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READ & DOWNLOAD No More Drama î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [KINDLE] ❅ No More Drama By La Jill Hunt – This seuel to Drama ueen finds Kayla's best friend Terrell Sims who has just recently turned his life around battling past demons while his brother a reformed player discovers that the woS just as many conuests as he does which challenges their trust for one another Original first printi. Let me preface by saying I read this a long time ago and LJH is one of my favorites This may've been my first by her This review is very old and one I had in my notes but nevertheless it is the way I felt upon completion My first thought was BORING My second thought was predictable The story DRAGS The main characters are men and maybe it was difficult for this writer to express male characters I have to give props to Eric Jerome Dickey for knowing how to write the opposite sex I mean that brother has skills He will make you think that he's been inside a woman's head I will say that there are some funny parts to this book that made me laugh or gave me a nostalgic feeling The whole new outfit thing was hilariousTo tell you the truth the second half of the book is the best I found myself smiling at the endThe characters in this book had a lot of potential but I found that they blossomed late in the story Props for the second half of the book

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This seuel to Drama ueen finds Kayla's best friend Terrell Sims who has just recently turned his life. Part of learning to love is learning to trustNo More DramaTobias and Terrell Sims brothers who we met in Drama ueen prove that sometimes the situation seems so BLEAK but TIME HEALS ALLthere is no problem too BIG or a PERSON too small that can't be reconciled after time TIME AFTER TIME DJ Terror Tobias Sims has declared his love for Roni Veronica Black an ex player like himself As he goes all out for this extensive proposal he finds that the year he and Roni have shared has been about lies and secrets Can this relationship be repaired Does the past have something to say about that God Pimp Terrell so many women not enough time is tangling himself with all of the BAD GIRLS in this Drama Series You have to experience loss in order to appreciate what you have Terrell isn't father or husband material but he wants to be As Nicole finally banishes Terrell he learns to refocus and all of the DRAMA that has ensued him seems to be in full effect no matter how hard he tries to rededicate himself What else can happen as Terrell tries to set things straight Anjelica MIS UN DER STOOD in the beginning it was declared that she was A WHORE But as the series takes on form you see her evolve into a person and see that her explanations are reaching but it's very practical Usually there's always one in the crowd who everyone hates based on one person's opinion But who's the better personthe one who's shouting or the one not responding Am I my sister's keeper Isis cold as ice BABY sister gurl can sing she has this guard that penetrates seekers of her heart cause she's so drenched in remorse Can she FINALLY let go and forgive herself to receive her TRUE LOVE Although Kayla played the starring role in DRAMA UEEN here in NO MORE DRAMA she was mixed among the supporting cast I don't know that her presence was well accepted but I did see the connection It might not have been MAJOR like you D fans wanted BUT she La Jill put it there I won't front I love La Jill's DISTINCTIVE FORM as well as the FINESSE she uses but like the rest of the reviewers I did think that it lost it's eminence I think mainly because we were all DYING cause we wanted to know what happenedIt's there just not as the main focus La Jill it's cool because I'm waiting for the DRAMA cause with all those dysfunctional characters and the loose ends the DRAMA NEVER ENDSI'm going to have to get a patent for that Oh and the old school mixes I WAS SO FEELING THOSE

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No More DramaAround battling past demons while his brother a reformed player discovers that the woman he loves ha. Cliffhangers I despise themEnd the story already