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SUMMARY ´ Houseboat on the Nile ê ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Houseboat on the Nile Author Tinnean – Mark Vincent is WBIS—Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security uinton Mann is staunchly CIA Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean up their m Mark Vincent iMark Vincent is WBIS Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security uinton Mann is staunchly CIA Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean. Readers please allow me to express my heartfelt emotionsThis series is just amazingI love this seriesAnd this can't be overNooooooooooooooooOkay I'm done Thank youAnd now let's begin with the review Note This review is for the whole seriesThe jobs which the police can't handle are given to the FBIThe jobs which are beyond FBI's capabilities are given to the CIAAnd when CIA can't handle the heat WBIS steps inWBIS vs CIA Ummmlet me guessTom vs Jerry Well hopefully you got my pointNow uinton Mann is the best the CIA has to offerHis demeanor is icy coolHis family is like royalty in CIAHe's always calm and controlledMark Vincenthe's the best WBIS has to offerIn fact he's better than every best anyone has to offerHe gets the job doneBut he's a live wireWhen he's thereexplosions are bound to happenThey have nothing in commonThey were not even supposed to meetNot reallyThen one day their paths crossed in an old warehouse and after that they had at least one similarityTheir obssession with one anotherNot that it would amount to anythingFor uin WBIS are loose cannons which can get you killedAnd for Mark anything personal with the C fucking I fucking A; yeah not happening But then why can't they get over itReaders thus starts theirromanceWell I guess I'll let you find outNow to put in simple words this series is exciting and thrilling with action humour sweetness emotion twists drama love and what notDon't miss it Now for those who are interested in reading it I'll warn you this book has dual POV'sI know that's a goood thing but in this book there is repetitive POV'sFor example if a scene is 1st described from Mark's POV then the same scene is also described from uin's POVSome find this to be irritatingAnd to be truthful it was weird as hell and confusing when I started itBut very soon I fell in love with itI soon found myself eagerly anticipating what's going through the other one's mind at that pointSo yes I really really enjoyed thisAnd I'll hope you do tooThat's all for nowReadersTa Ta

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Up their messes uinn thinks most WBIS agents are sociopathic loose cannons So they don’t exactly get alongOf course just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean they can’t. Sigh PerfectionWho would've thought I've seen this book around before but decided now to give it a chance and here we have it folks 5 whole fucking starsThis book is the ultimate in cat and mouseSpoilersThis book was fantastic Fast paced fun the length was appropriate charming characters uniue plot that was a little sick and twisted in parts but constantly made me laughThere are elements to this book that should've bothered me An abundance of exclamation marks in the dialogue the multiple points of view which I normally uite dislike the hilariously bad sex talkNope not me I loved it all Ate it upVincent Have I ever fallen for a man so hard Well yes but he's my official new book boyfriend until I decide to whore myself out to some other fictional character The ease of which he tortures and kills people is straight up hilarious And his constant lying Hilarious He seems so cold but to me it was so funny and so charming I love my men who can kill and rampage without blinking an eye He's so closed off to sweet uinton's games And I love itI loved uinton He was so sweet and and his Vincent's constant game of What the fuck is he up to was so hilarious So hilariousWould recommend To everyone In fact read it right this second


Houseboat on the NilePlay mind games on each other Or sleep together But when an explosion Houseboat on Epubat Mark’s apartment sends uinn to the morgue to ID a body he has to reevaluate his position on deni. What can I say about this book It was fun It was intriguing It was sexy It was funny It was well pacedIt has actionIt was romantic in unexpected placesIt was ridiculousIt was so much fun There has never been such a whacked out individual that I fell hard for the way I fell hard for Mark Vincent The man as he will tell you is the best and he does what ever he needs to do to get the job done regardless if it's an assigned job or something he believes needs to be dealt with He is rough and a lethal weapon to the WBIS and anyone who comes near him and he has an insane crush that went way over the line to obsession on one extremely sexy CIA agent named uinton Mann Good lord Mark I love you and your psychotic ways even when you are taking care of business taking care of rent boys giving death threats to your friend to not fuck with what or rather fuck who you want being one hell of a kick ass agent dealing with your crush like a 12yr old one minute and then doing some really hot things the next and of course the way you treat the dogs in your life Poor Sam uinton I adore you The simple way you repeatedly say Mark's name was like brainwashing the poor man and it was a joy to watch You yourself are so like Mark and yet so opposite and I would really like to see you in a pair of those silk pajamas because yeah This is a kick ass spy type of story It reminds me of my favorite movies where rivals have all the dirt on one another but secretly hold that rival in high respect The just can't show it to the masses but with Mark and uinn the respect is also lust and a bit of really deep like and once they start to play with one another and let things get personal look out because it gets hot The only thing that bugged me was the repetitive telling of scenes I loved the dual POV you need it with these two but if the scene is from Mark's POV I'm good with his rendition of uinn during that time I don't need to go back and get a play by play or repeat of each line they said to one another then from uinn's POV I think the story could have progressed smoothly without the retelling That's my opinion of it and the only thing I didn't love about the book Other than that it's golden and I can't wait to see what shenanigans happen next for our Spy and Spook