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The apostle Paul was a vital force in the development of Christianity Paul’s historical and religious context affects the theological interpretation of Paul’s writings no small issue in the whole of Christian theologyRecent years have seen much controversy about the apostle Paul his religious and social context and its effects on his theology In the helpful Counterpoints format four leading scholars present their views on the Really enjoyed the Mark Nanos portion but didn't find much enjoyment in the other sections Worth picking up for Nanos' section though if you're interested in a Jewish perspective of Paul's ministry

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Four Views on the Apostle PaulBest framework for describing Paul’s theological perspective including his view of salvation the significance of Christ and his vision for the churchesContributors and views includeReformed View Thomas R SchreinerCatholic View Luke Timothy JohnsonPost New Perspective View Douglas CampbellJewish View Mark D NanosLike other titles in the Counterpoints Bible and Theology collection Four Views on the Apostle Paul gives theology st I just read this book with a group of first year college students In my opinion it would work better for graduate students with prior experience in Pauline scholarship; but my honors students were game and benefited from pushing themselves to understand the perspectives of the different authors As is always the case with edited anthologies the chapters were unevenly written; but I was pleased that each of the four authors presented different and important ideas for my students to consider and their responses to one another generally highlighted the most significant points of divergence The editor provided continuity to the volume by asking each contributor Thomas Schreiner Luke Timothy Johnson Douglas Campbell and Mark Nanos to respond to four uestions What did Paul think about salvation? What was Paul's view of the significance of Christ? What is the best framework for describing Paul's theological perspective? And What was Paul's vision for the churches? Despite the editor's best efforts however only two of the four author's used these uestions as the framework for their chapters Thankfully the book did not suffer because of the contributors' recalcitrance In fact I thought Mark Nanos's chapter was the most interesting in the whole volume and he largely ignored the categories provided by the editor I assume because the categories do not fit well with his reading of Paul Even though I found myself having to regularly explain to my students the background for the debates that the authors were engaging the book provided wonderful stimulus for our class discussions I enjoyed the opportunity to read it and I'm glad that I assigned it


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Four Views on the Apostle Paul Epub ☆ 236 pages Download ☆ Michael f. bird Ô [Read] ➺ Four Views on the Apostle Paul ➶ Michael F. Bird – The apostle Paul was a vital force in the development of Christianity Paul’s historical and religious contextUdents the tools they need to draw informed conclusions on debated issuesGeneral editor and New Testament scholar Michael F Bird covers foundational issues and provides helpful summaries in his introduction and conclusion New Testament scholars pastors and students of Christian history and theology will find Four Views on the Apostle Paul an indispensable introduction to ongoing debates on the apostle Paul’s life and teaching  Schreiner is excellent Johnson is excellent as well but he fails to bring any Catholic distinctiveness to his essay Campbell and Nanos both hold unpersuasive minority positions are interesting only in that they are strange I would recommend letting this volume go and instead picking up the Counterpoints “The Role of Works at the Final Judgement” which covers many of the same uestions this volume attempts to answer in a comprehensive way and from a better panel of perspectives