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Losing Hope Read & Download ☆ 9 ☆ ❴PDF❵ ❤ Losing Hope Author Leslie J. Sherrod – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk LOVE LOSS AND DANGEROUS CLIENTSSocial worker Sienna St James is a woman with a complicated past and an alarming Tuesday morning In one single day every advance Sienna has made in getting over her long LOVE LOSS AND DANNt who claims to have a missing sister Sienna finds herself in the middle of a city wide scandal all while sorting out the painful details of her personal lifeAt center are two suspicious foster parents a mega church ministry leader and Sienna's own fragile emotions over a man who changed the direction of her life It's a test of her profes. Audio book I think this book was misnamed well at this point in my reading chapter 53 but I've thought so from nearly the beginning I think it should be titled Finding Hope rather than Losing Hope Okay I have finished the book and still think it was misnamedSuch a seemingly intelligent woman doing such unintelligent things repeatedly The husband who needed to be ditched The mindless wandering into harm's way It was such a strong pattern of behavior that it was 100% predictable I needed a protagonist who while human was not a doormat and who used some kind of common sense to navigate life I was not certain if I could hear audio book one fawning reference to her flaky husband I do not know whether I wanted her husband to be dead tidy and freeing her or whether I wanted him to be alive so she had to woman up and deal with things after nearly two decades of not doing so I did not hate the book contrary to how frustrated I sound here I did like the book well enough to finish it without having to force myself As a note to myself here I am conflicted as to whether I want to proceed with any installments of this series

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Sional and moral will as Sienna seeks closure from a love she never understood and answers about whether a little girl named Hope ever existed And if she did where is she now In this first installment of the suspenseful Sienna St James Series finding hope in the midst of uestions and chaos becomes essential when life takes an unexpected tu. I really love mysteries and I really love Christian fiction so I had the best of both worlds in this book At times I wanted to shout at Sienna because she tended to shy away from asking the tough uestions and tended not to follow her instincts but that was part of her growth as the story progressed The ending was great and not expected I'm ready for the next book

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Losing HopeLOVE LOSS AND DANGEROUS CLIENTSSocial worker Sienna St James is a woman with a complicated past and an alarming Tuesday morning In one single day every advance Sienna has made in getting over her long lost globe trotting husband unravels in unexplainable fashion From a mysterious package that hails from another continent to a new teen clie. I won this in a First Reads GiveawayI liked this book well enough and wish I could give 3 ½ It's intriguing captivating mysterious and suspenseful It's well written and beautifully so There's some uotes and moments that I loved that I will included below but it's hard with context The characters and setting were realistic and came alive I love how this book stays true to the diversity of Balti and didn't shy away from including people of all shapes sizes backgrounds and colors That was a breath of fresh air considering how prominent having an all lily white cast with a token of color is across all kinds of media I found the social work aspect really pull me since I have experience in this area and many friends in it as well That was the best part for me I did identify well with the struggle to separate yourself from your partner and how things get all twisted I think the book is well done and I enjoyed the uick read I was torn through between breezing through it and getting annoyed with boredom for relatively minor things I think I might be coming back to the next book in the series because it's solid has things I like than didn't and the chance of disappointment is low not for the nagging need to continue that comes with 5 star books I'm not trying to be harsh I understand that for other this book will rank higher and for good reason I just found it to be solid a bit annoying yet a bit above average The main character Sienna and indeed every person in the cast is Christian That's all fine and dandy I mean really my culture is dominantly Christian including a lot of my family and friends It's not the mere mention of it that deduces from the book I do respect her for keeping religion apart from her work and clients I hate how case workers sometimes push or feel religion is necessary It was mainly how much scripture there is in this book I found myself yawning and rolling my eyes at such passages since I'm not Christian nor religious I just couldn't connect with that aspect of Sienna I understand and have grappled with faith before so I get what she was going through I just didn't find these parts compelling However I was able to connect and like Sienna for other things and aspects in her character I just didn't like having to read all those psalms and such I know it was important to Sienna and her character to detail the bible verses even paragraphs at a time but I skimmed those The only part of Sienna I didn't really get was her issues and struggles with social justice I get her struggles with her husband being gone for his work in social justice but she seemed to have issues with the very meaning of social justice and it's purpose During one of these pondering flashback moments she talks about a service in a remote village she went to with her husband RiChard for his work RiChard brings up a good point about Christians coming into places to settle civilize and preach True that service was peaceful and the people participating willing but that's not always the case even today It felt odd that she brought up the crusades being instances of this in the past but not slavery It's not just ancient history either that was rather dismissive and you'd think she'd keep up with current events all things considered There are plenty of people who cling Christian ideology to justify their bigotry and persecution complex There are also plenty of places to look at right now today if you want to see what would happen should the Right Wing Christians got what they want in regards to women rights gay rights etc It's not a pretty picture This instance is really minor though a mere moment in this 400 page book that doesn't detract much just illustrates why I was disconnected from Sienna in regards to faith I liked the mystery part of the book I think it was done well though it didn't really knock my socks off I saw some of it coming and was lea