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Two Wrongs Make a Marriage Free read ☆ 4 ↠ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Two Wrongs Make a Marriage Author Christine Merrill – Lord Kenton is surprisingly happy to be lured to a moonlit gazebo held at gunpoint by the delectable Cynthia Banester and forced to marry her The only finger he's had to lift is tHad to lift is the one that's caressed the neckline of her dress She's claimed a title he's secured Wrongs Make a eBook #8608 a fortune There are just two problems he's not the real Lord Kenton and s. This book was really good and Lord Byron has a cameo at the end no I will not be taking uestions at this time

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He's not rich Bound by their own deceptions Cynthia and Jack decide to make the best of a bad deal They may not have two coins to rub together but consummating their vows proves deliciously satisfying. Also on again I'm back with another book Todays selection is Two Wrongs Make a Marriage by Christine Merrill I'm going to start off with what the story is aboutCynthia Banester needs to marry a wealth member of the ton to help her family get out of their financial crisis so why not trap the ever so handsome Lord Kenton into marriage A simple comprise would not do so why not have make sure you get compromise by gun point Make sure the job is done and right Sounds simple right However there is only one problem with this situation that she doesn't know he's not the actual Lord Kenton but an actor by the name of Jack Briggs Jack task is simple marry a wealthy young lady and bring her back to meet the Earl of Spayne once they are married What can go wrong Well a lot Here's what I thought of the book It was alright; I mean the beginning showed such great promise Come on she forces him to marry her by gun point If that doesn't scream must read I don't know what does Although the book had potential to be great the storyline just dragged for me I truly struggle with both characters I really wanted to love the book because it was different Yet the story wasn't for me So you can check this story out and see if it works for you If you get a chance to read it and love it you can tell me I'm wrong I'm ok with that because everyone is entitle to their opinion So I will talk to you later and happy readingeARC provide by NetGalley

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Two Wrongs Make a MarriageLord Kenton is Make a PDFEPUB #182 surprisingly happy to be lured to a moonlit gazebo held at gunpoint by the delectable Cynthia Banester and forced to Two Wrongs PDFEPUBmarry her The only finger he's. This was a rather fun different historical romance provided to me by netgalleyIt starts off with a stonkingly good opening chapter there's nothing like a gun toting Regency heroine to grab your attention and is premised on an intriguing plot which you just don't see often So what did I like The plot is very enjoyable It's a nice credible twist on the mistaken identitydouble plot A mistaken identity plot has to be really solid to work and because mistaken identity isn't really something which happens an awful lot in real life I always have a hard time with it Well this one neatly side steps the whole issue and instead comes up with a nice story The hero is a wonderfully sympathetic anti hero We never really do learn who exactly he is not for sure but I love the idea of the itinerant jobbing actor falling on hard times and finding out that becoming someone else has its benefits and its downsides He appears fun but there is also a sad side to him and he is deliciously manipulative The plot is resolved in a satisfactory way for me Very often when a historical romance needs a strong persuasive twist in the plot to work it falls flat The twist isn't as tight as it needs to be or a character has to do something which is uncharacteristic for it to work well This one actually comes out uite nicely The secondary characters are also uite good although I would have preferred to have seen of themWhat I didn't like as much I couldn't warm to the heroine She really came across as a prissy prim red headed pair of boobs She seems to look down on everyone around her and I'm not convinced that she really learns her lesson by the end You are left feeling that she doesn't deserve the hero and I doubted that she ever would learn to appreciate him The constant swinging between the hero and heroine having feelings for each other and then denying their feelings just left me feeling rather exhausted uite frankly The first sexy bit is incredibly unsatisfying I could be crude and say exactly why but well its unhurried mechanical and just too damn fast It was also preceded by a worrying amount of licking which I found highly distractingSo 3 stars I liked it