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The Wedding Runaway review Ê eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➾ [Download] ➾ The Wedding Runaway By Katy Madison ➳ – Boston heiress Lydia Hamilton overhears her fiancé’s scheme to wrest control of the family business by wedding her Refusing to be any man’s pawn she runs away tErica he challenges Leonard to a duel with notoriously inaccurate and cursed pistols But the pistols have away of changing everything and Leonard is wounded Victor didn’t mean to shoot the boy at all but when he discovers Leonard is a girl what can he do but take her home to heal But who will heal who. It was really just okay though the secondary romance was a little better to me than the primary I thought Lady Helena was a bit well defined though her past with Trevor wasn't very fleshed out The lead Lydia never actually tells Victor why she didn't want to marry Oscar the comment about her being mannish it's a point of inferiority for her throughout the book so to never address it with the hero seemed unfinished Madison's best work is still Tainted by Temptation

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Boston heiress Lydia Hamilton overhears her fiancé’s scheme to wrest control of the family business by wedding her Refusing to be any man’s pawn she runs away to England A lone woman would stand out but masuerading as a young man named Leonard she The Wedding PDFEPUB or can have the adventure of h. 35 starsI do enjoy but some I didn't like Good writing and easy to understand I haven't read any series This is the only one I wanted to read I was interested in brass women dressed as a man act as a man and take the ton But in this one it was okay Just didn't like when she's blurry teary eyes I don't like it when Vincent went looking to Amelia for to slake his thirst while He's thinking of Lydia Gross I feel sorry for Amelia Shes been throwing herself at him I don't like when other couples insert in with main couples story I'm glad good guy Trevor finally have the love of his life Helena wedded Trevor♥️HelenaHe met her gaze with his own intensity then he dropped to one knee gathered her hands in his and said Lydia would you do me the honor of becoming my wife of sharing this home with me I have done much to hurt you and I fear I may yet cause you pain but I love you and I cannot live without you I was a fool to ever believe I couldYea You Vincent is a fool Wanting her kissing her longing her hurting her runied her hurt her again then in the end damn to all and now you're in love with her Finally made up your mind SheeshWhy do Lydia stayed around til he man upI liked Lydia boldness and her adventure as inpendent but I didn't like the way she coward when scare or be distress making her feminine when she's been acting as a man Kinda throw me off a bitVincent♥️Lydia

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The Wedding RunawayEr life and support herself with gambling Victor Bartlett the Earl of Wedmont has sworn off marriage but he didn’t think he’s sworn off women When he rescues a brash American gambler who has won too much and too often Victor finds his feelings for the youth unsettling To scare the runaway back to Am. The premise of this book was catchy she masuerades as a boy to earn a living gambling in London after running away from her wedding in Boston He becomes sort of a mentor they get along well but if only he could stop having these unnatural feelings towards a boy Maybe he is completely evil and depravedThis review is slightly spoilerish but only if you can't figure out exactly how the book will endAt last he finds out she's a woman Hurray he wasn't attracted to a boy But he still beats himself up for being some form of evil and undeserving of happiness And then it gets worse Not that anything happens but because nothing happens He wants her she wants him she's willing and able he keeps making out with her and then running away So much self flagellation Maybe the first two times were okay maybe even three But I can't even count how many times he tried to push her away then showed up again to show her how much he wants her then tells her he's no good for her and runs away again but not before laving her nipples I know it's a standard plot device but it went on so many times that he really just needed a kick in the head Also it took up a lot of the book leaving very little time at the end for him to have a great revelation His revelation wasn't well written either I couldn't pinpoint a certain instance when he changed his mind we just catch up to him later and he's realized that of course he's been an idiot Well We already knew thatAnother minor complaint is the style the author would switch from one story to another She would leave a cliffhanger situation but then when she returned to those characters they were already past it They might think about what happened in flashback but I didn't like being taken out of the action and never returnedFinally this book is the last of a series I thought it was the first book so I was confused and annoyed when so much attention was paid to tertiary characters and mystical cursed pistols Then I realized that I should have read all the other books Oops totally my bad So this book doesn't stand alone very well I'm not going back to the other books because from what I could gather each couple had similar misunderstandings and cat and mouse games that went on for an entire book And I've seen how they all end