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CHARACTERS ↠ The Ranchers Secret Wife Cooper Creek #3 ´ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Ranchers Secret Wife Cooper Creek #3 By Brenda Minton ✩ – HE SAID I DO TO A STRANGER After knowing his bride for all of three hours soldier Reese Cooper married waitress Cheyenne Jones She was pregnant aChanged everything Ranchers Secret Wife Cooper Creek PDFEPUB or But with a wife and baby counting on him Reese is about to learn what real courage is all about Cooper Creek Home is where the heart is for this Oklahoma famil. KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 StarsThe Rancher’s Secret Wife is the first book I have read by Brenda Minton and I have to say I will be looking for I grew up reading faith based romance novels and have to say this one is beyond great I cried like a fool through it The hero is Reese and he is a recently injured veteran As the sister of a Marine I absolutely loved the way she handled not only his injury recovery but his PTSD tooCheyenne has come to Dawson to make sure that Reese is ok and to offer him the annulment they promised each other at their uickie wedding in Vegas What she didn’t expect to find is a home in DawsonReese is beyond great Before heading out to Afghanistan he has some time in Vegas and literally runs into this pregnant crying dancer that pulls at his heart strings He gets her to marry him to give her insurance and make her his beneficiary if something should happen to him Well something did happen he was injured and has lost his sight The last think he expected when walking in the kitchen was to find the wife no one knows he has sitting at his mom’s table He is having a hard enough dealing with the fact that he can no longer see and now he has to figure out what to do with his wife and the feelings that are growing for her Can he get around her hardhead to make her see that forever is a possibility Can he accept that he can have forever with her even though he is blindThese two have so much chemistry and there is soooooo much to love about both of them I have to admit many parts had me tearing up with these two I hope y’all love it as much as I didReview copy provided for an honest review

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He was about to ship out on a dangerous tour of duty But months Ranchers Secret Wife PDFEPUB #193 later Reese comes home to Dawson Oklahoma no longer the strong cowboy who vowed to help Cheyenne Shrapnel and a guarded heart. I only just discovered this author and love her work This is the second of her books I have read She creates great characters and plots and they just make your heart smile I am on a mission to read


The Ranchers Secret Wife Cooper Creek #3HE SAID I DO TO A Secret Wife ePUB #8608 STRANGER After knowing his bride for all of three hours soldier Reese Cooper married waitress Cheyenne Jones The Ranchers PDFEPUB or She was pregnant and scared alone in Las Vegas and. GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEPUBLISHER LOVE INSPIRED BOOKSPUBLICATION DATE JULY 24 2012 RATING 5 OUT OF 5 – NEAR PERFECTPROS Flawless execution of what could have been a predictable plot; consistent feeling of a tight knit community; fleshed out secondary characters that didn’t overpower the main storyline; Cheyenne’s emotions were very relatable; realistic portrayal of being blind; didn’t glorify war when describing Reese’s time in actionCONS NoneWhen Reese Cooper ran into Cheyenne Jones in Las Vegas she was alone and scared and he was about to ship out to Afghanistan Offering to marry the pregnant waitress and dancer might not have been the most sensible option for either of them but Reese never regretted his decision knowing that he’d be supporting Cheyenne and her baby and allowing them a ticket out of Las Vegas and Cheyenne’s dead end job Cheyenne never expected to see Reese again although she was very grateful for the money he provided her with which allowed her to study to become a hairdresser and enter a respectable career But as Reese’s legal wife she’s informed when he’s discharged from the army after being badly injured in the line of duty After having exchanged several letters with Reese while he was overseas Cheyenne can’t help but worry about her “husband” So she sets off for Dawson Oklahoma to visit Reese and his familyReese’s family are than surprised to find a heavily pregnant woman on their doorstep but it doesn’t take them long to figure out the truth of her situation Although Reese and Cheyenne are determined that their “marriage” isn’t going to turn into anything real Reese’s family are welcoming and make it clear that they want to support Cheyenne even going as far as helping her set up a hairdressing business in Dawson Reese is still struggling to come to terms with his blindness and doesn’t believe he can support a wife and family But when Cheyenne starts to experience pregnancy complications he can’t ignore the desire to be by her side Will their marriage of convenience turn into something tangible despite their best efforts to ignore their true feelingsI’m a sucker for marriage of convenience stories even ones that have slightly cheesy titles But despite their sometimes overly simplistic titles I’ve developed uite an appreciation for Love Inspired Books and their authors over the past few years Not only does Brenda Minton manage to put a new spin on the marriage of convenience story in The Rancher’s Secret Wife she also puts across her incredibly compelling story in a 224 page novel The Rancher’s Secret Wife is technically the third book in the Cooper Creek series which I didn’t realise when I picked it up But as all Love Inspired books are designed to be read as standalone novels I was able to ease into the town of Dawson and the Cooper family with no difficulty at all I’ve never lived in such a tight knit community even though I’ve spent most of my life in small country towns but I like to believe that places like Dawson still exist where neighbours look out for each other and you know all your local storeowners by name Dawson had a lovely nostalgic feel to it making me understand why Cheyenne would want to settle there and raise her baby and it thankfully managed to void seeming too perfect or unrealisticI also loved all of the secondary characters in The Rancher’s Secret Wife I’ll reiterate you can read this book as a standalone novel but you’ll probably end up wanting to read the rest of the books in the series once you get to know Reese’s family and friends Although each of the characters had their flaws and problems they never overpowered the main storyline and I think I got a few inklings of a future book featuring Reese’s younger brother As I said I love marriage of convenience stories I’m not sure what the appeal is but I’m obviously not alone in my feelings as these stories crop up in every romantic genre – contemporary historical even Amish It’s difficult to manage a marriage of convenience story in a contemporary setting without it feeling too contrived and I did wonder how the story would pan out in The Rancher’s Secret Wife Although the idea of a soon to be deployed soldier spontaneously marrying a woman simply because she was alone and pregnant seemed a little unrealistic as I got to know Reese I could tell that he was a man of character and integrity who would do what he thought was right even if it demanded a lot of him There were a few times when I got a little annoyed at Cheyenne for not admitting her true feelings for Reese and continually pushing him away when he offered to help her but when I stepped back and examined her situation I could see why she acted the way she did I can be a pretty emotional person at times – and goodness knows how heightened my emotions would be if I were pregnant like Cheyenne – and I could see a bit of myself in Cheyenne’s insecurity and worries I imagine this is something a lot of readers will be able to relate toReese’s disability added an extra dimension to the romance holding him back from admitting how he felt to Cheyenne out of fear that he couldn’t be a real husband to her This turns out to be the third Love Inspired novel I’ve read this year that contains a blind character and the descriptions of how Reese learned to move around and understand his surroundings appeared to be the most realistic I’ve come across in a novel I also appreciated that the book was able to address Reese’s time in combat and the affect it had on his life without glorifying war Stories featuring war heroes particularly romance novels sometimes seem as if they’re verging on glorifying war rather than simply acknowledging the sacrifices servicemen and women make which can often sit uncomfortably with a pacifist like myselfI picked this book up thinking it would be an easy relaxing read for a stressful period in my university semester I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did or to become so emotionally connected with the characters and the setting of Dawson Oklahoma This has to be my favourite contemporary Love Inspired novel and I highly recommend it to readers of this line This definitely won’t be the last of Brenda Minton’s novels that I readReview title provided by Love Inspired Books