dorm room on a Friday in April and notices three things in rapid succession The most pressing is a text message that says God my ass hurts I can't even sit down properly Cheers to you Coffee ? MM slash Rated Fiction M English Chapters Words Reviews Favs Follows Updat 2 bookslapped stars This is a free online read The story has 15 chaptersI would hazard a guess that the author is I don't know inexperienced? The writing wasn't all that good but it sort of fit with the MC's voice So it was kind of refreshing to read something that wasn't you know polished for onceThe short blurb gave me the impression that this should be a light fluffy and fun read And it was Up until the end of chapter 13 But the beginning first The start was really funny Gunnar the MC wakes up after a Thirsty Thursday at collage He is stark naked and covered in colorful finger paint He has scratches on his back and a smattering of hickeys on his hips and inner thighs LOL An evening well spent eh? Well he can't remember much of what happened but he gets these flashbacks to being with a guy yes a guy Well he's not gay Definitely straight He thinks Maybe or maybe not? And hence the story continues with Gunnar and the most definitely gay Vance And everything is fluffy and funny although In chapter 13 there's a little bit of angst which makes Gunnar pay a visit to his brother for advice And then BAM right out of NOWHERE the story goes like this view spoiler James lives halfway across town and it takes Gunnar an hour before he gets there sweaty and gritty and so angry he could puke He knocks violently on James's door words already half spilled from his mouth James will know what to do He always does And then he'll sort of the thing with Jon and everything will go back to normalHe knocks again and when James doesn't come to the door he stomps down to the mailboxes and fishes the skeleton key out from the magnetic box underneath He stumbles into the hallway wondering if James has gone out James? he calls darting into the kitchen to find it empty He continues down the hall and it's the silence that hits him first Before the sight of him Before— James?Something primal is already clawing its way up Gunnar's throat and making his limbs uake as he takes the last few steps down the hall He says OhHe says Oh godHis hand flies to his mouth nails scratching at his lips as he processes what's in front of himJames sickly grey and reeking of piss and vomit His eyes are closed His hands are open There are pillsGunnar says JesusGunnar says James?He's dead of course JamesThe doctors say he was dead about a day before Gunnar got to him hide spoiler

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Drunk TextProfess their undying love while others just need to know there’s someone out there who cares and will hopefully pick them up as Of The Funniest Drunk Texts People Have Ever Drunk texts are funny but they are not so funny the next day While some people get really lucky and don’t get any response at all some of them are super unlucky And it turns out to be the most embarrassing night of their life So if you’re really drunk on any night and have an urge to send texts to your ex or crush throw your phone out the window A lost phone is much better than the Urban Dictionary drunk text A modern derivative of its cousin the drunk dial this involves sending text messages via cell phone to friends girlfriends sluts just friends etc usually while in a drunken stupor Typically it is used on a desired member of the opposite sex that is normally not desired during sober hours This lame attempt to arrange a booty call results from the cowardice of the drunk texter who The Drunk Texts Home | Facebook The Drunk Texts likes Buried for years Forgotten by time But now they’re coming 35 starsI read this free online book while I was sick with a stomach virus and it was the perfect thing to cheer me up It is a nice hot read and a great free book My complaints are that the story seemed a little bipolar At one minute very fun and carefree and then it morphed into something very serious Not something I was expecting I didn't fully connect with the main character and care about him on an emotional level I still enjoyed it and I bumped up my rating a bit because it was free Nevertheless it was a great distraction from how terrible I was feeling