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characters His Texas Baby ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ê ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ His Texas Baby Author Stella Bagwell – West Texas horse trainer Kitty Cartwright didn't expect a romantic proposalespecially from the New Mexico rancher who was her business rival She didn't expect a proposBaby of course But with passion reigniting this marriage of convenience was starting to feel an awful lot like the real thing Was Liam ready to risk his heart Because Kitty wasn't settling for anything le. Okay I'll put on my big girl panties and admit at certain parts in this book I bawled my eyes out I can own up to it This book was really great though the emotion and characters were intense It was a learning experience for the characters in the book as well as many other things It's definitely worth reading

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Having Liam Donovan's baby And now the daddy to be was insisting they make it legalNo child of Liam's was going to be born without him around The surprise was how uickly Kitty said I do for the sake of the. 35 StarsThis was a great book but it missed being a five star due to so much negativity and repetition from our heroine I won't be reading it againKitty Cartwright is a West Texas horse trainer following in her father's footsteps Her father was a tough man and he has just unexpectedly passed away A few months before his passing she had a one night stand with handsome horse trainer Liam Donovan who she has been in love with for some years and now she carries his child I was not always thrilled with her attitude but I liked her nonetheless She was a heroine shrouded in sadness throughout the book for several reasons She lost her dad she may lose their ranch and prize winning horses due to a horrible change in the will and she's going to marry Liam as he insists but he tells her there will never be lovejust sex The greatest of these is the unreuited love It breaks her heart He is a widower and his pregnant wife was driving while foggy and went off the side of a mountain He says he buried his heart with his dead wife and child Wow What a horrid thing to tell the woman who will deliver his child in three months It took a lot of convincing for her to agree to marry him but said over and over that it was the best thing for the child There are times after the marriage that I think Kitty regrets marrying him because of the pain of him being determined not to love her I felt for her but I don't think she handled things as well as she couldLiam Donovan was horse training royalty who had suffered a traumatic loss seven years previously and has sworn to protect his shattered heart never to become involved with the fairer sexEVER When Kitty tells him he is about to become a father he insists they marry but love is not on the menu He is marrying her only because of his childLiam also had guilt about loving or caring for someone other than his deceased wife and child How on earth could he do that to them That got old real uickWill he ever be able to let go of the ghosts of his past and risk his heart again I definitely recommend this book As I do freuently I like to re read the books that I consider exceptionally good This was my fourth and final read through Each time I've read it I liked it a little bit less

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His Texas BabyWest Texas horse trainer Kitty Cartwright didn't expect a romantic proposalespecially His Texas PDF from the New Mexico rancher who was her business rival She didn't expect a proposal at all But Kitty was. I uite liked this bookfinished it in one go forsaking two others I was already reading at the time The angst level really ramps up at some points in the story The angst is in the tenor of the story rather than any real big eventsAn aloof almost cold H and a younger h who has been in love with him for a long time while he is still in love with his long dead wife The hH have a ‘drunken’ one night stand and now the H meets her after few months and finds her obviously pregnant He offers a moc minus love being an option even in the future and she accepts against her better judgment All this in the background of horse racing and training which complimented and distracted from the story at the same timeI started out liking the H than the h and ended up not liking him too much The h was too uptight and offish to begin with brushing off his overtures probably as a self defense measure But she opens up and even tells him of her love for him sending him off into a perma freeze Worse were his almost uncaring ways with his pregnant wife One instant I particularly disliked was when after a hard day she comes home beat to find him having his dinner and instead of getting her dinner for her he points out it’s in the fridge I would have liked him better if he had told her to sit down and gotten her plate for her He is always berating her for not taking it easy and working too hard during her pregnancy but he rarely does anything to make things better for herIt seemed he had zero interest in her outside the bedroom even jumping to the most shameful conclusions without much justification I would have liked him be a less of a nag and of a hero to herYour heart goes out to the h who is strong patient and enduring in spite of all her lonely physical and emotional hardships