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Embellish MeNg and printing as well as complex embellishing techniues such as embroidery needle punching and foil embossing Each chapter concludes with an artist interview giving you insight into the working practices of contemporary fabric crafters and providing further inspiration for your own projects The third section rounds out the book with instructions for crafters who want to take their fabric designs to the next level and offers in depth advice on important issues such as how aspiring crafters can best market and sell their own desig. If you’re anything like me you spend an exorbitant amount of time on Pinterest pinning projects that you’ll never finish who am I kidding never even start Of course you have all the best intentions to create that mason jar vase or handmade soaps but last time you created something it should have ended up on Pinterest Fail And while many of my own Pinterest mishaps are purely the result of my impatience or inability to follow directions correctly some are simply because I’m following the directions of another novice that lacks an editorAustin based fabric designer Laurie Wisbrun‘s book Embellish Me removes that amateur obstacle A professional fabric designer Wisbrun brings expertise to the world of DIY As a visual person I found Wisbrun’s step by step photography easy to follow and the directions complete The instructions make clear the tools and materials that will be needed for each project and the interviews with other professional fabric artists were interesting and it was a treat to see their lovely worksWith a mix of instruction ideas and artist introductions — this is a book for crafting rookies and experts alike

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And clothes to cushion covers lampshades toys and home furnishings Galleries throughout the book will inspire you to engage with these techniues showing how they have been applied to fabric and providing a valuable starting point for your craftDivided into three sections Embellish Me begins with essential information on tools and materials as well as a comprehensive chapter on pattern design which covers computer rendered patterns in addition to hand drawn designs The second section is organized by techniue covering bleaching dyei. If you want to fill your head with cool ideas of things to try this is a great book If you want a beautifully put together treasure trove of great project photographs interesting interviews and introductions to various kinds of embellishment techniues for fabrics this is a fabulous bookIf you are looking for serious instruction in any of the techniues contained in this book chances are you will be at least somewhat unsatisfied Speaking as a lifelong embroiderer for instance the embroidery section spanning a couple of pages spent time on instructions for transferring patterns to fabric than the actual embroidery Transferring patterns is very important yes but so is the difference between a running stitch a back stitch a french knot satin stitch split stitch and chain stitch Yet oddly instructions on different kinds of stitches are not there So a 55 for brainstorming and inspiration A 25 for techniue and skills instruction It has given me some wonderful ideas for dyeing fabrics and making my own patterned fabric but I'm thinking I'll need further details from other sources on the actual execution

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READ & DOWNLOAD · Embellish Me  ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Embellish Me By Laurie Wisbrun ✓ – Embellish Me is the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect surface finish for your fabric based projects Comprehensive step by step instructions are accompanied by detailed illustrations that illumin Embellish Me is thEmbellish Me is the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect surface finish for your fabric based projects Comprehensive step by step instructions are accompanied by detailed illustrations that illuminate an extensive range of fabric alteration and embellishment techniues Learn tie dyeing bleaching and shibori block silk screen and digital printing and beading embroidery and appliué This information rich guide will euip you with all the information you need to apply these techniues to any number of fabric projects from tote bags. Very disappointing Blame me for not reading the description and instead thinking the cover was somehow indicative of the types of techniues or projects that would be in the book Nothing even remotely resembling the cover is within the bookBut now reading the description I think even that is misleading Learn tie dyeing bleaching and shibori; block silk screen and digital printing; and beading embroidery and appliué There's definitely some techniues and project examples for the dyeingbleachingprinting part Almost too much In a book called Embellish Me I would not expect than half the book to be filled with ideas for creating fabric Not embellishing it but creating the base fabric to begin with Maybe my definition of embellish is just off Even if you do consider those things to be embellishing the book still fell short Most of the designer profiles were of designers who worked with or created commercially available fabric When I read a book about fiber arts embellishments I don't expect to see a gallery full of handbags sewn with commercial fabric It was just plain oddThe actual embellishment techniues fill only a fraction of the book and as mentioned by another reviewer really fall short You could embroider you could add beads is about the gist of it No instruction on how to do any of those things how to select supplies etc And in this section as well the profiles and projects are completely unrelated to the techniues just presented Designers who make things with felt Wet felted beads which are not a techniue described The whole book was confusing disjointed and disappointing