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READ â Paradise Fields Ù ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Paradise Fields Author Katie Fforde – It's not as if Nel Innes doesn't have enough on her plate already keeping track of her unnervingly beautiful teenage daughter sorting out a house full of animals and organizing a farmers' market in th It's not as if Nel Innes doesn'tIt's not as if Nel Innes doesn't have enough on her plate already keeping track of her unnervingly beautiful teenage daughter sorting. 35 starsYes Managed to finish this before the year is up P The first half was good Fast paced and the story flowed smoothly But after that the story was a bit dragging and it was uite a task for me to reach the end I was very unhappy with Nel's assumptions and the way she just jump to her own conclusions which she reasoned with what she wanted to believe HmmFortunately Jake was what the hero should be so all's turned out as it should be


Out a house full of animals and organizing a farmers' market in the picturesue Paradise Fields But when her old friend Sir Gerald di. The writing was elementary not lovely and flowy like Hester browne's The plot was a bit predictable but overall I enjoyed it I'm going to try at least one from this author before making an official verdict on her books

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Paradise FieldsEs and his son has no intention of preserving the Fields Nel takes up arms determined to fight for the meadow and the market she love. Nel widowed for several years is a busy lady in her home of the Cotswolds She moved there shortly after her husband died and it was the perfect place for raising the children and immersing herself in village life Her passion is the children’s hospice and she devotes much of her time raising money and planning events to help those seriously ill children have a little pleasure in their lives Paradise Fields promised to the hospice by her good friend Sir Gerald is the perfect place for the farmers’ market for locals to sell their wares and to raise money and awareness of the local hospice She is in a comfortable safe boring relationship with a local realtor Simon Her two sons are at university and her daughter is nearly there She owns her own home and has her dear friend Viv to advise nag her about her very unexciting but predictable lifeNel’s life gets turned upside down when she receives a kiss from a stranger at the farmers’ market Of course she was selling mistletoe; so that would surely explain it But the stranger keeps coming in and out of her life at the oddest times and that is how she finds out that her beloved Paradise Fields is being taken over by Sir Gerald’s son and his flashy American wife and their plans do not include anything that would benefit the children’s hospiceA battle led by Nel and supported by Viv and the rest of the villagers begin It seems that the battle will involve the stranger who is now introduced as Jake and not in a good way Nel would like to think that Jake is on the side of the village but so many incidents make it clear that he is not Nel fights up to the eleventh hour when it looks as though she has finally run out of time and money to save her beloved Paradise FieldsSome laugh out loud moments kept this book moving Nel goes into things head and heart first and doesn't always have Plan A or Plan B Her devotion and determination plus her situations kept the book fast paced What I really liked most was that unlike so many of Fforde's books her main character was not a young going on thirty something but an older woman trying to be independent and to make a difference in her community And well she does just thatwith a little help from her friends