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EPUB ✓ MOBI The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket î Ø DOGSALONBRISTOL ☆ [Read] ➪ The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket Author John Boyne – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk There's nothing unusual about the Brockets Normal respectable and prThere's nothing unusual about the Brockets Normal respectable and proud of it they turn up their noses at anyone strange or different But from the moment Barnaby Brocket comes into the world it's clear he's anything but ordinary To his paren I got this book through a goodreads giveaway and hoped that it might spark a renewed interest in reading in my mathsscience obsessed daughter After reading the blurb and flicking through it she asked if we could read it together so we spent the weekend doing just that Barnaby Brocket is a boy who can float and goes on some adventures all around the world It's a typical kids book however it also has a hidden depth to it that perhaps not all younger readers will appreciate It makes you uestion what is normal and different Barnaby's parents appear to be 'normal' but in reality are the most intolerant of people and don't like anyone who is different to them including their own child who they eventually abandon Barnaby meets a variety of characters on his travels who in some way or another have been abandoned by their loved ones for being different but who have been helped by someone with compassion and understanding and so Barnaby does what he can to help others too Despite what his parents did to him he still wants to get back home to themThe book is fast paced and at times a little sad but it's a lovely story and sharing this with my daughter made the reading experience even better

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Ts’ horror Barnaby defies the laws of gravity and floatsDesperate to please his parents Barnaby does his best to keep both feet on the ground – but he just can't do it One fateful day the Brockets decide enough is enough They never asked Barnaby Brocket is no ordinary boy as he defies the laws of gravity floating off if he isn't physically restrained His parents cannot accept his differences and go to extreme lengths to keep him grounded physically and mentally One day Barnaby floats away and you hope he will experience better examples of humanity once freed from the suffocating normality of his earth bound familyBefore I got the opportunity to meet Barnaby he was kidnapped by my two children aged 8 and 12 and both were engaged by this extraordinary boy and eually enraged by the pompous creativity uashing attitudes of his parents He should have rung Childline was the general viewpoint Having received such a positive reaction from the target audience I was delighted to find my own way into Barnaby's world It's whimsical charming with a fantastical story which flows so smoothly you can't help but be carried along There are touches of Dahl and Walliams with uirky characters and dark humour this feels very much like a modern children's classic Oliver Jeffers' beautiful cover is the perfect complement to Boyne's excellent storytelling highly recommended for children age 8

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The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby BrocketFor a weird abnormal floating child Barnaby has to go Betrayed frightened and alone Barnaby floats into the path of a very special hot air balloon – and so begins a magical journey around the world with a cast of extraordinary new friends This book was an amazingly funny book by John Boyne about a boy called Barnaby Brocket born into a very ordinary house with ordinary parents but the second he is born he defies the laws of gravity by floating to the ceiling the spoiler is sort of uite spoilerish view spoiler One day when he and his very ordinary mum and dog take a nice walk around the botanic gardens when they stop for a rest his mum cuts the sandbag he was warring on his back and the sand tips out and Barnaby Brocket starts his journey across the world starting by being picked up by two old ladies in a hot air balloon And then goes all around the world hide spoiler