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The sheriff Bud’s boss seems determined to steer the investigation off track So what does the apparent murder suicide have to do with the Caloosa Former journalist Elliott Mackle takes this wonderfully realized ”why done it” to fascinating levels as he explores the various factions of a small southern town facing the giant implications of a rapidly changing society in the postwar years IT TAKES TWO Mackle’s first novel and a Lambda Literary Award finalist returns to prin This is a well researched historical story full of colourful characters The actual murder mystery isn’t terribly engaging even the police detective seems to forget about it at times but Florida in 1949 comes to life beautifullyThe moving parts of this story involve the main character’s recent transition from army officer to civilian hotel manager The war has left him traumatised but determined to find a life partner The struggle for civil rights is at the centre of this story be it for racial integration or for gay rights Mackle’s characters are vibrant and diverse though he has a tendency to write good guys and bad guys ignoring the complicated morality of most humansI loved Carmen Tommy and Dan’s deliberately eccentric staff at the hotel Dan is a great lead character though I found him a little preachy at times I struggled to warm to Bud which is problematic because I think I was supposed to love him I’ve given this four stars for some beautiful descriptive passages a brilliant setting and great characters The mystery didn’t really work for me Even though readers are given enough information at the very start to figure out whodunnit the author’s plot wandered enough that he needed to give readers the answers in a rushed epilogue style passage at the end of the story

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It Takes TwoFebruary Fort Myers Florida It started out to be such a nice day But early morning gunfire at the Royal Plaza Motor Hotel changed all that One white man is dead One black man is It Takes Kindle dead The white man’s widow has just crashed the investigation and is waving a gun around Dan Ewing who isn’t supposed to be there barely escapes getting shot Saving his bacon is Lee County detective Bud Wright Dan and Bud are than just fishing buddies But that’s one secret of many A “who and why done it” mystery set in 1940s Florida Dan Ewing is the manager of the Caloosa Hotel which privately caters to the very special needs of its guests and Bud Wright is a police detective whose passionate desire for Dan is in conflict with his desire to shut Dan’s business down When one black man and one white man are suddenly killed in an apparent murder suicide Dan and Bud find themselves up against local business political and religious leaders as they are entrenched in one small southern town’s deeply hidden secretsReview by ErastesOne of the reviews I’ve seen for this book calls it a “gay romance for grown ups” and that’s not a bad assessment It starts with an existing ‘affair’ between Bud and Dan However whereas Dan is happy in his skin and knows his sexuality and is comfortable with it Bud is most certainly not Not only is Bud a cop and understandably cautious to be around Dan but he’s bisexual with a preference for men and he’s fighting itThis is 1949 Florida and both men were in the services in World War 2 Bud was a “jarhead” – a grunt a marine; going where he was sent doing what he was told to do He’s highly decorated and not particularly unsettled by the war Dan however having been on the Indianapolis when it was torpedoed by the Japanese and having spent four days drifting in a lifeboat with dead bodies and sharks all around and no food or water–has re occuring nightmares and no wonder The fact that he lost the first man that he loved on that ship too compounds his mental damage Both men use devices to justify why they like the other–Bud calls Dan “Coach” because he reminds him of a schoolboy crush he once had and Dan feels that as he doesn’t have the nightmares when Bud’s around it must mean something specialBut Bud is skittish he’s obviously hugely attracted and very fond of Dan but he uses every excuse not to admit to himself that this is anything than mutual relief Even the language the men use distances themselves from the fact that they are in a relationship “Mixing it up” and “fooling around” and never “making love” or even “having sex” Dan is a lot pragmatic; he likes Bud he wants Bud and he knows Bud is keen on him and sexually attracted to him and he gets frustrated that Bud is often so dismissive and often insulting–saying he’s not a fruit and neither is DanThere’s a lot of Non PC language and attitudes in this book but it’s all perfectly in place You expect people of this era to use language that would be entirely unacceptable today But be warned if you aren’t able to read about realism in this time and placeAnother major reason why Bud is nervous of getting involved with Dan is that Dan is the manager of the Caloosa Hotel On the outside a prosperous and ordinary hotel dealing with the higher end of the market but on the inside it has a private club where anything goes depending on what the customer wants It’s owned by Dan’s old Admiral who picked Dan up from the whore pits of Asia after the war and brought him home In this position Dan is buffered from the local law enforcement–they know what goes on and what Dan is and many other employees are but the organised crime of the area keeps Dan at arm’s length from this Obviously Bud has a problem with this–but he also sees the corruption in his own police department and can’t decide which is worseBud’s reticence and continuing resistance to Dan eventually pushes the relationship to breaking point and it’s there that decisions have to be madeAdd to all this a good sexually motivated double interracial murder with uestions on all sides Who killed whom Who was shagging whom And a cast of characters both “straight laced and then some” and otherwise camp bartenders sexy priests and the Ku Klux Klan threatening the hotel it all adds up to a great fast paced read with a romance so masculine you just want to smack their heads together and tell them to fucking TALK to each other Which of course they never doMr Mackle really writes what he knows As a homosexual member of the armed forces his inside knowledge rings very true particularly dealing with the memories of Dan’s time in the navy Highly recommended and certainly one book that needs a boost and a lot attention As far as I can see it’s now out of print which is criminal Go buy


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Ebook ´ It Takes Two ¶ ✓ [Read] ➬ It Takes Two ➵ Elliott Mackle – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk February 1949 Fort Myers Florida It started out to be such a nice day But early morning gunfire at the Royal Plaza Motor Hotel changed all that One white man is dead One black man is dead The white ma February Fort Myers Florida It stIn this small town Dan is the manager of the Caloosa Hotel a class act if you’re just passing through but a provider of card games call girls mixed drinks and other special ”services” for members of the ultra private Caloosa Club This doesn’t sit well with everyone in town including a wealthy car dealer the KKK and Bud Wright despite the fact that he’s sleeping with Dan But the car dealer is the dead white man the black man is the husband of his wife’s former maid and This was a book which made me fell in love with Elliott Mackle's writing I bought the old paperback edition couple years ago from the third party seller on and when I saw that it is reissued on Kindle I bought the ebook as well After rereading I realized that I never reviewed it so here is my attempt to rectify thisOut of three books that I have read by this writer I would say that this is probably the most romantic one Dont get me wrong it is also a great historical and murder mystery investigation but while Bud and Dan do not talk about how much they love and care for each other actually Bud talks very little about that period since he is not a POV character them falling in love is very very clear for the reader and since we are in Dan's head we can hear his feelings on that matter They are restrained when the feelings come up of course they will be dont want to generalize much but often than not men are not much for feelings talk The settings of Florida in the 1940s are very believable seem very well researched often ugly when racism and homophobia are so rampant but it makes what Bud and Dan have and realise that it is worth keeping all the touching and wonderful I think this book also has one of the best portrayals of PTSD which soldier may often have coming home from war I really really loved this book and highly recommend it