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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Ellen Datlow The first three volumes of The Best Horror of PDF #199 Horror of the Year have been widely praised for their uality variety and comprehensivenessWith tales from Laird Barron Stephen King John Langan Peter Straub and many others and featuring Datlow’s comprehensive overview of the year in horror now than ever The Best Horror. Overall rating 4 stars I really liked itI greatly enjoyed this collection of stories so much so that I've given each one its own star rating There's a good variety of topics and authors here and I found many of them truly chilling I always enjoy Datlow's story collections and this was no exceptionIndividual story ratingsThe Little Green God of Agony by Stephen King 3 stars Good but a pretty standard King storyStay by Leah Bobet 3 stars I loved the use of Alaskan mythology hereThe Moraine by Simon Bestwick 3 stars A very uniue monster Though I wondered who the narrator was speaking toBlackwood's Baby by Laird Barron 5 stars I love occult horror like this Definitely reading BarronLooker by David Nickle 4 stars Really weird and uniueThe Show by Priya Sharma 5 stars What an endingMulberry Boys by Margo Lanagan 4 stars of pure horror Lanagan is always so brutalRoots and All by Brian Hodge 4 stars This story of supernatural creatures and meth dealers took an unexpected turnFinal Girl Theory by A C Wise 5 stars despite flaws I adore horror tales about movies I'm just such a sucker for this genreOmphalos by Livia Llewellyn 5 stars This was in another collection I read Loved it there loved it here So so sad but I'm seeking out by this authorDermot by Simon Bestwick 4 stars DisturbingBlack Feathers by Alison J Littlewood 2 stars It was okay but I thought the fairy tale was integrated awkwardly and character exposition was limited and forcedFinal Verse by Chet Williamson 5 stars LOVED IT Turns out I love stories about songs as much as I love stories about moviesbooks Super chilling great endingIn the Absence of Murdock by Terry Lamsley 3 stars Good sinister mood but too brief IMOYou Become the Neighborhood by Glen Hirshberg 5 stars mostly for this reader The woman who narrated this audio story is likely the best reader I've ever heard She really got the story and made it so sad and poignantIn Paris In the Mouth of Kronos by John Langan 4 stars Great monster storyLittle Pig by Anna Taborska 3 stars I've read this one before as well It's short and truly horrific but since I knew the ending the impact was lessened for meThe Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine by Peter Straub 3 stars I guess I was really put off by the sexual and racial politics in this story until I realized it was intentional Ballard and Sandrine are awful people and deserve the cycles of lovepain they inflict on each other This interview here might help with the story if you read it and are left scratching your head

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The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four Read ´ 104 · [Epub] ➞ The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four Author Ellen Datlow – The first three volumes of The Best Horror of the Year have been widely praised for their uality variety and comprehensivenessWith tales from Laird Barron Stephen King John Of the Year provides the petrifying horror fiction readers have come to expect and enjoy The Little Green God of Agony Stephen King Stay Leah Bobet The Moraine Simon Bestwick Blackwood's Baby Laird Barron Looker David Nickle The Show Priya Sharma Mulberry Boys Margo Lanagan Roots and All Brian The Best PDFEPUB or Hodge Final G. Ellen Datlow accused me of being overly snarky the last time I reviewed one of these things so this year I'm starting off by saying something nice It's good to see that Datlow's back Small presses have a reputation for unsteadiness and last year there were ominous Internet rumblings and grumblings about Night Shade Books But Night Shade is still publishing the books are still rolling out and Datlow is still performing her invaluable service to horror fans Though my notion of best may run contrary to hers at times Datlow captures a snapshot every year of where the genre is at and where it might be headed making her annuals reuired reading for those in their fright minds Datlow went big name hunting in 2011 and bagged two titans for her bookends Volume 4 kicks off with horror's most popular author and ends with arguably its best As bad as he can be Stephen King is a difficult author to consign to the Dean Koontz Memorial Slagheap of Authors I Used to Give a Crap About Despite his flirtations with lazy going through the motions hackery King has left himself open to an inspiration that strikes less often these days but when it does he becomes fully engaged and tackles that idea like the pre jillionaire hungry young author who became such a phenomenon That's why I keep buying Stephen King books That young man is still lurking somewhere in the shadows of the brand name and he's the one I come to see The inspiration for The Little Green God of Agony King's first Best Horror entry may have come from his personal experiences with a broken body and knitting bones The sixth richest man in the world is looking for a shortcut through the pain of physical rehab to recovery from a plane crash that left him shattered He summons the Rev Rideout think Tom Noonan to his bedside Rideout is no mere faith healer He doesn't heal I expel He casts out the demon god that feeds on hurt And on a dark and stormy night natch the Rev Rideout sets about a rather uniue exorcism The Little Green God of Agony isn't likely to ever make the Classic Top 10 Stephen King Short Stories but it's a refreshingly concise lightly comic flexing of muscles King doesn't always use any At the opposite end of the book and in contrast to King's sturdy simplicity is Peter Straub's intricate puzzler The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine A pair of decadent lovers cruise languidly along the on a yacht of impossible dimensions moving forward and back through different decades tended to by an invisible crew of pygmies who speak in birdsong Since Straub started hanging around those New Weird delinuents his short fiction has taken a turn for the peculiar the dream like The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine is as likely to inspire consternation as admiration Honestly I'm not sure what to make of it myself But few authors can offer readers a sensory experience eual to the luxury of sinking into Straub's plush prose So I'm happy to go along if he wants to indulge his inner Aickman or maybe as the title might indicate he's channeling JG Ballard I was three or four pages short of the ending of The Ballad when I had to report to work but Straub had me so ensnared in the tangles of his nefariously strange story that I kept sneaking a paragraph h

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The Best Horror of the Year Volume FourIrl Theory A C Wise Omphalos Livia Llewellyn Dermot Simon Bestwick Black Feathers Alison J Littlewood Final Verse Chet Williamson In the Absence of Murdock Terry Lamsley You Become the Neighborhood Glen Hirshberg In Paris In the Mouth of Kronos John Langan Little Pig Anna Taborska The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine Peter Strau. I won't be reading all of these stories Frankly I don't know why I keep picking these Best Horror of the Year anthologies up whenever I come across them at the library It's almost as if every semblance of fun has been scientifically purged from the pages in some stoic pursuit of literary acceptance and broad acknowledgment of the merit of horrorC'mon Why read horror if not to have fun If you want to be bored to sleep read William FaulknerAnyway this being horror a couple of good stories usually manage to sneak in the back door of these stuffy buttoned down collections and those are the ones I'm looking for The Stephen King and Brian Hodge stories were already released in A Book of Horrors why include them in this collection then see my reviews for them there The Brian Hodge story is definitely worth readingFortunately I started off with a mighty fine taleborrowing this perfect synopsis from my Goodreads friend Nancy Oakes' review I'll probably only read the ones she recommended Final Verse by Chet Williamson where a once popular bluegrass singer whose career is fading decides to go on the hunt for the missing last verse to a traditional Appalachian folksong A bit of detective work leads him and a friend to an old house in the woods where they find much than they bargained forVery nicely written ol' Chet either loves his bluegrass or does good research 'cause everything rang nice and true throughout I really liked this story hang in there it's worth it He should be right proud of this 'unI'll update this review with as I get to them