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D open new dimensions And Yellows the feathers from which there is no escapeThe beautiful young Desdemona is trapped in Curious Yellow the ultimate Metavurt a feather few have ever seen and fewer still have dared ingest Her brother Scribble will risk everything to rescue his I honestly don't what to think about this bookOn the one hand it's like a jazz festival that mixes Naked Lunch with Trainspotting Add an alien feast nanobot robot cooks robodogs The New Weird and a vast dreamscape that goes from heaven to hell from arty cafes to cop busts to licking feathers to get high to an outright possible reference to Tammuz and Geshtinana with an incestuous bent and I STILL don't know what to think about this bookIt has a clear jazzy style that jumps all over the place easily filling in backstory in a fun way but at the same time there are so many odd references to a world so alien and just like a drug filled afternoon that I can't uite say it was comfortable at allAnd yet it was very creative I loved the virtual meta moments the way it felt like a mix between Matrix and Strange Days years before those movies were ever made It also felt like Existenz in a HUGE way Again this was written long before that as wellSo here I am looking at the genuine article the haze of the utterly strange and fascinating and brilliant and I'm wondering if I even like itOn one hand I will absolutely respect it and give it major props for existing and to myself for having read it but I can't say that it was all that pleasant However I have also said the same things about China Mieville and Vandermeer so it may be a tolerance thing and a mood thing rather than an exacting approbation or me being amazed Of course I could be both at the same time Love and hate Or beauty and ugliness My reaction fits uite well with the contents of the book from imagery to spelled out themes So perhaps this was the whole point to begin with

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Vurt Author Jeff NoBeloved sister Helped by his gang the Stash Riders hindered by shadowcops robos rock and roll dogmen and his own dread Scribble searches along the edges of civilization for a feather that if it exists at all must be bought with the one thing no sane person would willingly giv First let me say I REALLY wanted to like this book Hell there are several reasons why I didn't want to NOT like this book not the least of which are It was recommended by a friend whose opinion I respect I feel like I've hated on all the books I've read so far this year It is highly rated among fellow Goodreaders like all of the other books I've hated on latelySeriously that last one really gets me I've never had such a bad streak of books Wool Southern Reach Casual Vacancy and now Vurt It makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with my taste? Am I that picky? Am I that out of touch? Am I just too fucking stupid to grok the depth of these works? Have I lost my seat at the Cool Kids Table? What the fuck?Anyway part of me would be content leaving this book two stars and a four word review What The Actual Fuck But instead I’ll give it the good ol’ college try Here goesVurt is a near future sort of cyberpunk dystopia where people escape reality by entering via different colored feathers tickled upon their throats a shared dream state known as the Vurt The story is told through the eyes of Scribble a member of a gang of Vurt junkies known as the Stash Riders Scribble has entered the Vurt so often and has such talent with it that he’s able to go there without the use of a feather This leads to a majority of the book sounding like the escapades of someone on an LSD trip as retold by a paranoid schizophrenic I spent half my time with this book trying to figure out what was reality and what wasn’t Of course that’s a kudos to Noon as it perfectly inserts us into the mindset of such a fucked up character but it makes the reading work than pleasure The effect would be perfect for a short story but over a 300 page novel it is just too much The closest thing I can compare it to is this Imagine reading the novelization of Inception where the rules and logic of the dream world are never explained and the dreams therein make little to no sense Sounds good right?The characters Let’s talk about them for a second I couldn’t relate to any of them Perhaps I’m not British enough Perhaps I haven’t done enough of the right drugs Perhaps and I think this may be it they are just shit There was a single character I felt a touch than nothing for and she disappears before the halfway mark only to make a brief and inconseuential appearance toward the end AwesomeScribble the eyes through which we see this world and the obvious protagonist let’s talk about him He’s a junkie You feel for him initially because he lost his lover in the Vurt and is trying to find her Then you realize that this lost lover is also his sister and surprisingly you just don’t care for him that much any Could I ever care about a main character in an incestual relationship? Sure if you give me a million words spread across five books and your name is George RR MartinThe Beetle the leader of the Stash Riders A horrible human I was endeared to him in the opening pages as he was careening the Stashmobile through the streets of Manchester because he reminded me of Nux from Mad Max Fury Road “What a day What a lovely day” Of course that all ends when they get to their apartment and he starts being physically abusive to his friends and fucks a girl that’s not his girlfriend loud enough for his girlfriend to hear How sweet He semi redeemed himself by the end of the book but I stopped caring about him long before that happenedMandy the previously mentioned not girlfriend girl that has about as much depth as a rain puddle in the midday sun Seriously I’m lucky to have remembered her nameBridget Beetle’s girlfriend She’s abused and cheated on by him and I’m rooting for her and then she disappears Mr Noon if you’re only going to endear us to a single character how about you make sure they stick around to have their story told? ThanksThe world Hmmm Well there’s the Vurt a shared dream state that I couldn’t care less about There are dream snakes apparently both inside and outside of the Vurt What’s a dream snake? Good fucking uestion What else? Oh there’s the ‘Thing from Outer Space’ which isn’t really from outer space but is instead an amorphous tentacled creature that crossed over from the Vurt There’s people that fuck their sister And people that fuck dogs And people that are half human and half dog that masturbate robot dogs so that’s cool Oh and don’t forget this is cyberpunk How can you tell? Well because Noon throws ‘robo’ in front of random nouns like robodog and calls regular old dreadlocks ‘droidlocks’ because IT’S CYBERPUNK MANAnd finally the plot Scribble lost his sisterfuck buddy in the Vurt He trips balls for 300 pages to bring her home The end Should you read Vurt? Probably I’m obviously missing the point with this book and I’m in a small minority with that That’s fine If anything I’m learning that the average rating a book is granted via thousands of reviews is one of the last metrics I should consider when determining what to read next Go get feathered up and see for yourself


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Download Book ½ Vurt Author Jeff Noon 342 pages ¾ Dogsalonbristol Û ❰Read❯ ➵ Vurt Author Jeff Noon – Vurt is a feather a drug a dimension a dream state a virtual reality It comes in many colors legal Blues for lullaby dreams Blacks filled with tenderness aVurt is a feather a drug a dimension a dream state a virtual reality It comes in many colors legal Blues for lullaby dreams Blacks filled with tenderness and pain just beyond the law Pink Pornovurts doorways to bliss Silver feathers for techies who know how to remix colors an Dear GodsThis isn't a book It's an A1 tip top clubbing jam fair It's sandwich of fun on ecstasy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudgeSeriously It's a technicolour concept album existing somewhere between Alice in Wonderland Akira and Trainspotting It's sex and drugs and incest and feathers and dog fucking; it's a fractal reality that I really really wish I'd writtenI guess you have to have been there If you have the right past and if you've come past it far enough you can identify with everything this book reveals We've all known a Beetle we've all known a Game Cat We've been on the ride and we know how it eventually rings hollow and we know how it feels when it ends If you've had the experiences you can follow every loop as it goes roundAnd as it stopsFrom fractal bullets to the icecream van in the middle of the post Ramadan party this is evocative powerfully visual and leaves you pressed against the back of your chair hanging on for dear lifeParticularly on audiobook and with a masterful narrator it's not something to be missed