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Read & Download æ Bella Fortuna ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô ❰Reading❯ ➻ Bella Fortuna Author Rosanna Chiofalo – In this warm enchanting debut novel Rosanna Chiofalo evokes the extraordinary beauty of Venice the charm of a close knit New York neighborhood and theHough who knows what may be waiting around the next corner The chance to enjoy a moonlit gondola ride to sip Prosecco in St Mark's Suare to eat mouthwatering gelato to put aside sensible for once and see where the warm Italian breezes guide her as she visits all the sights she's dreamed of The Doge's Palace Il Rialto the little islands of Murano and Burano And maybe along the way to discover that bella fortuna good luck isn't what you're given but what you make. The writing was so forced and awkward and the travel descriptions were overdone and felt like they were lifted from Fodor's I liked the bridal industry as a backdrop but this was way too corny for me I found myself scanning parts that were just too dull

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In this warm enchanting debut novel Rosanna Chiofalo evokes the extraordinary beauty of Venice the charm of a close knit New York neighborhood and the joys of friendship family and surprising second chancesValentina DeLuca has made hundreds of brides' dreams come true At Sposa Rosa the Astoria New York boutiue where she her sisters and their mother design and sew couture knock off gowns she can find the perfect style for even the most demanding customer Now it'. As an author I rarely talk smack about books because I know how hard it is to not only write one but to get one published I hate having to do this because I am sure the author is a lovely person and it's heartbreaking to read negative reviews if she's smart she'll avoid them altogether But her acknowledgement page went on for pages She thanked everyone in the world It was off putting I got to page 10 before I had to put it down She writes like english is not her first language Her phrases are awkward For example she says of NY Probably nowhere else in the world will you encounter as many people from different ethnic socioeconomic and religious backgrounds well except for at an airport Clumsy Then she goes on to be completely racist as she talks about the Asian who runs a store she visits as a child and chides her with She here every day Hide in back Teenk I no see I no idi uht She never buy anyteeng She steal Who does that It's like busking on the corner in blackfaceThis author has been in the publishing industry for twenty years I can only assume it's her connections that helped get this book published Hey all the power to her It's hard to get published But on a practical level I would have to advise anyone who is interested in reading this book to get it at the library If you pay for it you may well be disappointed

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Bella FortunaS her turn Valentina has loved Michael Carello ever since he rescued her from a cranky shopkeeper when she was ten years old He's handsome chivalrous and loyal And in a few weeks she's going to marry him in VeniceBut just when she thinks everything is falling into place Valentina is forced to re examine her life to see what truly makes her happy And as she soon learns in a place as magical as Venice what seems like misfortune can turn out to be anything but alt. It's rare that I will give a book just one star particularly a book that centers around Italian culture I am such a fan of Italian authors like Mariana Fiorato and Adriana Tringiani that I thought I might enjoy this book as well Sadly I was mistaken Not only was the writing clunky but the plot lines were absolutely ridiculous Skip this one