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kindle × I Am a Magical Teenage Princess Ò Paperback ô ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☂ I Am a Magical Teenage Princess Author Luke Geddes – I Am a Magical Teenage Princess is a thematically linked collection of short stories celebrating and re examining 1960s and contemporary culture maI Am a Magical Teenage Princess is a thematically linked collection of short stories celebrating and re examining 1960s and contemporary culture magnifying such popular icons as Betty and Veronica and Wonder Woman through a literary lens of wit and pathos In 'Surfer Girl' the title character drifts t This is a startling collection that captures teenage girls in really interesting ways Every story made me gasp in some way but in a very strong collection the most outstanding story is Betty and Veronica a new vision for the two women at the heart of the Archie comics I also appreciated how Geddes isn't afraid of darkness The collection revolves around popular culture archetypes but it's so much than that project Love this book I insist you read it and then we can talk about it And I repeat Betty and Veronica is just a story I will hold deep in my heart

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Hrough time tormented by the bizarre cliches of drive in B movies 'Another Girl Another Planet' depicts a reluctant teenage astronaut idling away her post apocalyptic adolescence huffing gasoline and fooling around with her five brutish shipmates all named Tommy 'Habit Patterns' shows us the beleague Droll Beautifully Honed Stories that Push the Edges of our Confining BoxLuke Geddes' photo looks like he is an early to middle aged teenager but writing of this class would indicate that pictures can be deceiving If he is indeed a teenager the watch out world this new author has a style that makes most other contemporary writers seem pedestrian Just pick up the book and read a story or two you'll then of course be stuck with the passion to finish the whole book and a light comes on Luke Geddes is good and maybe even greatWhile there are many aspects of the stories in this collection that pluck the imagination the very fact that he tells them all form the point of view of a girl gives him an opportunity to make his wild tales even different In his mindset for the narrator of each of these strange at times pathetic at times courageous girls' tales he ventures into that land of what seems to be the 1950s and 1960s pop culture time when meaningful events are focused on `things' especially those insignificant in retrospect topics such as comic book heroes pimply faced distortions of self perception keeping up with the dating and physical trends judging life by who notices youall the things that now we look back and with embarrassment acknowledge as having in some way affected us allThe magical teenage princess of the title though mentioned in one particular story is the manneuin girl that populates each of these stories each time by a different persona and name but you get the idea And as aw shucks and off the wall as many of these girls who share with us are every story has real live blood running through the veins of ht e characters It is as though Luke Geddes at first decided to throw parodies our way then felt sorry or the pathetic lives he was describing and gave each of his lead girls a dollop of sensitive credibilityFor example in `Surfer Girl' we meet a skinny short unattractive girl who wants to learn to surf a chance to be noticed with the boys at the beach especially the ever present Big Kahuna who snorts his boogers Geddes drifts his story between the painful learning about surfing and the affiliated extended physical abuse with bits and pieces of the girl's accidental drowning Yet all the while the surfer girl's father her mother died giving birth to the surfer girl attempts to be a parent gives her a surfboard and eyes candy stripers In Geddes' language `At some point in the future the surfer girl's father will marry the candy striper though she is barely a year or two older than his daughter upon death But what is age? What is time but the tide a drift of memories bobbing along the surface in disarray one wave crashing upon another?' And in another story called `Habit Patterns' Geddes creates tow characters the perfectly groomed and attractive and successful Helen and the celluloid Barbara `Look in the mirror Barbara and think about what's wrong with you It's your habit patterns They need to change Clean your face with soap and water every night Bathe and wash your hair at least once a week Brush your teeth three times a day Be kind to your mother and father Be ladylike Be like Helen'Where all of this sensitivity to teenage angst comes from is something that hits us with the fact that Luke Geddes is uite simply a conjurer He has created in this collection of stories a mix of whimsy and of sensitivity that as well as any writer describes the mind of a teenager Feels a bit like JD Salinger but like Luke Geddes He deserves attention And whether or not you catch him at this nascent point in his apparent ascent is a judgment call Advice? Read him Grady Harp

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I Am a Magical Teenage PrincessRed subject of an educational hygiene film who longs to break free from the cruel social strictures of her celluloid world In these and other stories Luke Geddes experiments with poise and verve whilst retaining an unfakeable human touch often lacking in works self consciously centred on human intere I love what Geddes does with old pop culture elements in this collection Instead of parody or parade he uses these charged images as a starting point for emotional exploration As well as carrying some wonderful ability to entertain they also possess a remarkable ability to move I was definitely impressed and enjoyed reading thoroughly