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Land of PromiscuityReaders will thirst for revelation and resolution at the gentle prod of her pen for these complex yet relatable characters Norma L Jarrett Essence Bestselling AuthorLand of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson has a host of interesting characters Secrets threaten to alter several characters' lives in this dramatic tale of a woman who comes face to face with her past I recommend this book for those who are looking for something different yet interesting Shelia M Goss author of Delilah and Ruthle. I have to begin by saying that I love this author's writing voice I do not follow the work of very many writers but this being the third book that I have read by Jackson I can honestly say that I have become a fan Land of Promiscuity LOP follows Rebecca a loose Christian who misuses her body to get the love she desires and Will a pastor in training who struggles between being who he is and who others want him to be LOP is a romantic journey as Rebecca and Will turn to the past in order to be able to face the futureLOP is a well written story with unforgettable characters I heard previous to reading the book that it was a slow read I will admit that the beginning is somewhat slow due to heavy back story however once the story got moving it was an entertaining and thought provoking read I am glad that the seuel Path to Promise is coming out in October 2013 because I hope that the characters are able to overcome lingering obstacles and embrace their individual and collective promises readers are rooting for

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Cover her passion when she returns home As they are settling her mother's estate Rebi and William unearth a generational curse that threatens to dismantle their carefully built love affair The Land of Promiscuity is a story of unreuited love that will leave you wondering whether there are circumstances that make it impossible for even love to surviveLand of Promiscuity boasts bold rich characters and a fresh voice Ms Kiser Jackson skillfully invokes both sympathy and disdain for her protagonist. Another great book by Mrs Jackson I liked the way Mrs Jackson used nicknames to describe the character of the person such as Rebecca and her nickname was Weary It suited her because she ran herself ragged trying to fit in and she cared way too much about what other people thought about her Then there was the love hate relationship with her mom the Madame and lastly the relationship she held within herself with the one man she truly loved but who didn't see her for who she was until it was too late Of course I'm glad that Rebecca reconnected herself with Christ and shifted her focus off men which she had done in the past I see now why the book ended the way it did with Rebecca leaving Will her true love because she ended up finding a greater love In Jesus and with herself A lot of dynamics in the book kept it interesting with Rebecca learning that her Aunt Gail who she treated like a sister was really her sister Wow Then Gail too has insecurities about marriage because she had a hole in her heart which was mended in the end In the end Rebecca reconciled her relationship with Christ and received redemption That's what makes a Christian fiction book great because the story must be told in which someone is reconciled back to Christ gets delivered from something and obtains redemption from their sins If it doesn't have those components then it doesn't uality as a Christian book maybe urban fiction at best I love books with a happy ending and even though it didn't end as I had expected it still was a happy ending I'm always happy when people find Christ in the midst of their circumstances Well done Mrs Jackson I stopped short of giving 5 stars bC of the errors in it

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CHARACTERS Land of Promiscuity 107 ↠ [Reading] ➱ Land of Promiscuity ➹ Sherryle Kiser Jackson – Ever since high school Rebi Lucas has not led a discreet lifestyle She has grown accustomed to using her body as a bargaining tool Although than a few men have known her physically only one man has da Ever since high scEver since high school Rebi Lucas has not led a discreet lifestyle She has grown accustomed to using her body as Land of MOBI #8608 a bargaining tool Although than a few men have known her physically only one man has dared to love her as a true friend Now Rebi must return to her hometown after her mother's death to face that man William Donovan is now the assistant pastor of Grace Apostle Methodist Church adjacent to her family's home estate He's devoted to helping Rebi heal old wounds and redis. No Ordinary LoveRebecca Lucas returned to her hometown to bury her mother Madame Ava Madame Ava was a major philanthropist in the community and made a name for herself Awkward ridiculed and frustrated Rebecca left home never to return again Now that she's back her friendship with Will her best friend takes on weight as they both deal with secrets enemies and emotions Can Will get Rebecca to finally stop runningLAND OF PROMISCUITY started off kind of slow The story is filled with details which allows readers to get to know the characters and their flaws Jackson does a great job layering the story Reviewed by Crystal